Border Crossings: Belgium - Germany

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Montzen SNCB - Aachen West DB

[E*] Freight only. Most of the line is electrified at 15 kV 16.7 Hz, with right-hand running throughout. Most trains are worked by dual system SNCB locomotives.

(Liège -) Hergenrath SNCB - Aachen Hbf DB

[E*] Two routes exist between Chênée (4 km east of Liège-Guillemins) and Y Hammerbrücke, the junction south of Hergenrath - the classic main line via Verviers and the 42 km high speed line, electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz as far as Y Hammerbrücke. The line between Liège-Guillemins and Aachen Hbf via Verviers is electrified at the SNCB standard of 3 kV dc, Aachen Hbf having four switchable tracks.
Plans have been reported to simplify arrangements in Aachen by moving the voltage changeover point to Hergenrath.

The line swaps between left hand and right hand running at a diveunder on the site of a former flying junction just west of the Busch Tunnel.

SNCB units operate local services between Spa-Géronstère and Aachen but many cross-border passenger services are provided by multi-system high-speed trains (Thalys or ICE3). ICE and Thalys services operate via the high speed line.

(Eupen -) Raeren SNCB - Walheim DB (- Stolberg)

[D] Freight only. The line is currently out of use between Raeren and Stolberg Zur Mühlen. Proposals exist for reopening of this line to both passengers and freight.

Raeren SNCB - Lammersdorf (- Monschau) (Vennbahn)

[D] {see next item}

(Weywertz -) Sourbrodt - Monschau (- Lammersdorf) (Vennbahn)

[D] Agreements made pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles designated as Belgian national territory the two sections of the Vennbahn that run through Germany. After closure to regular freight traffic in stages up to 1989, the line was operated until 2001 as a tourist railway. The trackbed is now largely used as a cycle way. The sections within Germany nevertheless remain Belgian territory.

(Weywertz -) Losheimergraben SNCB - Losheim (Eifel) DB (- Junkerath)

[D] Closed in 2003 and the entire line converted to a cycle way by 2017.

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