Border Crossings: Bosnia-Hercegovina - Serbia

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(Bijeljina -) Velino Selo ŽRS - Sremska Rača Nova ŽS (- Šid)

[D] ŽS operates to Bijeljina; there is no connection to the rest of the railway system of Bosnia-Hercegovina. Passenger service over the whole route from Šid to Bijeljina ceased at the December 2005 timetable change. Note: this crossing was available to local passport holders only.

(Tuzla -) Zvornik Novi ŽRS - Brasina ŽS (- Ruma)

[D] This line was built in 1978 and carries ŽS freight traffic to a large works at Zvornik Novi. The route is shown wrongly, or not at all, on many maps, and runs from Rasputnica [= junction] Donja Borina, just south of Brasina on the Ruma - Zvornik Grad line, via a cross-border river bridge to Zvornik Novi. The line between onwards from Zvornik Novi towards Tuzla is of even newer construction and is fully described here.

(Višegrad -) Vardište - Mokra Gora (- Šargan Vitasi)

[D] 760mm gauge. The former narrow-gauge main line from Sarajevo to Beograd closed in 1974. This cross-border section of the Šargan Eight tourist railway opened in 2010.

(Požega -) Ribnica Zlatiborska ŽS - Jablanice ŽRS - Štrpci ŽRS - Rača ŽS (- Podgorica)

[E] The line crosses the border twice, with stations within Bosnia-Hercegovina at Jablanice and Štrpci. ŽS operates all trains.

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