Border Crossings: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Montenegro

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(Čapljina ŽFBH -) Bileća ŽRS - Petrovići ŽCG (- Nikšić)

[D] An extension to the 760mm gauge Dalmatian Railway was opened in 1938 from Bileća to Nikšić, then onwards to Podgorica in 1948. While the Nikšić to Podgorica section was converted to standard gauge around 1965, the remaining narrow gauge line was closed in 1976. During its period of operation the Bileća to Nikšić line was wholly within the Kingdom and then the Republic of Yugoslavia.

In recent years an Adriatic – Ionian Corridor has been proposed as an extension to the TEN-T network, part of which would follow the course of the old narrow gauge line between Čapljina / Bileća (now in Bosnia-Herzegovina) and Nikšić (now in Montenegro). Feasibility studies have been conducted and the Montenegrin government authorised further expenditure in 2022 for the section of line within their country, although there is no agreement with other parties as yet to proceed with the wider project.

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