Border Crossings: Latvia - Lithuania

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Daugavpils -) Kurcums LDz - Turmantas LG (- Švenčioneliai - Vilnius)

[D] This route carried one daily train pair between St Peterburg and Vilnius, which was withdrawn at the end of May 2015. LG worked to Daugavpils.

(Daugavpils -) Eglainē LDz - Obeliai[1] LG (- Rokiškis - Radviliškis)

[D] No passenger service.

(Riga - Jelgava -) Meitene LDz - Šarkiai LG (- Šiauliai - Vilnius)

[D] Ukrainian railways operates during the summer of 2018 seasonal train 31/32 Riga-Vilnius-Minsk-Kyiv via Siauliai.

(Riga - Jelgava -) Reņge LDz - Laižuva LG (- Mažeikiai)

[D] This line was closed on 23 February 2010, when the (Rīga -) Jelgava - Renge service was withdrawn after the Lithuanians lifted the tracks on their side of the border in 2008 to prevent oil trains from the huge Mažeikiai refinery exporting their products via Ventspils. This action was declared illegal by an EU court, which required LG to have relaid the track by March 2012. In October 2017 the European Commission fined LG €27·9m and ordered them to ‘bring the infringement to an end’ and LG announced in October 2017 that it would be rebuilt "shortly".

(Priekule -) Vaiņode LDz - Lūšé LG (- Mažeikiai)

[D] Line closed and cut at Bugeniai.

(Priekule -) Kaleti LDz - Skuodas LG (- Klaipeda)

[D] Line closed.


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