Border Crossings: Bulgaria - Greece

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(Sofija -) Svilengrad BDŽ - Ormenio OSE- Díkaia/Díkea (- Píthio)

[D] OSE operated one train each way between Díkaia/Díkea and Svilengrad but this was withdrawn in August 2009. No service was reinstated when other cross border routes resumed following a period of discontinuance of all international services from Greece from 13 February 2011.

(Sofija -) Kulata BDŽ - Promachon OSE (- Strimon - Thessaloniki)

[D] OSE works to Kulata. The Sofia - Thessaloniki service (including the night train) ceased from 13 February 2011 as part of the discontinuance of all international services from Greece. The service was reintroduced from 10 May 2014 but from 25 May 2017 until further notice passengers are taken by bus between Kulata and Strimon.

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