Border Crossings: Belgium - France

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(Arlon -) Athus SNCB - Mont St. Martin yard (- Longwy) SNCF

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(Dinant - Halanzy -) Y Aubange SNCB - Mont St. Martin (- Longwy) SNCF

[E] The Athus - Mont St. Martin route closed and was lifted, but in 2002 it was restored, with a lead from Y Aubange instead of Athus: in other words, the initial route which gave through running from the Arlon direction to Mont St. Martin was (after an interval of some years with no direct access from SNCB to Mont St.Martin) replaced by one giving through running from the Dinant direction instead.

Dinant SNCB - Givet SNCF

[D] No traffic. Track impassable due to lack of maintenance. Since the tourist service was withdrawn in 2000 there have been various proposals for reopening. However, no funding is available and Wallonie region (BE) is suggesting it be converted to a cycle path.

(Mariembourg -) Treignes SNCB - Vireux-Molhain SNCF (- Charleville-Mézières)

The track is lifted beyond Treignes with the tunnel of Najauge having been used to grow mushrooms after closure.

(Mariembourg -) Momignies SNCB - Anor SNCF

The line within Belgium between Mariembourg and Momignies - which saw local freight use until 1999 - is out of use and some sections have been converted to a cycleway. The cross-border section between Momignies and Anor closed to passengers in 1953 and freight in 1978. In 1993 that section was acquired by Comptoir Calcaires & Matériaux, owners of a quarry at Wallers-en-Fagne in France (trading as Carrières de Wallers). Traffic was then taken by road to Momignies and thence by rail to Anor, worked by Colas Rail as a private siding. A new alignment, wholly within France and running direct to the quarry, came into operation on 19 July 2011, leading to the closure of the cross-border section and cessation of loading at Momignies. A descriptive article appears in Voie Etroite no. 254 (Feb-Mar 2013).

(Charleroi -) Erquelinnes SNCB - Jeumont SNCF (- Aulnoye)

[E*] 3kV dc extends to Jeumont, where there are switchable tracks in the station and freight sidings, although a gradually increasing number of freight trains are being hauled by dual- or multi-system locos (SNCB type 13 or appropriately equipped and certified TRAXX). The only regular passenger trains using this border crossing were withdrawn from 10 September 2012.

It has been announced that there will be two ICs from Charleroi-Sud to Maubeuge and back (with connections to/from Paris) from the December 2018 timetable change.

(Mons -) Quévy SNCB - Feignies SNCF (- Aulnoye)

[E*] 25kV 50Hz extends to Quévy where there are switchable tracks in the passenger station and freight sidings. From 14 December 2008 the regional passenger train service over this route between Quévy and Maubeuge/Aulnoye was withdrawn and the night train Paris - Berlin/Hamburg was diverted to run via Forbach, so there are no passenger trains over this border crossing.

It has been announced that, from the December 2018 timetable, there will be two return trips per day from Mons to Aulnoye-Aymeries with connections to Paris.

(St.Ghislain -) Quiévrain SNCB - Blanc-Misseron SNCF (- Valenciennes)

[D] Line closed. The cross-border passenger service, operated by SNCB and running only to Blanc-Misseron was withdrawn on 3 June 1984; freight traffic ceased on 15 April 1992. St-Ghislain – Quiévrain was electrified from 28 May 1995, whereupon the line was severed and lifted south of Quiévrain.

In 2013, both governments approved reopening in principle, but the money for this was reallocated to extension of the Valenciennes tram system to Vieux-Condé. However, some money has been allocated in the new regional plan.

(Bruxelles -) Antoing SNCB - Frétin SNCF (- Lille/Paris) {high-speed line}

[E] Electrification at 25 kV 50Hz is to SNCF standards as far as the end of the high speed line at Lembeek (15 km from Bruxelles), with neutral sections there and at the intermediate access points near Antoing and near Ath. Only trains equipped with TVM430 cab signalling can use this line.

(Tournai -) Froyennes SNCB - Baisieux SNCF (- Lille)

[E*] A neutral section just west of Froyennes separates SNCB and SNCF electrification and only dual-system electric motive power can use the line. Initially, most local passenger trains continued to be worked by SNCF diesel units, but now SNCB dual-system EMUs run hourly between Lille and Liège.

(Kortrijk -) Mouscron/Moeskroen NMBS - Tourcoing SNCF (- Lille)

[E*] The neutral section between the SNCB 3kV and the SNCF 25kV 50Hz is a few kilometers south of Mouscron. Passenger services between Lille and Brugge and between Lille and Antwerpen via Gent are worked by SNCB dual-system EMUs. SNCB dual-system electric locomotives work freight trains through to Lille.

De Panne NMBS - Bray Dunes SNCF (- Dunkerque)

[D] No traffic. The section of line between Bray Dunes and Dunkerque is partly dismantled.

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