Border Crossings: Lithuania - Russia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

These border crossings are with only the Kaliningrad Oblast, a detached portion of Russia.

(Kazlų-Rūda -) Kybartai LG - Chernyshevskoye RŽD (- Chernyakhovsk)

[E] RŽD works to Kybartai. In previous years the traction change and border formalities took place at Nesterov. A new Russian border station at Chernyshevskoye, immediately on the Russian side of the frontier and 10 km east of Nesterov, was opened on 2 October 2017.

It is a curiosity that until 1918 eastbound trains entered the Russian Empire at this border, but since 1990 one travels westwards over the same border to enter Russian territory. Until 1945, Chernyshevskoye was Eydtkuhnen, the easternmost station in the former German Empire. This line is planned to be electrified with work believed to be under way.

Owing to the Corona Virus pandemic, from an unknown date in 2020 (possibly 15 March) these trains have run as corridor services between Russia (and later Belarus, when calls were made there after Covid restrictions were relaxed) and the Kaliningrad Oblast, with no public calls in Lithuania. They are still running as at October 2022 as they were not included in the EU sanctions, but this might change if sanctions against Russia were intensified.

(Radviliškis -) Pagėgiai LG - Sovetsk RŽD

[D] Freight only. One train a day each way has used this crossing but it is not known if it still runs in 2022. LG works to Sovetsk. A RŽD organised test passenger train bookable by the public ran between Kaliningrad/Sovetsk and Klaipeda, outbound on the 5th, returning on the 7th January 2018 with a change to a LG train at Sovetsk. As far as is known this was never repeated.

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