Luxembourg - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable year 13 December 2009 to 11 December 2010, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations used are explained in the [General Information] document.

Obscure services

Luxembourg — Oetrange via Luxembourg Triage (yard), Luxembourg Sud, Berchem Est and Syren

[30] (18A2) LU10/1

This route, which starts by running south from Luxembourg station on the east side of the freight yard, provides an alternative route between Luxembourg station and the Trier line. It is used only by trains which do not stop at Cents Hamm or Sandweiler Contern and are given 2 – 4 minutes longer. This line through to Luxembourg Sud and Howald can also be used by trains to/from the Bettembourg direction, particularly during at peak times when capacity is limited.

  • From Luxembourg: 06:20 (231/331), 19:15 (5231), 21:15 (5235).
  • From Wasserbillig: 17:12 (334) (Mon-Fri only), 17:42 (5226), 18:13 (5228).

Luxembourg avoiding line: Bertrange-Strassen (Luxembourg Hollerich, km 1.4) — Luxembourg Sud (km 14.0) via Luxembourg Triage (yard)

(18A2) LU10/2

This line, which avoids Luxembourg City to the south, links the line from Belgium via Arlon with the line to France via Thionville.

E FO 1400/1 's Hertogenbosch - 20:12 Maastricht - Avignon Sud A E SO 1402/3 19:11 Avignon Sud - 's Hertogenbosch A

There are plans to route passenger services over this route in future to serve a new station at Cessange.

Bettembourg avoiding line: Hettange-Grande [France] (Bettembourg south junction) - Noertzange (Bettembourg west junction)

(18A1) LU10/3

This line, which avoids Bettembourg to the south, links the line from France via Thionville with the line to Rodange via Esch sur Alzette. This service is designed to serve the new station at Belval-Université, and increases from one train pair per weekday to four train pairs per weekday in September 2010.

D {3} SSuX 86580 Thionville - 06.42 Hettange-Grande - Longwy   SSuX 86583 {1} Thionville - 08:06 Hettange-Grande - Longwy D {3} SSuX 86606 Metz - 16.55 Hettange-Grande - Longwy D {3} SSuX 86584 Thionville - 18.14 Hettange-Grande - Longwy D {3} SSuX 86593 Longwy - 07.26 Schifflange - Thionville D {3} SSuX 86585 Longwy - 08.26 Schifflange - Metz D {3} SSuX 86587 Longwy - 17.35 Schifflange - Thionville   SSuX 86588 {2} Longwy - 18:37 Schifflange - Thionville Notes: {1} train number 86592 from 6 September 2010. {2} train number 86645 from 6 September 2010. {3} operates from 6 September 2010.

Ettelbruck — Bissen

(18A2) LU10/4

This 9 km non electrified freight only line is all that remains of the former PH line to Steinfort and Petange. Most years there are one or more special trains that traverse this line, often in January. These trains only run as far as the station at Bissen which is situated approx 7.8 km from Ettelbruck. These trains are always posted in advance to groups such as ERG.

Other sparse services

The cross-border line between Rodange and Longwy (France) is intended for commuters with most Luxembourg bound services in the morning returning to Longwy, with some extended to Longuyon, in the evening, SuX. The new Thionville - Belval-Université - Longwy service <a href="#BETT_AL"> LU10/3 will provide rather more services over this route from September 2010.

The branches from Noertzange to Rumelange, SSuX, and Esch sur Alzette to Audun le Tiche (FR), SuX, have a limited service, intended for commuters.

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