Border Crossings: Hungary - Ukraine

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Note that there is a one hour time difference between Hungary and Ukraine. Users should check whether or not Ukraine is using Daylight Saving Time.

Záhony MÁV - Chop UZ

[D] This route is mainly interlaced 1435/1520mm track with only the 1435mm gauge normally in use although the 1520mm tracks was used by a Railtour in April 2017. Passenger services are operated by MÁV diesel locomotives. There is 1435mm gauge freight traffic from Zahony via Chop to both Mukacheve in Ukraine and Halmeu in Romania. Cross-border 1520mm gauge traffic normally uses the Eperjeske-Rendező - Bat'ovo route.

Eperjeske-Rendező MÁV - Bat'ovo UZ

[D] This route is dual gauge 1435/1520mm, though the 1435mm gauge tracks are out of use. There are no passenger services. Freight traffic uses the 1520mm gauge tracks to and from the gauge-changing and transfer facilities in the Eperjeske area; any 1435mm gauge traffic runs via the Záhony - Chop route.

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