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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.

Amsterdam: GVB

Timetables dated 14 December 2008

Due to the start of operation of the North-South Metroline on 21 July 2018 (M52), major changes have taken place in the tram routes on the tram network. Although various depot workings use lines and curves not in public service, none is advertised in the current timetables. On Koningsdag (celebration of the King's birthday, a public holiday, 27 April) there are no trams in the inner area of the city, so amended and special services operate, including the use of curves not otherwise regularly used in public service. Details of diversions are obtainable online via the GVB website in April.

Den Haag: HTM

Entry written following a visit in early August 2023.

Complete line timetables can be viewed on-line here, but you need to select the "Dienstregeling" tab ("Timetable" on the English language version) and then click on the route number - you can change the date and time (or scroll through the whole day). Various maps and plans can be viewed or downloaded as PDFs from here, including separate diagrammatic maps of the tram and bus networks, and a geographic map of all public transport. The site has a track plan.

Although various depot workings use lines and curves not in public service, none is advertised in the current timetables - although there are some footnotes stating which services come from or go to depots and that they might be subject to short notice alteration. It is therefore assumed that none run via "rare" connections in passenger service, but any information to the contrary would be gratefully received.

Den Haag uses a mixture of older, high-floor, single-ended trams (which will be phased out once various pieces of infrastructure work have been carried out) and newer, low-floor, double-ended trams (branded R-net) and tram-trains (branded RandstadRail). Therefore some, but not all, termini have balloon loops; some balloon loops have been or will be removed as part of route upgrades. However, if there are separate set-down and pick-up stops, passengers are not usually carried around the balloon loop, especially if the tram lays over on the loop itself (which is not a public stop) rather than at the departure stop, although in at least one place a passenger was observed to stay on all the way round.

Plan exist or are being drawn up to rebuild the last remaining stops and sections of line which are not suitable for use by low-floor vehicles. During the reconstruction period, trams might be diverted via alternative routes, and this might involve the use of normally non-passenger curves or longer sections of track.

The northern end of route 17 (formerly part of route 16) to Statenkwartier reopened on 8 July 2023 after reconstruction of two sections. This eliminated the long loop at the terminus. During the reconstruction, in addition to terminating short at Kunstmuseum, trams were diverted from Gravenstraat via the otherwise non-passenger route to Prinsegracht, the course of route 3 to Van Speijkstraat, and then the otherwise non-passenger north-to-south route over the crossroads to Obrechtstraat. From 8 July 2023 these two sections lost their temporary regular service.

Route 19 between Delft Station and TU Delft (Delft University) has been under construction for many years, and is scheduled to open in spring 2024 after rebuilding one section.

The line along the western end of Schedeldoekshaven in the central area (between its junction with Spui and Lage Zand) is currently (2023) affected by construction work, with only a single (eastbound) track available, which is slewed to the south for a short distance. It is therefore not in use by regular routes, although the Tourist Tram continues to run this way.

Diverted routes using normally non-passenger track

Alterations to tram and bus services can be found here. It is split into two sections, current and future. Note that on the English language version, the pop-up which appears when you click on the item only appears in Dutch, but you can copy the text and paste it into a translator.

Some diversions which have been found are listed below; the historic ones are included here to illustrate what is possible:

  • From 8 July to 3(?) August 2023, work on Prinsegracht closed the line westwards via Brouwersgracht and HMC Westeinde. Routes 2, 3 and 4 were diverted as follows (in both directions):
    • Route 2 ran from Centraal Station (high level) via the tram tunnel to Prinsegracht (as normal), then turned left to follow the course of route 6 via Om en Bij to Haagse Market and route 11 via Delftselaan, before turning left on the normally non-passenger south-to-west curve at the junction of Monstersestraat and Loosduinseweg (like route 4 below) to regain its normal route.
    • Route 4 ran from Centraal Station (high level) via the grade-separated normally non-passenger connection onto the street tramway to Kalvermarkt / Stadhuis (like route 3 below), then followed route 16 to Station Hollands Spoor and then route 11 via Delftselaan, before (like route 2 above) turning left on the normally non-passenger south-to-west curve at the junction of Monstersestraat and Loosduinseweg to regain its normal route.
    • Route 3 ran from Centraal Station (high level) via the grade-separated normally non-passenger connection onto the street tramway to Kalvermarkt / Stadhuis (like route 4 above), turned right on the normally non-passenger east-to-north curve to Centruum, and then left on the normally non-passenger southeast-to-west curve to Gravenstraat, where it terminated. Trams turned using the loop to the west (one part of which is normally non-passenger), through Kerkplein: it was unclear whether this was officially in passenger service (it was shown on maps of the diversion), but a traveller was able to do it.
  • From 8 July to 23 August 2023, work on Rijswijkseweg closed the line between the Rijswijkseplein junction and Van Musschenbroekstraat. Route 15 trams were divered from Bierkade via Station Hollands Spoor, Leghwaterplein and the normally non-passenger line along Laakkade (which has different directions running on either side of a waterway).
  • On Prinsjesdag (Prince's Day) - Budget Day in the Netherlands as well as the opening of the parliamentary year, and usually the third Tuesday in September - there may be road closures near the parliament and therefore tram diversions. In 2023, this is 19 September, and there are diverted trams until 18.00, while a trial run also takes place the previous Sunday between 09.00 and 13.00. In 2023, the diverted routes are:
    • Routes 15 and 16 (which usually swap route numbers at Centraal Station): after Bierkade, both follow the same clockwise (only) route via Kalvermarkt / Stadhuis to the temporary "Centraal Station" stop in Schedeldoekshaven (where they swap route numbers); they then turn right using the normally non-passenger west-to-south curve (like route 17 below) onto the course of route 17 via Weteringplein, and regain their normal routes at the complex junction just beyond Rijwijkseplein (Noord).
    • Route 17: from Graavenstraat, turns right via the normally non-passenger west-to-southeast curve to Centruum and then left via the normally non-passenger curve to Kalvermarkt / Stadhuis to the temporary "Centraal Station" stop at Schedeldoekshaven, then turns right via the normally non-passenger west-to-south curve (like routes 15 and 16 above) to regain its normal route. Trams in the opposite direction do the exact reverse.
    • Route 1: diverted between Bierkade and Scheveningen via the course of route 9 (so not doing any normally non-passenger track).
  • Herenstraat - Voorburg Station (former route 10, closed in January 2013): reported in a discussion on RailUK Forums it was in use by a temporary route 1A for "several weeks up to mid-March 2023" while route 1 was split in two as a result of bridge renovation work. Also used several days each week by the Hoftrammm Tramrestaurant (see below).

Den Haag City Tours

The Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum (HOVM - The Hague Public Transport Museum) operates City Tours with historic trams on most Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from early April until early November, plus Wednesdays in July, August and September - information can be found here. This "hop-on, hop-off" tour takes exactly an hour (although there is a layover of between 5 and 10 minutes at the penultimate stop); departures from Gravenstraat (eastbound stop) are every 30 minutes from 10.15 to 16.45. There's a timetable on the website showing all the stops, and you can board and alight at any of those stops as much as you like all day. Tickets are available on the tram (card payment only), on the website (or via other on-line ticket agencies), via the Tourist Tram app, or at the Info Store at Centraal Station.

The route advertised in 2023 is: Gravenstraat, the "rare" west-to-south curve to Centruum, southwards along Spui, the "rare" north-to-east curve north of Bierkade and the line along Schedeldoekshaven, Centraal Station (street level), the course of route 9 via Madurodam to Scheveningen Noord and the balloon loop there (not normally used in passenger service), the course of route 1 via Keizerstraat and Vredespaleis to Kneuterdijk, and then back to Gravenstraat (no stop westbound), doing a complete circuit of the loop around Sint-Jacobskerk and laying over on the eastern side (there's a sign) before completing the circuit (one section plus the eastern side don't have normal services) and continuing to the eastbound Gravenstraat stop.

Note that the route advertised in previous years (and seen in 2023 on an out-of-date information notice at a stop) suggests a different route, which included the normally non-passenger connecting line along Duinstraat between route 1 and 11 in Scheveningen as well as the previously southbound-only single-track connection between route 11 and 17 (previously 16) at Statenkwartier. Since the northern end of route 17 was out of use for a while but has now reopened, it is possible the Tourist Tram might return to its previous route in 2024.

From 2014 the more upmarket Hoftrammm Tramrestaurant has run a “culinary” tram five-course dining trip around Den Haag and environs - see here. It runs on most evenings except Mondays and Tuesdays (although there are other days it occasionally does not run, especially Sundays, and sometimes runs on Mondays or Tuesdays), departing at 19.00 from Voorburg Station (terminus of the erstwhile route 10, which closed in 2013), and used historic tram 3035 which has been modified with a professional kitchen and an on-board toilet. Booking in advance is necessary, and trips book up very quickly many weeks in advance.

The route is not specified in detail (and, indeed may vary depending on traffic congestion, etc.), but, after doing the otherwise normally non-passenger Voorburg Station branch, is via the city centre to Scheveningen Noord, back to the city centre, out to Scheveningen Haven, then back via the city centre to Voorburg. The cost in 2023 is EUR99.50 per person, but bookings via the website are only for tables for two or four.

Rotterdam: RET

Complete line timetables can be viewed on-line here - you can change the date and time (or scroll through the whole day). Various maps and plans can be viewed or downloaded as PDFs from here, including a geographic network map of Rotterdam and Den Haag showing all public transport; a diagrammatic map of trains, metro, trams and selected buses; a diagrammatic map of the metro; a diagrammatic map of the tram network; and a plan of platform usage at the Centraal Station tram stops. Note that these maps and plans are not modified to show route alterations or suspensions, even if they last many months; timetables are, however, date specific. The site has a track plan.

While the timetables show a few short workings on some routes, there are no footnotes indicating any "off route" workings which might use normally non-passenger lines and curves. It is therefore thought that workings to and from depots do not run in passenger service, and this is backed up by several "out of service" trams being observed heading towards Kleiweg depot just after the evening peak one day in May 2023. Any information to the contrary would be gratefully received.

Rotterdam uses only single-ended trams and all except one termini have a balloon loop if the end of the line does not run in a longer loop around several streets. At a few of these termini there is a single stop for alighting and boarding, but at almost all of the others there are three stops: one before the loop (with a proper platform) for setting down, one on the loop itself where the tram lays over (without a proper platform, and sometimes with only a short paved area), and one after the loop (with a proper platform) for picking up - and all three have tram stop "flags" and (usually) timetable information, so travel all the way around the loop is possible. The exception is the loop immediately west of Maashaven, which does not have a stop on the loop itself and therefore passengers are not carried around it (despite the on-tram PIS listing one stop beyond the Maashaven destination, at Gaesbeekstraat, all passengers were asked by staff to alight at Maashaven itself). The terminus at Holy (Holysingel) on route 24 has a reversing triangle, with set-down and pick-up stops on the two separate legs.

Travellers may wish to be aware that a report was published in February 2023 on the future of the network which recommended consideration of closing the following sections (and replacing them with buses) by 2030:

  • northern ends of routes 4 and 8 beyond where they split (branches from Kootsekade to Molenlaan and Kleiweg)
  • eastern end of route 7 (beyond Crosswijksestraat to Woudestein)
  • route 8 between where it splits from route 7 (Zaagmolenbrug) and re-joins route 4 (Soetendaalseweg)
  • western end of route 4 (branch from Eendrachtsplein to Heemraadsplein)
  • western end of route 8 (branch from P. C. Hootfplein to Spangen)
  • western end of route 21 (branch from Bachplein to Woudhoek)

This is reported as because they have low passenger usage and have little segregation from road traffic. Some new lines are also proposed. More information can be found in this article.

Below is a guide to the use of more complicated junctions or where there is more than one possible route for a service, plus possible use of normally non-passenger track when there are service alterations:

Bachplein - Harreweg [Woudhoek]

Route 21 in the western suburbs is not an all day service, and does not run after about 19.00 nor before about 11.45 on Sundays on this section.

Rotterdam Centraal loop

All through routes normally use the loop which runs close to the main entrance to Rotterdam Centraal NS station, approaching from the east and departing to the south or vice versa. Terminating routes will use the loop to turn, using sections of line not normally used by other services, and using stops E/F on (the street called) Weena as well as the main stops outside the station entrance:

  • Route 20 (running only during the morning and evening peaks on Monday to Friday - reportedly about 07.15 to 09.15 and 14.15 to 18.30) approaches from the south (Kruisplein) and runs anticlockwise around the loop. During the line closures south of the river between May and October 2023 (see below), this route is suspended (at least at the Centraal Station end).
  • A route 12 between Centraal Station and Feyenoord Stadium has previously been reported, approaching from the east (Weena) and running clockwise round the loop, but running only before and after football matches at the stadium. However, trams were seen running non-stop and empty in the opposite direction to the peak passenger flow. But note also that in July 2023, the number 12 was assigned to a completely different route, south of the river, which only runs on certain days in the evening peak.
  • In 2023, the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram (details below) approaches from the south (Kruisplein), runs anticlockwise round the loop, and departs southwards again.

Hofplein roundabout (east of Weena)

All tram routes using this roundabout serve the Weena stop (on the west side), so there are regular workings between the west and south, west and east, and west and north. Although it is physically possible to go all the way round (in the correct anticlockwise direction) and leave at any exit, the reality is that the normal route taken is the shortest, with west-to-east trams routed around the south side and east-to-west trams around the north side (as would be expected). There are no normal scheduled services between Stadhuis and Pompenburg (south-to-east), but in 2023 it is used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram (details below) from Stadhuis (south) to Pompenburg (east) in that direction only.


  • Route 8: Zeilmakersstraat (southeast) to P. C. Hooftplein (northeast) via short curve on east side, avoiding the main stops in the centre (and calling only at stop G); in the reverse direction, onto the ring and anticlockwise around its outside (calling at stop D).
  • Routes 21 and 24: Het Witte Dorp (west) to P. C. Hooftplein (northeast) and vice versa straight across the middle of the ring, using stops E/F.
  • Route 23: terminates here, approaching from P. C. Hooftplein (northeast) onto the west side of the ring (laying over at stop C) and departing anticlockwise round the ring (and also calling again, at stop G).
  • Any trams from the Zeilmakersstraat (southeast) direction (route 8) turning back here would probably use the north side of the ring to arrive at stop C or D (and then depart by their normal route). No regular workings like this are known.
  • Any trams from the Het Witte Dorp (west) direction (routes 21 and 24) turning back here would probably use the connection onto the south side of the ring and the north side of the ring (as in the previous point) to arrive at stop C, and then depart via the curve from the north-to-west curve. No regular workings like this are known.


Route 2 normally terminates here, turning back by running clockwise round the loop. During the period it is extended to the route 23 terminus at Limbrichthoek [Beverwaard] (1 May 2023 to 29 Oct 2023, at least - see below), services in both directions continue to run clockwise round the loop, with those heading for Beverward using the normaly non-passenger north-to-east curve between Grote Hagen and Akkeroord; those in the opposite direction do no unusual track.

Oostplein: loop and other connections

  • Any trams approaching from the west (Burgemeester van Walsumweg) and turning back at Oostplein do so by running clockwise round the loop; the main stop (used by routes 21 and 24) is east of the loop. From 1 to 14 May 2023, route 23 was diverted here (while the Erasmusbrug was closed) and a temporary stop was created on the eastern side of the loop; passengers were carried all the way round.
  • In 2023, the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram (details below) uses the western side of the loop (it is assumed - but it could be the eastern side), connecting the normally non-passenger line along Goudsesingel with the line heading west to Burgemeester van Walsumweg.

Meent to Oostplein area via (street called) Goudsesingel (Kipstraat stop)

  • In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only, continuing onto part of the loop at Oostplein (details below).
  • Between 15 May 2023 and 29 October 2023, routes 7 and 8 diverted this way in both directions during road works along Jonker Fransstraat, using the northwest-to-northeast curve at Oostplein to connect with the line along Boezemweg (see entry below).

Boezemweg to Oostplein area

Between 15 May 2023 and 29 October 2023, routes 7 and 8 diverted this way in both directions during road works along Jonker Fransstraat, using the northeast-to-northwest curve at Oostplain to connect with the line along Goudsesingel (see entry above). Southeast-to-southwest curve of triangle at Boezemweg used by route 7; northeast-to-southwest curve used by route 8.

Lijnbaan to Stadhuis (west-to-north curve north of Beurs)

In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Keizerstraat to Leuvehaven (east-to-south curve just south of Beurs)

In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Vasteland to Westplein (east-to-south curve immediately west of Vasteland)

  • Between 1 May 2023 and 29 October 2023 (at least), used in both directions by temporary route 125 while lines south of the river are closed (see below).
  • In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Kievitslaan to Museumpark (west-to-north curve immediately west of Vasteland)

In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Heemraadsplein to Delfshaven, including east-to-south curve at Delfshaven

In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Eendrachtsplein to Lijnbaan (south-to-east curve at western end of Van Oldenbarneveltplaats)

In 2023, used by the "Citytour Line 10" heritage tram in this direction only (details below).

Disused line in Blijdorp

This runs from a triangular junction between Schiekade and Walenburgerweg (route 25) in a big loop on the north side of the railway, via Centraal Station / Blijdorpzijde, Diergaarde Blijdorp and Blijdorp (metro interchange) to a triangular junction at Schieweg. Its regular passenger service was withdrawn a number of years ago, and a summer-only route linking the city centre with Diergaarde (the zoo) did not load very well so was also withdrawn. It can be used as a diversionary route.

  • From 21 August to 29 October 2023, it is used by temporary route 125 trams (part of the split route 25); they approach from the north (using the north-to-west curve at Schieweg) and run via Blijdorp (metro interchange), Diergaarde and Centraal Station (north side) to the turning loop at Provenierssingel, but not rejoining the normal route.

Turning back at Schiedam Centrum

It is possible to turn back trams at Schiedam Centrum (routes 21 and 24) from either direction, using the single line via Delftlandseweg and over the Provenierbrug, either after departure (for workings to the east) or before arrival (for workings from the west). The line could also be used for eastbound workings (only) to bypass Schiedam Centrum. No regular workings like this are known.

Turning back at Wilhelminaplein

It is possible to turn back trams at Wilhelminaplein (routes 20, 23 and 25) from either diretion, using the single line loop along Veemstraat, either after departure (for workings to the north) or before arrival (for workings from the south). The line could also be used for northbound workings (only) to bypass Wilhelminaplein.

From 15 May 2023 to 29 Oct 2023 the loop is in use by all trams departing northwards from Wilhelminaplein (route 23 only) while the line southwards is closed.

Medium-term diversions

Alterations to service - both temporary disruptions to service and as a result of planned engineering work - can be found here.

  • From 9 January 2023 until September 2024 (no specific date is given) major works are being undertaken along the Roseknoop, south of the river. Between 1 May and 29 October 2023, no trams can run south of Wilhelminaplein (the first stop south of the Erasmus Bridge), and as a result the lines south of the river are isolated from the rest of the network. Routes 12 and 20 are suspended completely, while others are cut short, split in two, and/or diverted. It is not yet known what alterations there will be from 30 October 2023. Three of the diverted routes involve running over normally non-passenger connections:
    • route 2 (and, for a period, peak hours route 20) is extended at its eastern end to the usual terminus of (suspended) route 23 at Beverwaard (but replaced by buses beyond P&R Beverwaard from 21 August to 1 October 2023). Eastbound this means using the north-to-east curve between Grote Hagen and Akkeroord, but westbound trams do nothing unusual.
    • route 125 replaces route 25 north of the river but runs to the route 7 terminus at Willemsplein, using the east to south curve between Vasteland and Westplein (in both directions). However, after 20 August 2023 (until 29 October 2023) additional work further north means route 125 does not make it to the city centre, and does a different - and much longer - diversionary route (see below).
    • route 23 (the only one crossing the river) terminates from the north at Wilhelminaplein; on departure, it runs round the lengthy loop along Veemstraat. [Note that from 1 to 14 May 2023 the Erasmus Bridge was closed, and route 23 was diverted from Beurs eastwards towards Oostplein, where a temporary stop was located on the loop west of the normal route 21/24 stop.]
  • Between 15 May 2023 and 29 October 2023, roadworks along Jonker Fransstraat mean routes 7 and 8 are diverted east / north of Meent, continuing south-eastwards along Goudsesingel (normally non-passenger) with a stop at Kipstraat and on towards Oostplein, then turning north-eastwards along Boezemweg. Route 7 then turns east using the south side of the triangle to regain its normal route at Vlietlaan; route 8 uses the west side of this triangle to continue ahead and run along the course of route 7 in the "wrong" direction, before using the east side of the triangle after Crooswijksestraat to regain its normal route at Zwaanshals.
  • Between 21 August and 29 October 2023, work on Schiekade / Provenierssingel means the temporary route 125 can only run at its northern end and cannot reach the city centre. It runs from its terminus as Schiebroek as normal to Schieweg, turns right (west) to run along the non-passenger line on Bergselaan and via Blijdorp (metro interchange), Diergaarde Blijdorp and Centraal Station / Blijdorpzijde (on the north side of the railway), turning using the loop on Proveniersingel (before the road junction).

Rotterdam City Tours

Citytour Lijn 10

The "Citytour Lijn 10" heritage tram operated by the Rotterdam Transport Museum (and using volunteer drivers and conductors / guides) takes a circular route around the city, doing several normally non-passenger curves and a couple of sections of longer normally non-passenger track. In 2023 it runs on Saturdays and Sundays from the last weekend of April until the end of October (except Saturday 29th July, the date of a special one-off tramway celebration event) plus on Thursdays and Fridays in June, July, August and the first two weeks of September. Trams usually depart from Willemsplein every 30 minutes from 11.00 until 16.30, but on some days there are special timetables; the complete circuit takes 65 minutes, but you can hop on and off at any stop all day. Tickets can be bought on the tram in cash or by card, and in 2023 cost EUR15 (EUR8 for those aged 4-11 inclusive). They are not valid on any normal public transport services.

The 2023 route is: Willemsplein - Westplein - Vasteland - Leuvehaven - Beurs - Lijnbaan - Kruisplein - Centraal Station (anticlockwise around loop) - Kruisplein - Eendrachtsplein - Heemraadsplein - Delfshaven - Euromast - Kievitslaan - Museumpark - Eendrachtsplein - Lijnbaan - Stadhuis - Pompenburg - Meent - Kipstraat - Oostplein area - Burg van Walsumweg - Keizerstraat - Leuvehaven - Vasteland - Westplein - Willensplein. This includes, in order, the following normally non-passenger track (also listed in the main section above):

  • south-to-east curve at Vasteland
  • anticlockwise loop around Centraal Station
  • Heemraadsplein to Delfshaven (including east-to-south curve at the latter)
  • west-to-north curve at Vasteland
  • south-to-east curve at the western end of Van Oldenbarneveltstraat
  • south-to-east connection at Hofplein roundabout (from Stadhuis to Pompenburg)
  • line from Meent along Goudsesingel towards Oostplein and connection onto routes 21/24 towards Burg van Walsumweg
  • east-to-south curve at Beurs
  • east-to-south curve at Vasteland

Rottertram dining tram

A Rotterdam tram dining tour is provided by the Rottertram using vehicle 1629. They operate 1.5 hours lunch tours on Sundays (12.30 departure, costing EUR 59.95 in 2023) and 2.5 hours evening dining tours on Wednesdays to Sundays (18.30 departure, costing EUR 169.90 for a table for two or EUR 339.80 for a table for four). There is an on-board toilet. Note that on 26 June 2023 it was announced that the Rottertram would have to cease running after 31 August 2023, as a result of RET and the Rotterdam Transport Museum not allowing the use of the tram; however, by the end of July a meeting had taken place, looking into ways of continuing the operation in some way.

In 2023, the route of the evening tour is shown as: Willemsplein - Museumpark - Kruisplein - Rotterdam Centraal (main stop) - Weena - Heer Bokelweg - Station Noord - Molenlaan - Station Nord - Zwaanshals - Noorderbrug - Kipstraat - northwest-to-northeast curve at Oosplein - Boezemweg - Vlietlaan - Erasmus University - Woudestein - Oostlpein - Beurs - Lijnbaan - Kruisplein - 1e Middellandstraat - (street called) Claes de Vrieselaan - middle part of (street called) Mathenesserlaan - eastern side of Heemraadsplein (the square) - Delfshaven - Euromast - Vasteland - Wilhelminaplein - Stadion Feijenoord (and round loop) - Wilheminaplein - Beurs - Lijnbaan - Museumpark - Willemsplein. However, this includes some sections of route closed between either 1 May 2023 or 15 May 2023 and 29 October 2023; the exact route taken is not known, and nor is the route of the shorter Sunday lunch tour. The full evening route includes, in order, the following normally non-passenger track (not listed in the main section above):

  • north-to-southeast curve near Meent (not available 15 May 2023 to 29 October 2023), then along Goudesingel, northwest-to-northeast curve at Oostplein, along Boezemweg and the southwest-to-southeast curve towards Vlietlaan
  • northeast-to-northwest curve at Woudestein (connecting the end of route 7 with routes 21 and 24)
  • south-to-west curve at Kruisplein
  • line from 1e Middellandstraat along Claes de Vrieselaan, north-to-west curve onto Mathensesserlaan and along it, east-to-south curve onto line on east side of Heemraadsplein
  • north-to-west curve at southeast corner of Heenraadsplein, then along Nieuwe Binnenweg, east-to-south curve at Delfshaven
  • west-to-south curve at Leuvehaven
  • balloon loop beyond Stadion Feijenoord
  • east-to-south curve west of Lijnbaan

[The route of the evening dining tram in February 2020 was reported as: Willemsplein (outer) - Kruisplein - (avoiding Rotterdam Centraal) - Weena - Beurs - Feijenoord loop - Vasteland - Spanjaardstraat - Ruilstraat - Eendrachtsplein - Rotterdam Centraal [D] - Weena [middle platform] - Station Hofplein - Burgemeester Van Kempensingel (inner) - Benthuizerstraat - Zagmolenbrug - Kipstraat - Oostplein loop - Boezemweg - Vlietlaan - Erasmus Universiteit - Woudestein - Keizerstraat - Leuvehaven - Vasteland - Willemsplein (outer)]


Operated by the same organisation as the Rottertram, the Snerttram runs as another circular tram tour, operating all year round on Saturdays (departing at 14.30 and 16.00) and Sundays (departing at 14.30). The circa 90 minute trip starts and finishes at Oostplein (on the east side of the loop). In the winter "Snert" (Dutch pea soup) with bread is served during the journey, while in summer it's ice cream or sorbet. The cost in 2023 is EUR 22.50 per person, and booking in advance is needed. The exact route is not known, but the journey is reported to cover a number of normally non-passenger curves, goes south of the river over the spectacular Erasmus bridge, and uses the Feyenoord Stadium turn back loop to return north to the start point (not available between 1 May 2023 and 29 October 2023).


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