Border Crossings: Kosovo - North Macedonia

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(Fushë-Kosovë/Kosovo Polje -) Hani i Elezit/Đeneral Janković HK - Volkovo MŽ (- Skopje)

[D] MŽ operates to Hani i Elezit/Đeneral Janković. Timetabled passenger trains resumed on 20 December 2005, initially two train pairs daily between Skopje and Prishtinë/Priština via Fushë-Kosovë/Kosovo Polje but by the December 2011 timetable had reduced to one train pair daily. Although the timetable showed this as a through train, a change between HK and MŽ operated trains was required at Hani i Elezit/Đeneral Janković.

This international train pair remained scheduled in the respective 2019/20 timetables but since Autumn 2017 the MŽ part has been cancelled on a regular basis, allegedly due to a locomotive shortage. It was even 'temporarily suspended' without bus replacement for a period from 30 September 2018 but reports of train travel after that date have been received, but with more saying the MŽ part had not run and being very unreliable. So it was unexpected when both HK and MŽ announced that the service would definitely be running daily with effect from 9th March 2020, only to be suspended with effect from 13th March due to the Covid-19 virus. Any reports in 2019/20 with a date of travel cross border by train would be much appreciated by the Compilers.

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