Finland - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable year December 2018 to December 2019. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA" refer to the European Railway Atlas Nordic Region, Regional Series 2016, by M.G.Ball.

Obscure services

Turku - Artukainen, HK Areena platform

(ERA 10A4) FI19/1

The first 4 km of the Uusikaupunki line are used to reach this simple platform (which is actually on the beginning of the Pernon telakka branch) by special trains for events at the Gatorade Center (formerly HK Areena). See the Turku Areenat website for details of events.

Tampere avoiding line: Lempäälä (Tampere Viinikka) – Orivesi (Tampere Järvensivu)

(ERA 10B5) FI19/2

This south to east curve links the Helsinki and Jyväskylä lines. On occasions when overnight trains to and from northern Finland are diverted via Haapamäki, due to engineering work on the main line via Parkano, they usually run via the avoiding line and reverse in and out of Tampere station. This is to avoid reversing the formation of the trains, particularly those carrying cars. Use of the avoiding line normally occurs between stops at Tampere and Seinäjoki.

Lahti – Salpausselkä

(ERA 10C5) FI19/3

A short branch from a triangular junction west of Lahti runs to this simple platform north of the main line from Helsinki, and is used by trains to special events at Lahti Urheilukeskus (a sports arena). Trains run direct from Helsinki for major Lahti Ski events which take place each winter (in 2017, specials certainly ran on 25 February and 4 March). Generally speaking, the branch sees several trains each year for significant events, most of which are open to the public. Information about trains to Salpausselkä is usually available from the event organisers and train operators, which are usually preservation societies or rail tour companies.

If the train comes directly from Helsinki or Riihimäki it uses the west curve. Conversely, if the train comes from the east or stops at Lahti station it uses the east curve. The branch is not electrified and has no loop, so locomotive hauled trains must either be propelled in one direction or have a second locomotive.

Seinäjoki - Kaskinen

(ERA 5A1/A2) FI19/4

In recent years a day excursion has operated on this 112km branch in October for the annual Herring Market in Kaskinen. In 2018 the train ran on 6 October. The date and times may be found on the Heritage Trains website. Any specials in 2019 may be the last to run as the latest Report on low used lines states maintenance of this line will end on 31 December 2019, which in effect means it would close.

Riihimäki avoiding line: Riihimäki Tavara - Riihimäki Arolampi

(ERA 7A2) FI19/5

This north <=> east curve links the Tampere and Lahti lines, bypassing Riihimäki station.

SO IC201 Kouvola - 09:41 Lahti - Tampere
SO IC202 Tampere - 15:19 Hämeenlinna - Kouvola

Other freight lines

Occasional specials are operated over other lines - particularly in the summer - by preservation societies. An annual listing is produced by Resiina magazine and the Heritage Railway Association of Finland, and available on the Heritage Trains website.


See Finland - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than four trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday

1, 8 and 9 Turku - Turku satama (harbour)
7 Rovaniemi - Kemijärvi
7 Kemi (Laurila) - Kolari
9 Pieksämäki - Joensuu
11 Orivesi - Haapamäki
14 Joensuu - Nurmes
17 Seinäjoki - Haapamäki
17 Keuruu - Jyvaskyla
18 Ilsalmi - Ylivieska

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