Border Crossings: Belgium - Luxembourg

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(Liège -) Gouvy SNCB - Troisvierges CFL (- Luxembourg)

[E] The two-hourly Luxembourg - Liège service is jointly worked by SNCB and CFL with trains and crews working through. Trains are hauled by dual-system electric locomotives: the transition between 3 kV dc and 25 kV 50 Hz is just south of Rivage in Belgium.

(Arlon -) Sterpenich SNCB - Kleinbettingen CFL (- Luxembourg)

[E] SNCB 3 kV dc electrification extends to Luxembourg station and Luxembourg triage, where there are switchable tracks. SNCB 3 kV electric multiple units work through to Luxembourg. CFL local trains between Luxembourg and Kleinbettingen are worked by CFL dual-system electric locomotives.

(Arlon -) Athus SNCB - Rodange CFL

[E] The area is electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz and CFL locomotives normally provide the hourly passenger service from Rodange. However, since 17 February 2016 this has been reduced to a skeleton service because the introduction of different signalling systems means that the rolling stock of each country is no longer approved for use in the other country!

The route is also served by the Mon-Fri only SNCB service from Arlon to Libramont via Virton. This line shares a common trackbed with the next entry from the point where the two lines come together, but with no physical junction, within Belgium.

(Virton -) Aubange SNCB - Rodange CFL

[E] This line shares a common trackbed with the previous entry from the point where the two lines come together, but with no physical junction within Belgium.

The SNCB line from Athus to Dinant via Virton and Bertrix (including the chord giving direct access to Rodange) was electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz in December 2002. Through freight services between Antwerpen docks and Saint-Louis, or intermediate points such as Thionville are operated throughout by SNCB/CFL dual-system electric locos. The route was served by a limited Mon-Fri only service between Virton and Rodange/Luxembourg, operated by CFL stock.

In July 2019, after some temporary interruptions, CFL stopped operating across the border from Rodange to Virton due to the GSM-R systems on their 2200 series units not being acceptable in Belgium. Local media reports suggest there are no plans to introduce any replacement and hence this closure has become permanent.

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