Border Crossings: Albania - Montenegro

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(Shkodër -) Bajzë HSH (- Han-i-Hotit HSH) - Tuzi ŽCG (- Podgorica)

[D] The line opened in 1986 and the treaty concerning its construction limited it to freight use only. Traffic has been very erratic. It was closed in 1990 as part of UN sanctions on the then former Yugoslavia. It reopened briefly in 1997 but soon afterwards, during unrest in Albania, long sections of rail were stolen and smuggled out of the country for their scrap value. The cross-border section was reopened in 2002 and the link southwards to Shkodër rebuilt by 2003, using rails lifted from the Milot to Rreshen branch. A new treaty was signed to reopen the line in 1997 (and again in 2002/3?). There is no station at the Han-i-Hotit border crossing: either HSH works to Tuzi or ŽCG to Bajzë, alternating every two years. As at October 2017, freight traffic was irregular, normally once or even twice a day, usually around noon.

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