Border Crossings: Moldova - Ukraine

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Chernivtsi -) Mamalyha UZ - Criva CFM - Lipcani CFM - border - border - Medveja CFM - Larha UZ

[D] This route crosses the Moldova/Ukraine border four times, and is operated by Ukrainian Railways. However, passenger services are reported as being suspended. Local and long distance passenger services used to run between Chernivtsi and Larha. One daily local passenger train pair continued beyond Larha to Sokyriany; since summer 2014 the long distance services have reversed direction at Larha and run via Khmel'nyts'kyi rather than passing through Moldova at Ocniţa.

Ocniţa CFM - Sokyriany UZ (- Larha)

[D] Freight only. One daily Ukrainian local passenger train pair to/from Chernivtsi continues beyond Larha to Sokyriany. Since the passenger service over this route ceased in 2014, the method of operation across the border is not known.

(Ocniţa -) Vălcineţ CFM - Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyi UZ (- Zhmerynka)

[D] UZ operates to Ocniţa, although Moldovan border formalities are performed at Vălcineţ. TR Europe reports that an overnight Kyiv <=> Chișinău service was introduced on 5 November 2022, the first time the two capitals have been connected by rail since 1998.

(Rîbnița -) Cobasna CFM - Tymkove UZ (- Slobidka)

[D] Freight only. The method of operation is not known. Note that this line passes through Transnistria between Rîbnița and Cobasna/Tymkove.

(Tiraspol -) Novosavitskaia CFM - Kuchurhan UZ (- Rozdina)

[D] CFM operates to Kuchurhan. However, rail traffic is suspended as the cross border bridge has collapsed due to the war in Ukraine.

Note that Tiraspol is the "capital" of Transnistria; passport checks and the police registration are carried out here at the station, and not in the train.

The CFM lines from (Chişinău -) Revaca and from (Căinari –) Căuşeni cross into Transnistria at Tighina/Bender-2 and Tighina/Bender-1 respectively. Moldova does not recognise Tighina/Bender as a border. Border checks on trains running through Transnistria from Moldova to Ukraine are carried out on the train.

Owing to disagreements between Moldova and Transnistria, local trains between Chişinău and Bender now use the new station of Bender-3, just on the Moldovan side of the de-facto border. Passengers to and from the town of Bender must travel on foot via the official road crossing.

As of March 2022 this border crossing has been closed to all rail traffic due to the war in Ukraine.

(Căinari -) Iserlia CFM - Karabutseny (Ukraine) - 121 km (Ukraine) - Basarabeasca CFM

[D] CFM operates throughout between Căinari and Basarabeasca. Two local train pairs run daily between Basarabeasca and Zloți.

Basarabeasca CFM - Serpneve I UZ (- Berezyne - Artsyz)

[D] Closed to all traffic in 1997 and lifted in 1999. Reopened for freight traffic on 22 August to enable traffic between the two countries to avoid the breakaway territory of Transnistria.

(Basarabeasca - Taraclia -) 208 km CFM - border - Bolhrad (Ukraine) - border - Greceni CFM (- Etulia)

[D] Freight only. Operated by CFM.

(Basarabeasca -) Etulia CFM - Frykatsei UZ (- Reni)

[D] Two local train pairs run daily between Etulia and Reni, operated by UZ. This crossing is officially permitted only to local citizens, but normally other European nationals are tolerated. The status of this service in 2023-24 is unknown.

Giurgiuleşti CFM - Reni UZ

[D] Freight only.

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