Albania - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Obscure services


Other Sparse services

All services in Albania could be considered sparse by European standards.

The 2022 timetable as at late February offered the following services:

Durrës - Elbasan line

06:30 Elbasan - Durrës 09:12

13:55 Durrës - Elbasan 16:38

Kashar - Durrës line

Substitute bus service due to construction works:

07:15 Kashar - Durrës 08:20

14:50 Durrës - Kashar 16:00

Durrës - Shkodër line

No service

Durrës - Vlorë line

No service

See Recent and Future Changes for more details of the current situation in Albania.

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