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Country Name


National Railway System

National Railway Operator

Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois (CFL).


Letzebuergesch, French and German



UIC code

numeric 82; alpha L


Journey Planner

Liaisons - recherche

Downloadable Timetable

Pocket Timetables. Under "Pocket timetables", select the option required:

  • National
  • International

Printed Timetable

CFL no longer produces a printed timetable. However, timetable leaflets are available for each line and for bus services and international trains.

Engineering Information

Work Sites

There is another link for disruptions.


Bus Information

Horaires et réseaux - Bus


Printed Maps

  • European Railway Atlas: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg by M.G. Ball (1991) (ISBN 0-7110-2011-6)
  • European Railway Atlas by M.G. Ball (2008 onwards)
  • Eisenbahnatlas Frankreich, Band 1 Nord (ISBN 978-3-89494-143-7), published by Verlag Schweers + Wall GmbH (website in French, German, English and Italian). Page 19 shows railways in southern half of Luxembourg at 1:300.000 scale. Eisenbahnatlas Deutschland (ISBN 978-3-89494-146-8) by the same publisher, also at 1:300.000 scale, has a page with the Trier - Wasserbillig area. Both atlases have Single and double-track lines distinguished. Tourist lines are identified and named. Lines out of use and those entirely closed are also shown. Rivers, canals and forests are marked.

Web-based Maps

  • Sporenplan has a schematic track diagram. Click on "Sporenplannen" on the left hand side for a map showing the countries covered.
  • Thorsten Büker's Benelux Map. Although this remains on-line, the Büker maps are no longer being maintained. Last updated November 2011.


The Tickets in Luxembourg web page gives details of all ticket types, including the useful Dagesbilljee (day ticket) and Saar-Lor-Lux international rover ticket.


Infrastructure Authority

The Administration des Chemins de Fer (ACF) is the national authority for the railways.

Network Statement

Documents de référence du réseau > Network Statement DRR 2018 (english version) onwards




All CFL passenger routes are electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz as defined in The Railway Administration (ACF) 2019 Network Statement.

Rule of the road

Right (except for the Sterpenich - Luxembourg section which is used by SNCB and has left hand running).


Detailed distances for each line are given in the Network Statement Appendix 2A: The Luxembourg Rail Network

Other Railways


Tourist Lines

  • L'Association des Musee et Tourisme Ferroviaires (AMTF) (Train 1900) (standard gauge, 8 km length): Pétange (close to CFL station) to Bois de Rodange with reversal at Fond de Gras. A connection with the CFL network at Pétange sees occasional through excursion trains.
  • Minièresbunn Doihl asbl (MBD) (700 mm gauge): a preserved mining line, from Fond de Gras via Doihl and through a 1400 m long tunnel to Lasauvage. Thence are two branches: to Saulnes [France] and to Lasauvage Eglise. Part (including the tunnel) is electrified at 500 V dc while other sections are worked by steam or diesel.
  • Musée National de Mines de Fer (700 mm gauge 4.2 km circuit): a preserved mining line at Rumelange.
  • Ardoisière Haut-Martelange (narrow gauge, less than 1 km length); a tourist line next to the national slate museum at Martelange Haut. Trains normally run half hourly in the afternoon of the first Sunday of the month in summer [from May to October].




The first section of a new Luxtram tram network opened through Kirchberg on 10 December 2017 between Luxexpo and Rout Bréck–Pafendall (where there is a funicular link to the CFL Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg station). The second section, with catenary-free contactless running, west from Rout Bréck–Pafendall to Stäreplaz/Place de l'Etoile–Pafendall opened on 27 July 2018; further extensions at both ends are under construction (and should see the line extended to Gare Central - the central station by the end of 2020) - see Luxtram (in French or German) or Wikimonde (in French) websites.

A track plan for the Luxembourg Luxtram system is available on the Gleisplanweb site, and was current at the end of July 2018.

Recent (latest first) and Future Changes

The new parallel viaduct at Pulvermuhle (just north of Luxembourg), allowing Lines 10 and 30 to be split, and the associated double tracking of the line through to Sandweiler-Contern were inaugurated on 11 June 2019.

A new cross border service, routed via Trier West, is planned at the end of 2019 as part of a Luxembourg - Wasserbillig - Wittlich service on Line 30.

Conversion of line 5, Luxembourg – Kleinbettingen - frontier, from 3 kV DC to 25 kV 50 Hz ac : was completed in autumn 2018.

On 10 December 2017 new stations opened at Howald (on the Bettembourg line) and at Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg (on the Wasserbillig line, affording connection by funicular with the new tram line (see above)).

From 4 April 2016 the service from Thionville to Longwy over the Bettembourg avoiding line was withdrawn.

From 17 February 2016 Rodange - Athus [BE] [ - Virton] was reduced to a skeleton service because the introduction of different signalling systems meant there was no suitable CFL rolling stock available; the service was withdrawn completely from 20 June 2016 but resumed from 11 December 2016.

Double tracking of the line from Hollerich to Petange completed in December 2012.

The extension of the line across the border from Dudelange to Volmerange-les-Mines in France opened to public traffic on 15 December 2003.

Work is under way (at December 2018) on the following projects:-

  • Gare Centrale is undergoing a long-term rebuilding programme to increase capacity, started in 2006, including adding two extra platforms and four new tracks. One new track should be opened at the end of 2019 and the rest at the end of 2021 with project completion 2022..
  • new line to be built from Howald to Bettembourg. The first phase, covering construction of the new line and temporary connections to the existing line at Howald and Bettembourg, was finally approved in February 2016. Planned for completion in 2024.
  • two new 'peripherique' stations to be constructed at Dommeldange and Cessange.

All [Second Class] public transport in Luxembourg is to be free from 1st. March 2020 in an effort to ease road congestion. Free [Second class] public transport for under 20s started on 1st. August 2018.

Other plans (see on-line brochure (in French) issued in 2007), with no target date, include:

  • double tracking of the line from Rodange to Longwy
  • new line from Belval Universite (formerly Belval-Usines) to Belval Mairie
  • new tunnel between Belval to Oberkorn
  • new line from Hamm (west curve) and Sandweiler (east curve) to Findel Airport and Kirchberg Expo
  • modernisation of the Dommeldange to Ettelbruck line
  • double tracking and a new platform to be built at Michelau
  • Bettembourg - Thionville to be quadrupled

Special Notes

CFL provides the only passenger service to Audun-le-Tiche and Volmerange les Mines (France).

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