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[[Category:Border Crossings|Greece - North Macedonia]]

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Note that there is a one hour time difference between Greece and Macedonia.

(Florina -) Neos Kafkasos OSE - Kremenica MŽ (- Bitola)

[D] This line has been out of use for several years. Formerly, OSE worked to Kremenica. Work resumed in February 2018 to reopen this line.

(Thessaloníki -) Idomeni OSE - Gevgelija MŽ (- Skopje)

[E] OSE operates to Gevgelija. Up until 21 August 2015 this route carried one daily train pair between Beograd and Thessaloníki via Skopje. From then the Greek cross border element was replaced by a Bus due to the migrant crisis, but as the Beograd - Gevgelija train service was withdrawn from 1 October 2018 there is currently no cross border passenger service.

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