Border Crossings: Poland - Russia

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All the crossings below are with the detached territory of the Kaliningrad Oblast. Note that there is either a one hour or two hour time difference between Poland and the Kaliningrad Oblast as the Oblast, being part of Russia, is on permanent Summer Time.

Braniewo PKP - Mamonowo RŽD (- Kaliningrad)

[D] Two different gauge parallel single-tracks, [see RU19/1 for details of separate approach routes to Kaliningrad]. The 1435mm gauge line was used by a seasonal Berlin – Gdynia – Kaliningrad passenger service until it ceased running during 2012. The exact end of usuable RŽD 1520mm gauge track in Poland is not known although it is definitely out of use from some point just south of Braniewo to Bogaczewo. Cross border freight was seen running on both gauges in July 2013.

RŽD works all BG cross border freight, and on the SG, prior to the 2012 passenger closure PKP worked to Mamonowo RŽD, with a RŽD standard gauge M62 diesel to and from Kaliningrad. Since then the limited ongoing charters have been observed using PKP SM42's right through to Kaliningrad so what works any SG wagon freight in Russia is not known. There is no gauge changer at Braniewo, any transhipment is done on parallel sidings.

A Test service bookable by the public between Kaliningrad via Braniewo with a change of train to Gdynia [i.e. the RŽD DMU worked across the Border on the Broad Gauge] ran on 5 January 2018. Press coverage suggested this was a trial for cross border trains during the Football World Cup in June 2018 [as Kaliningrad hosted some Group games] but nothing materialised.

Bartoszyce PKP - Bagrationovsk RŽD (- Kaliningrad)

[D] Disused freight only line. 1435mm gauge track is severed just north of Bagrationovsk, 1520mm gauge tracks reached a factory just north of Bartoszyce (interlaced with the 1435mm gauge track). There has been no traffic on either gauge to the north of Bartoszyce since at least 1998, although an enthusiasts special managed to reach the Border on the standard gauge tracks in May 2003.

Skandawa PKP - Zheleznodorozhny RŽD

[D] Freight only. PKP works on 1435mm gauge to Zheleznodorozhny with standard gauge RŽD diesels onwards to the exchange sidings to the south of Chernyakhovsk. In Poland 1520mm gauge extends to exchange sidings to the north and east of Skandawa station with a connecting standard gauge branch. Viewed in May 2003, no traffic crosses the border on the broad gauge.

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