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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.


Information as at September 2018 as Line TT's have various dates. Information is displayed locally in Cyrillic so to assist with orientation, use the Urbanrail website map (note the Pink lines have no service), and the Tram Company website for individual line timetables. To access individual route diagrams scroll down this page to options on left hand side, select “Interactive map” and click on tab “TРAMBAИ” for a tram route list and drill into this. Note the Network is on different Gauges, route numbers to 19 Metre, 20 and above Standard.

Ulica Struga (ул. Струга) Street loop South of Main station via stop ЦЕНТРАЛНА АВТОГАРА

All northbound route 1 journeys towards НАДЛЕЗ НАДЕЖДА use this routing rather than the more direct South to West curve at Sofia Main station [ЦЕНТРАЛНА ГАРА]. Departures from the last stop before this section at УЛ. КЛОКОТНИЦА are at 5:12, 6:15, 7:11/48, 8:22/55, 9:24/58, 10:38, 11:09/44, 12:19/55, 13:25, 14:00/32, 15:06/44, 16:22/56, 17:29, 18:00/33, 19:08/41, 20:10/41, 21:29 & 22:29 SSuX, 5:12, 6:13, 7:13/46, 8:15/51, 9:28, 10:03/41, 11:11/47, 12:20/50, 13:25/58, 14:28, 15:05/42, 16:20/56, 17:29/59, 18:34, 19:08/35, 20:09/39, 21:24 & 22:25 SO and 5:11, 6:12, 7:12/45, 8:14/50, 9:27, 10:02/40, 11:10/46, 12:19/49, 13:24/57, 14:27, 15:04/41, 16:19/55, 17:28/58, 18:33, 19:07/34, 20:08/38, 21:23 & 22:24 SuO.

Route 23

This standard gauge route does not come into the city centre, running only in the eastern suburbs from a large loop at Ж.К. ГЕО МИЛЕВ, then along route 20 for eight stops and to its own branch and terminus at УЛ. ОБИКОЛНА. Daily departures from Ж.К. ГЕО МИЛЕВ at 5:53, 6:20/46, 7:12/38, 8:05/33, 9:02 and half hourly to 11:02/29/56, 12:23/50, 13:17/44, 14:11/38, 15:07 and half hourly to 17:37, 18:06/34, 19:01/28/55 & 20:22. Note the last returning tram is at 20.30.

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