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El Perchel

The Málaga network is called a Metro rather than a Tram because it is mainly underground. It has two routes, L1 and L2, from its terminus at El Perchel. As at January 2020 the two lines were worked as one through route, with a reversal at El Perchel. Each line starts from a different set of platforms, with one set vertically above the other. Line L1 departs from the high level platforms and returns to the low level ones, and the opposite occurs on line L2. There are separate connections between the two levels. An extension into the city centre is under construction and it is thought these connections will cease being used when that opens.

Valencia: FGV

Fira Valencia branch

The 1km long one stop branch from Vincent Andrés Estrellés only operates during Major Exhibitions at the Centre as part of route 4. During 2018 it apparently operated on 82 days so to confirm if running when in the area search on-line in their Journey Planner - entering Fira Valencia as the starting point. A traveller advises that dates for a service to an Exhibition in January 2019 were displayed at stops some days before the actual timings were loaded into the journey planner so the FGV news items link may be of use. It was confirmed as operating on 15/17 & 18 December 2022 and from 26-30th January 2023.


Tram route 10 from Alacant opened on 17 May 2022 and at the underground Russafa stop the westbound platform is directly above the eastbound.

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