Border Crossings: Finland - Sweden

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Note that there is a one hour time difference between Finland and Sweden.

Tornio/Torneå VR - Haparanda TRV

[DE] Freight only. A single Swedish 1435 mm gauge track extends to Tornio and a Finnish 1524 mm gauge track to Haparanda. The two lines are interlaced across the border bridge. Broad gauge trains to Haparanda yard are mainly vans, whose contents are transshipped to standard gauge vans. Although no official document has been seen, it is understood that all transshipment has taken place at Haparanda since autumn 2012 because the certificate for the 70 ton gantry crane at Tornio yard is said to have expired at the end of 2012. Thus there are no longer any Swedish freight trains to Tornio. According to a Swedish driver, the only standard gauge activity to be expected in Tornio is the occasional transfer (only a few times a year) of track machines, which are re-gauged. A Finnish diesel shunts Haparanda normally once or twice every weekday. The upgrading of Boden - Morjärv - Kalix and building of a new line Kalix - Haparanda and electrification of both is complete. The last train Morjärv - Karungi - Haparanda operated 8 December 2012. The old line is now isolated and the track will be removed when the weather permits.
Electrification work on the the Finnish side, which includes the cross-border section, started at the beginning of April 2023.

Turku/Åbo VR - Stockholm Värtan TRV

[D] Freight only. Train Ferry (Sea Wind Line). Opened 13 June 1989. Closed 31 December 2011. Equipment for bogie replacement in Turku.

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