Border Crossings: Albania - Kosovo

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No rail routes.

There has been an aspiration for many years to construct a railway linking Kosovo with the Albanian port of Durrës, a preliminary feasibility study being carried out as long ago as 1999. The provisional route would use the existing formation in Kosovo to Prizren, 17km of new line to the border at Vërmicë / Morinë, then 83km of new line in Albania to Rrëshen to join up with the abandoned HSH branch from Milot. Funding for this has never been forthcoming, and in recent years the EU have provided support for the parallel A1 highway which has offset the need for the railway. However, the governments of Albania and Kosovo continue to promote the idea of this line and in December 2021 agreed to carry out another feasibility study during 2022, with the potential to start detailed design work in 2023 and construction in 2024.

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