Border Crossings: Denmark - Sweden

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Fredrikshavn BDK – Göteborg TRV {train ferry}

There had been no rail traffic for several years until the facilities were repaired and brought back into use in June 2012 to transfer stock and engineering vehicles between Denmark and Sweden following severance of the Limfjorden bridge at Aalborg on 28 March 2012. The bridge was repaired and opened again to traffic on 29 April 2013, so this route is now out of use.

Helsingør BDK - Helsingborg TRV {train ferry}

This route has not been used since the opening of the fixed link (see next item), and cannot be brought into use again without infrastructure work.

København BDK - Malmö TRV

[E*] The Øresund fixed link, comprising a tunnel and a bridge, between Denmark and Sweden opened on 2 July 2000. Electrification is at the Danish standard of 25kV 50Hz, with the system change at the Swedish landfall of Lernacken. Signalling is to Swedish standards, extending west to include the Peberholm/Pepparholm island. Dual-frequency electric units work passenger trains and dual-frequency locomotives (Hector Rail, DB Schenker Rail) freight trains.

The fixed link including the rail infrastructure on it is owned by a binational consortium, which however outsources day-to-day management of the railway to the national infrastructure agencies. Swedish immigration procedures are carried out at Malmö Hyllie station; there are no immigration procedures for travel to Denmark.

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