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Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Gemünden (Main) (Wernfeld) – Waigolshausen

[800, 810] (ERA-E 54B3; ERA-R 107A1-107B1; S+W 78C4-79B4) DE21/650

This line, which is about 35 km long, provides a more direct route between Gemünden (Main) and Schweinfurt than the main line via Würzburg or the branch lines via Bad Kissingen.

SSuO RE4647 Frankfurt am Main Hbf – 10:22 Gemünden (Main) – Bamberg
SSuO RE4649 Frankfurt am Main Hbf – 16:22 Gemünden (Main) – Bamberg
SSuO RE4646 Bamberg – 13:01 Schweinfurt Hbf – Frankfurt am Main Hbf
SSuO RE4648 Bamberg – 19:01 Schweinfurt Hbf – Frankfurt am Main Hbf

Erfurt (Abzw Esbacher See) - Dörfles-Esbach and Creidlitz - Breitengüßbach (Abzw Weißenbrunn am Forst)

[820] (ERA-E 55A4-55A3; ERA-R 108A2; S+W 80B2) DE21/651

These two connections off the Erfurt to Breitengüßbach Schnellfahrstrecke are used by ICE trains calling at Coburg. The south connection from Abzw Weißenbrunn am Forst is also used by RE trains between Nürnberg and Sonneberg which are non-stop between Bamberg and Coburg. These mostly run every two hours, but with some variation.

SuX ICE501 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - 06:31 Erfurt Hbf - München Hbf
D ICE93 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - 11:54 Erfurt Hbf - Wien Hbf
D ICE1093 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - 11:54 Erfurt Hbf - München Hbf
D ICE1113 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - 11:54 Erfurt Hbf - Coburg
D ICE803 Hamburg-Altona/Berlin Hbf - 21:31 Erfurt Hbf - München Hbf
D ICE1617 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - 21:31 Erfurt Hbf - München Hbf
D SSuX ICE1604 Nürnberg Hbf - 06:22 Bamberg - Hamburg-Altona
D ICE1706 München Hbf - 10:36 Nürnberg Hbf - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
D ICE1114 13:29 Coburg - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
D ICE92 Wien Hbf - 14:37 Nürnberg Hbf - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
D ICE1092 München Hbf - 14:37 Nürnberg Hbf - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen
ICE1700 München Hbf - 21:43 Bamberg - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen

Trebgast (Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg Süd) – Marktschorgast (Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg Ost) (Schlömener Kurve)

[860] (ERA-E 55A3-55B3; ERA-R 108B1; S+W 81B3) DE21/652

This south to north curve, opened in 2001, connects the Bayreuth and Hof lines, avoiding Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg. It is used by RE trains between Nürnberg and Hof via Bayreuth. These mostly run every two hours.

Hersbruck (rechts Pegnitz) – Pommelsbrunn

[870] (ERA-E 55A2; ERA-R 115B4; S+W 90A3) DE21/653

This spur links the lines leading east from Nürnberg on each bank of the Pegnitz. It is used by trains between Nürnberg Hbf and Neukirchen (b Sulzbach-Rosenberg) that call at Hersbruck (rechts Pegnitz). These comprise hourly RE services between Nürnberg and Schwandorf or Neustadt (Waldnaab).

Nürnberg Hbf (Nürnberg-Dutzendteich) - Nürnberg-Eibach (via Nürnberg Rangierbahnhof)

[910] (ERA-E 56C1; ERA-R 112B1; S+W 162B4-162C3) DE21/654

This route via the eastern side of the Nürnberg ring line is used by the following trains in order to avoid reversal at Nürnberg Hbf.

NJ421 Amsterdam C - 04:33 Nürnberg Hbf - Innsbruck Hbf
NJ420 Innsbruck Hbf - 23:24 Augsburg Hbf - Düsseldorf Hbf

Ingolstadt Hbf – Weichering and Schrobenhausen (Seehof Bbf)

[983,993] (ERA-E 60A5 not shown; ERA-R 115B1; S+W 97D4) DE21/655

The lines to Ingolstadt from Augsburg and from Donauwörth join at Seehof Bbf and then split into two independent single tracks forming a flying junction with the main line from München. Crossovers south of Ingolstadt Hbf mean that all platforms are accessible from both routes, but the branch trains do not normally cross the main line on the flat. Trains to platforms 5, 6 and 7, on the east side of Ingolstadt Hbf use the flyover, but those to platforms 1, 2 and 2a on the west side do not. The hourly trains to and from Augsburg use platform 1 or occasionally 2, and the direct spur from Seehof Bbf. Trains to and from Donauwörth mostly run via the flyover and use platforms 5, 6 and 7.

Augsburg-Oberhausen – Neusäß (Augsburg-Hirblinger Straße)

[980] (ERA-E 60A4 not shown; ERA-R 120A4 not shown; S+W 163C3) DE21/656

There are two routes into Augsburg from Ulm, that from the east side of (and flying over) the Donauwörth line being used by most trains. The other, from the west side of the Donauwörth line, is used by trains between the Ulm line and platforms 7, 8 or 9 at Augsburg Hbf.

Major improvement work is taking place at Augsburg Hbf and during this period the platforms used by trains are liable to alteration.

Lindau-Aeschach - Lochau-Hörbranz (Lindau-Reutin) (Lindau avoiding line)

[979] (ERA-E 59B2; ERA-R 119A1; S+W 112D3) DE21/657

This west to east curve allows trains to run between Germany and Austria without reversing at Lindau-Insel (the former Lindau Hbf). Since December 2020 this has been used by EC trains between München and Zürich.

München-Lochhausen (Abzw Pasing Nord) – München Hbf (Abzw München Kanal) (via the Abstellbahn)

[900] (ERA-E 61B1 not shown; ERA-R 95B5; S+W 164B3-164D3) DE21/658

The normal route for trains, other than S-Bahn and those via Starnberg, between München-Pasing and München Hbf is via the Augsburg line (5503) The following trains from München Hbf are scheduled to depart on the Ingolstadt line and use the Abstellbahn line (5524) from Abzw München Kanal to Abzw Pasing Nord. EC trains between München and Zürich are no longer scheduled to run via Abzw München Kanal.

SO ICE1207 Hamburg-Altona - 14:11 Augsburg Hbf - Innsbruck Hbf
D1 ICE782 17:45 München Hbf - Hamburg-Altona

D1: 28 March to 21 November (on other days the train runs via Ingolstadt); 28 March to 23 April and 17 July to 21 November ICE532 to Oldenburg (Oldb) Hbf runs attached to this train.

München Hbf Starnberger Bahnhof

[955, 956, 960, 961] (ERA-E 61B1-61C1 not shown; ERA-R 95B5 not shown; S+W 165A3) DE21/659

The Starnberger Bahnhof is an annex to the north west of München Hbf, comprising platforms 27 to 36. The approach lines differ from those to the main station.

Trains from the Starnberg line pass through the south side of München-Pasing station and then fly over the Augsburg, Ingolstadt and Landshut lines.

Trains from the Holzkirchen line use the S-Bahn line to pass under the main lines into München Hbf and then a connection from Donnersbergerbrücke to the Starnberger Bahnhof.

München-Obermenzing – München Ost (München Süd) (via Laim Rbf)

[900, 950, 951, 990] (ERA-E 61B1 not shown; ERA-R 95B5-95B4; S+W 164C3-165A4) DE21/660

This route is used by trains between the Ingolstadt line and München Ost if not calling at München Hbf.

Urlaubs Express trains via München Ost may use this route, but not if scheduled to call at Augsburg Hbf.

München-Pasing – München Ost (München Süd) (via Laim Rbf)

[950, 951, 980] (ERA-E 61B1-61C1; ERA-R 95B5-95B4; S+W 164D3-165A4) DE21/661

This route is one of two routes available for trains between München-Pasing and München Ost if not calling at München Hbf. It runs north of the main Augsburg line from München-Pasing via Laim Rbf and then under the main lines from München Hbf.

Urlaubs Express trains via München Ost may use this route.

München-Pasing (Abzw Landsberger Straße) – München Ost (München Süd) (via München Landsberger Straße

[950, 951, 980] (ERA-E 61B1-61C1 not shown; ERA-R 95B5-95B4; S+W 164D3-165A4) DE21/662

This is the alternative route between München-Pasing and München Ost if not calling at München Hbf. It diverges south from the Augsburg main line at Landsberger Straße and is common with route DE21/661 from Bft Friedenheimer Brücke.

D SO ICE1201 Hamburg-Altona - 12:01 Augsburg Hbf - Landeck
IC2083 Hamburg-Altona - 14:00 München-Pasing - Berchtesgaden Hbf
IC2082 Berchtesgaden Hbf - 11:17 München Ost - Hamburg-Altona
D2 FSuO ICE1284 Schwarzach St Veit/13:35 München Ost - Hamburg Hbf
D SO ICE1200 Landeck - 15:35 München Ost - Hamburg-Altona

D2: 9 to 23 April and 18 July to 21 November; also runs on 28 March, 1 and 5 April 2021 (On other days the train reverses at München Hbf)

Urlaubs Express trains via München Ost may use this route.

München-Pasing – München-Harras

[999.7] (ERA-E 61B1-C1 not shown; ERA-R 95B5-95B4 not shown; S+W 164B3-165A4) DE21/663

This single track runs south of the main lines and the southern ring line from München-Pasing to Heimeranplatz and then joins the Holzkirchen line. It is used by S20 trains at peak times Mondays to Fridays.

München-Moosach – München-Johanneskirchen (via München-Freimann)

(ERA-E 61B1-61C1; ERA-R 95B5-95C5; S+W 164D2-165C2) DE21/664

The Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum usually runs Nikolausfahrten rund um München on the first two weekends in December. These depart from München Ost and operate via the Nordring; in past years they have usually been routed via München-Moosach. Dates in 2021 are 4/5 and 11/12 December. Departures from München Ost in 2019 were at 10:00, 11:30, 13:30 and 15:00. These trains also use the route between München Süd and München-Neulustheim via Laim Rbf and the connection between the S-Bahn and Mühldorf lines at Riedenburgerstrasse.

Rosenheim avoiding line: Bad Endorf (Abzw Rosenheim Ost) – Pfraundorf (Inn) (Abzw Rosenheim Süd)

[ÖBB 300] (ERA-E 60C2; ERA-R 121A2; S+W 116C1-116C2) DE21/665

This east to south curve linking the Salzburg and Wörgl lines provides a through route between Salzburg and Kufstein for Austrian Korridorzüge, which run non-stop through Germany. They are not included in the DB Kursbuch, but are those shown in the ÖBB Fahrplanbilder (table 300) calling at both Kufstein and Salzburg Hbf.

Prien Bahnhof – Stock Hafen

(Chiemsee-Schifffahrt Ludwig Feßler) (ERA-E 60C2; ERA-R 121A3; S+W 116D1) DE21/666

Trains operate over this line during the spring and summer, in connection with cruises on the Chiemsee. Trains run hourly on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from May until September. For further information see

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Langenprozelten - Gemünden Zollberg - Rieneck - Rieneck Sinnberg - Burgsinn Bbf - Fulda

[615, 800, 801] (ERA-E 54B3; ERA-R 107A1; S+W 78C3) DE21/681

This route comprises a west to north curve linking the Aschaffenburg and Flieden lines, avoiding the need to reverse at Gemünden (Main), and a connection from the old main line to the Schnellfahrstrecke towards Fulda at Burgsinn. It is used occasionally for diversions when the line between Hanau and Flieden is blocked. ICE trains were diverted via this route between 29 April and 1 May 2017, the services concerned having an extended journey time between Fulda and Hanau.

Burgsinn - Burgsinn Bbf - Würzburg

[800.1] (ERA-E 54B3; ERA-R 107A1; S+W 78C3) DE21/682

This route comprises a connection between Burgsinn, on the old main line, and the Schnellfahrstrecke towards Würzburg. It was used by IC and ICE trains between Hanau and Würzburg on several occasions in 2017 and early 2018. Trains concerned had an extended journey time and did not stop at Aschaffenburg.

Bamberg avoiding line: Oberhaid (Höflein) - Hallstadt (b Bamberg)

[810, 820] (ERA-E 54C3; ERA-R 114C5; S+W 80B4) DE21/683

This west to north curve enables trains to run between the Schweinfurt and Saalfeld lines without reversing at Bamberg Hbf. Some ICE trains between Erfurt and Frankfurt am Main were diverted via this route in February and March 2020, with journey times extended by at least 40 minutes.

Nürnberg-Eibach - Fürth (Bay) Hbf (via Nürnberg Großmarkt)

[910] (ERA-E 56C1; ERA-R 112B1; S+W 162B4-162B3) DE21/684

This route via the western side of the Nürnberg ring line may be used by IC/ICE trains between Augsburg and Würzburg during work on the line via Ansbach and this happened on several weekends in autumn 2017. Bus replacement of local trains may indicate this. This route may also be used by trains between the Treuchtlingen and Bamberg lines, in event of work in the Nürnberg area, but that is much less usual.

Feucht (Nürnberg-Reichswald) - Fürth (Bay) Hbf (via Nürnberg Rangierbahnhof)

[880] (ERA-E 56C1; ERA-R 112B1; S+W 162D4-162B3) DE21/685

This route via the full length of the Nürnberg ring line can be used by trains between Fürth and Regensburg in order to avoid Nürnberg Hbf. ICE and IC trains ran this way in August 2017, but that was most unusual. Any such diversion is indicated by the usual stop at Nürnberg Hbf being omitted.

Olching – München-Johanneskirchen (via München-Freimann)

(ERA-E 61B2-61C1; ERA-R 95A5-95C5; S+W 166B2-165C2) DE21/686

The München Nordring runs round the north side of the city and has connections to the Augsburg, Ingolstadt, Landshut and Rosenheim lines. It is rarely used by passenger trains. A pair of IC services are diverted this way between 28 and 30 April 2021. They will also use the connection to the Rosenheim line between München-Daglfing and Gronsdorf (Abzw München-Waldtrudering).

D WThFO IC2082 Freilassing – 10:47 Rosenheim – Hamburg-Altona
D WThFO IC2083 Hannover Hbf – 13:36 Augsburg Hbf – Freilassing

München-Karlsfeld – München-Johanneskirchen (via München-Freimann)

(ERA-E 61B2-61C1; ERA-R 95B5-95C5; S+W 166B2-165C2) DE21/687

This is the route between the Ingolstadt line and München Ost via the Nordring. Several trains ran this way between 27 July and 1 September 2019.

München-Moosach – München-Feldmoching (via München Nord Rbf Lasallestraße)

(ERA-E 61B1-61C2; ERA-R 95B5-95C5; S+W 164D2-165D1) DE21/688

This and the following route were used in August 2017 when the line was blocked between München-Moosach and München-Feldmoching. Trains from München mostly ran this way, with their journey time extended by about seven minutes.

München-Feldmoching - München-Allach (via München Nord Rbf Lasallestraße and München Nord Rbf Forstweg)

(ERA-E 61C2-61B1; ERA-R 95B5-95C5; S+W 165D1-164C2) DE21/689

This and the previous route were used in August 2017 when the line was blocked between München-Moosach and München-Feldmoching. Trains to München mostly ran this way, with their journey time extended by about eighteen minutes.