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Country Name

Romania (România)

National Railway System

Compania Naţională de Căi Ferate (CFR).

National Railway Operator

CFR Călători is the national train operating company.


Romanian, but there is a substantial Hungarian speaking minority in Transylvania.


RON (Romanian New Lei). The unit is Leu (plural Lei), 1 Leu = 100 Bani (singular Ban).

UIC code

numeric: 53; alpha: RO.


Journey Planner

For CFR can be found at A separate planner exist for purely International Journeys

The My website claims their Journey Planner finds all train services, even those of private operators on shared CFR sections. A drill down advises the Train Company so as errors have been found it is strongly recommended to double check any findings on the CFR or Private Operators own websites via the links in this or the section immediately below.

Actual Train Times

Trenul meu The user needs to input the train number

Downloadable Timetable

CFR Timetable 2023-24 File is Mers de tten 2023 2024]

The Scribd website allows searches for mersul trenilor "current year" and has a link to downloadable individual train timetables for 2020-21, but not subsequent years so far.

Downloadable timetables for Transferoviar Călători S.R.L can be found at [1]

Downloadable timetables for Regio Călători can be found at [2]

Printed Timetable

Mersul Trenurilor de Călători published annually. This includes introductory material in French and English, with an explanation of the abbreviations in French. It contains details of all CFR services and those provided by private operators. However, it is often months out of date for the private operators so it is better to use the Downloadable Timetable above.

Engineering Information

If a train listed by the journey planner is affected by engineering work, a note will be shown in the "Restrictions" column at the right hand side of the screen.

Bus Information

Can be found at A drop down menu at the top right of the home page allows selection of several different languages, including English.


Printed Maps

Web-based Maps


Although online journey planners will quote a fare option for Pensioner - this is only for pensioners of some Romanian transport understandings and not how most other countries would define pensioners.

The journey planners will giver details of available reductions (eg advance purchase > 10 days, advance purchase > 6 days, or round trips)


Infrastructure Authority

CFR SA is the national infrastructure manager.

Network Statement

The 2023-24 Network Statement can be downloaded here.


Standard. Russian gauge (1520 mm) track crosses into Romania from Ukraine to Halmeu, Dorneşti, Sighetu Marmaţiei, Valea Viseului and Galaţi, and from Moldova to Nicolina (Iaşi) and Falciu. The broad and standard gauge tracks are separated at stations but four rail track is provided between stations.

Tramways in Arad and Iași are metre gauge.

Some former CFR and Forestry (760 mm) lines continue as Tourist Lines.


25 kV 50 Hz.

Bucarest Metro is 750 V dc third Rail. Tramway systems are 750 V dc or 600 V dc.

Rule of the road

Right hand.


The CFR timetable, which includes km distances, for May 1994 is available here

Annex 9 of the Network statement [3] has accurate distances for all sections of track, but these are not sequential and intermediate stations are not listed.

Other Railways

Company/Table Route
S.C. Regional S.R.L. Interregional Calatori
300 Cluj Napoca – Oradea
400 Jibou – Baia Mare
402 Satu Mare - Halmeu
406 Bistriţa Nord - Bistriţa Bârgăului
S.C. Transferoviar Călători S.R.L. Transferoviar Călători
300 Oradea - Huedin - Cluj Napoca
302 Ploiesti Sud - Târgoviște
304 Ploiesti Sud - Maneciu
306 Ploiesti Sud - Buda - Slanic
504 Buzau - Berca - Nehoiaşu
703 Galaţi - Târgu Bujor - Bârlad
801 Titan Sud - Oltenita
904 București Nord - Pietroșița
Regio Călători Regio Călători
203 Braşov - Zărneşti
210 Alba Iulia - Zlatna
213 Timişoara Nord - Remetea Mică
215 Arad - Nădlac
216 Arad - Aradu Nou - Periam - Sânnicolau Mare - Vălcani
218 Timişoara Nord - Ronaţ - Lovrin - Sânnicolau M - Cenad
307 Blaj - Târnaveni - Bălăușeri
317/318 Arad - Ineu - Cermei
403 Braşov - Intorsura Buzăului
404 Braşov - Sfântu Gheorghe - Breţcu
406 Bistriţa Nord - Sărăţel - Magherus Sieu - Luduş
605 Roman - Buhăieşti
607 Iaşi - Podu Iloaiei - Harlau
608 Iaşi - Leţcani - Dângeni - Dorohoi
701 Ploiești Sud - Urziceni
919 Timişoara Nord - Jimbolia
922/922a Timişoara Nord - Voiteni - Gătaia - Berzovia - Reşiţa Nord
926 Timişoara Nord - Cruceni

Tourist lines

  • Vişeu de Sus (steam trains)
  • Moldoviţa forest railway (steam trains)
  • Brad – Criscior forest railway (steam trains)

The CFR narrow gauge lines (Târgu Mureş network and Sibiu - Cornatel - Agnita) are closed but ideas for reopening exist. The Sibiu - Cornatel - Agnita line also offers rail cycling; see - Cornatel - Agnita line.

Once a year, a steam loco is taken to Abrud for two days to run a service on the 10 km section to Campeni. A similar sparse steam operation is offered in Comandau.

Tourist trains are expected to start running at Easter 2024 between Moldoviţa and the Moldoviţa Monastery on approx. 5 km of 760 mm gauge track laid on the track bed of the former standard gauge Vama to Moldoviţa branch.

The Sinfin.Net website has links to some of these operations.




Bucharest, Arad, Botoşani, Brăila, Cluj Napoca, Craiova, Galati, Iaşi, Oradea, Ploieşti, Sibiu, Timişoara. The Reşiţa system was noted in October 2018 as having closed, with all wires removed.

The UrbanRailNet site has basic line diagrams plus links to the local operators.

Recent and Future Changes

The direct line from Giurgiu Nord to Bucureşti Nord reopened after after almost 19 years on 1 June 2024. All trains run via Bucureşti Progresu. The line is expected to close again in 2026 for further upgrading works including electrification.

Valid from 11 February 2024 the timetable PDF for Sânnicolau Mare – Cenad shows the trains on this section as cancelled.

The two train pairs of the Rakhiv (Ukraine) to Valea Viseului service were cancelled on 28 May 2023

From 17 January 2023 a cross border passenger service started from Rakhiv (Ukraine) to Valea Viseului (Romania) with 2 daily pairs.

The 11 December 2022 timetable change saw CFR Călători withdraw the service between Lovrin and Nerau.

From 19 September 2022 the line from Brașov to Întorsura Buzăului reopened after four years closure due to a bridge being washed away.

In May 2022 a tender was announced for the rehabilitation of the 1520 mm gauge line within the port of Galați. Work started on 6 June and the line reopened on 7 July. This will enable UZ wagons carrying urgently needed grain to discharge directly at the port, rather than having to trans-ship to sg wagons en route.

From 12 December 2021 trains on line 700 (București Nord - Urziceni) have run via Chitila and P.Mac. R1 Buciumeni to Mogoșoaia. The direct line from Mogoșoaia to București Nord is used only by trains to/from Aeroportul Internațional Henri Coandă. It is intended to double track the long single line section between Mogoșoaia and hm Pajura. Also from this date the service from Ineu to Cermei was withdrawn.

With effect from 12 December 2021 passenger trains Timișoara Nord - Sânandrei - Periam - Lovrin have been taken over by CFR after CFR Călători withdrew. Also on this date CFR started a service between Oravița and Anina with a single train pair.

Information from just before the December 2021 timetable change is that the following lines would close; CFR Calatori closures Caracal - Corabia, Santana - Brad and Regio Calatori closures Ineu - Cermei. However Santana to Brad survived into the 2021-22 timetable and a three train pair service resumed on 25 January 2022 between Corabia and Caracal.

The 'Friendship train' between Bucuresti and Chișinău (Moldova) stopped running in March 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. Trains started operation again in November 2021.

On 8 August 2021 the final 42 km of the Blaj to Praid branch was withdrawn, and trains now run only to Bălăușeri.

On 01 January 2021 Regio Călători ceased to run passenger trains between Ineu and Brad, but CFR took over from 11 January 2021.

In February 2020 the Coronavirus crisis led to a considerable reduction in services, with at least one route amended to include previously non-passenger track. A two train pair service was introduced Cacica <=> Câmpulung Moldovenesc running direct Suceava Nord <=> Suceava Vest.

The new 2.95 km branch linking Aeroportul Internațional Henri Coandă to the Urziceni to București Nord railway opened 13 December 2020.

CFR Călători gave up operations on the Târgoviște to Pietroșița branch from 15 December 2019 after which only Transferoviar Călători services ran, but only as far as Fieni. From 1 January 2021 it is expected that these will be extended to Pietroșița again.

A new 3.2km deviation including a 780 m tunnel opened near Turdaş (east of Simeria) with traffic starting 29 October 2019

Changes in the 2019-2020 Timetable

  • Table 923 Berzovia - Oravița has lost its service again leaving Oravița - Anina isolated.
  • Table 315 Holod - Vașcău runs until 31 December 2019
  • Table 316 Ciumeghiu - Holod runs until 31 December 2019
  • Table 406 Bistrița Nord - Bistrița Bârgăului was rumoured for closure but the printed and on-line timetable is for the full 2019-2020 period.
  • Table 908 Roșiori Nord - Turnu Măgurele lost its service. Last train 14 December 2019
  • Table 904 Fieni - Pietroșița lost its service. Last train 14 December 2019

Transferoviar Călători S.R.L withdrew services from 907 Roșiori Nord - Costeşti on 19 May 2019, having reopened it on 11 July 2017 after work to increase the speed limit.

RegioTrans were advising 403 Brasov - Intorsura Buzaului was suspended "until further notice" but the line has not appeared in Timetables since 2017/18 and has had no service since a substantial River bridge collapsed at Budila on 30 June 2018.

Softrans withdrew their Craiova to Motru service from 1 April 2018 due to low passenger numbers

Having been reinstated from the start of the 2016/17 timetable, Slobozia Veche to Tandarei services were suspended from the start of the 2017/18 timetable, despite appearing in the paper timetable. They do not appear in the 2018-19 timetable.

Berzovia to Oravița reopened on 1 October 2017 but closed later.

Tables E and 922: The service between Stamora Moravița and Vršac (Serbia) was withdrawn from 1 August 2017, thereby ending all passenger services between the two countries.

The branch line from Ilva Mica to Rodna Veche reopened 1 August 2017 but closed again 10 December 2017.

Following the collapse of Regiotrans a number of lines lost their service. Some have been reinstated, others taken over by CFR. Yet others have closed subsequently. The following lines have no service in the 2016/17 timetable and can be considered closed. 205 Băbeni - Alunu, 309 Oradea - Băile Felix, 313 Nadab - Graniceri, 417 Satu Mare - Bixad, 418 Rodna Veche - Ilva Mică, 510 Fălticeni - Dolhasca, 512 Dorohoi - Leorda, 916a Buziaș - Jamu Mare, 920 Jebel - Leibling, 921 Jebel- Giera, 923 Berzovia - Oravița, 924 Oravița - Iam, 927 Cărpiniș - Ionel, 928 Jimbolia - Lovrin.

Tanderei to Slobozia Veche has been reinstated again from the start of the 2016/17 timetable but Urziceni - Făurei has closed with București to Galați through trains diverted via Ploiești Sud and Buzău.

Introduction was announced for February 2017 of a frequent service over the western section of the Bucureşti ring line between Bucureşti Nord and Progresul. This would later be extended over the eastern section to Pantelimon on the main line to Constanța. The second phase of this project, after 2017, would link Preciziei and Berceni metro stations, although it is unclear what form this line would take. As yet this service has yet to commence.

Approximately 10km of new line is to be built just west of Sighişoara towards Daneş on the Buchareşti- Budapest main line to eliminate a speed restricting curved section.

Probably from 1 July 2015 the direct route from Mogosoaia to Bucuresti was closed due to a problem with a bridge, and trains from/to Urziceni diverted via the former freight line connecting to the Ploiești line and thence via Chitila to Bucuresti. It is possible that this is now considered to be the 'normal' route.

The following services ended with the start of the 2014-2015 timetable 309 Oradea - Băile Felix, 205 Băbeni- Alunu.

The Service from Reșița Nord to Reșița Sud, closed since December 2012, reopened 14 December 2014.

Two pairs of local services between Craiova and Vidin in Bulgaria commenced on 10 May 2014 but were replaced by just a pair of Sofia - Budapest long distance services from the December 2014 timetable change operated by a BDZ Diesel loco to/from Golenti despite over the bridge being electrified. This was later withdrawn and replaced by a pair of CFR operated local services. The combined road/rail bridge now named the "New Europe Bridge", was ceremonially opened to traffic on 14 June 2013.

From 26 June 2013 services recommenced on 513 Gura Humorului – Dărmăneşti, 515 Dorneşti – Putna, 516 Dornişoara – Floreni and 604 Crasna – Huşi, several months after CFR decided it no longer wanted them. Feteşti - Slobozia Veche closed on 21 June 2013.

In February 2013 it was reported that the 3km section from Baile Felix to Cordău (at the end of the Oradea to Baile Felix line) had lost its service.

Reopening of the Oradea to Cheresig line (table 334) is expected in summer 2013, despite it already being in the CFR timetable.

507 Mărășești - Panciu closed 2 Jan 2012

The 2012-2013 timetable saw the following services withdrawn: 603 Bârlad - Fălciu Nord, 803 Medgidia - Negru Vodă and 902 Giurgiu – Grădiştea Hm (closed April 2013)

In recent years the following lines have closed:- 514 Vama - Modovita, 913 Golenti - Polana Mare.

Table 917 (Caransebes to Bouţari Hm) closed at short notice from 31 December 2012. Table 513 (Suceava - Dărmăneşti - Cacica - Paltinoasa -[Gura Humorului]) has been re-instated after flood damage. Two return services were introduced between Cacica and Păltinoasa and Gura Humorului at some point in the summer of 2012, but do not appear in the 2012-2013 timetable. Table 603 (Barlad - Falciu Nord) was observed in Februray 2013 to have lost its service at an unknown date. Services were thought to have been withdrawn between Reşiţa Sud and Reşiţa Nord from 9 December 2012 as Reşiţa Sud is not shown in the CFR timetable book in either of tables 915 or 922a; however, the journey planner shows the existence of a train.

Table 801 Bucuresti - Oltenita: Private Operator TFG took over from March 2012 but only for Titan Sud to Oltenita, so the eastern section of the Bucuresti ring lost its one train pair a day from Bucuresti Obor to Titan Sud. The following lines lost their services at some point in the 2011-2012 timetable period: 302 Ploiesti Sud - Targoviste, 515 Dornesti - Putna, 516 Floreni - Dornisoara, 606 Crasna - Husi and 914 Strehaia - Motru.

The cross border line from Fălciu Hm to Prut II (Moldova) was not in the 2011-2012 timetable. This service is believed to have operated Friday and weekends only for at least part of 2011. The Simeria avoiding line lost its two train pairs from the start of the 2011-2012 timetable.

The Ploieşti Sud to Poiana Slănic service ( table 306) was extended 10km to Slănic from 21st June 2011.

Passenger services on the Apahida avoiding line ended with the start of the 2010-2011 timetable.

The Oradea to Baile Felix branch re-opened in 2010 and was then extended by 3km to Cordău, probably from 12th August 2010

Table 513 [Suceava] – Darmaneşti – Cacica has re-opened after repair of flood damage. On line 306 the final 10km from Poiana Slănic to Slănic re-opened on 21st June 2011 Vama – Moldovita hcv closed in 2010 after flood damage. The following line has reopened 316 Holod - Vaşcău The Simeria avoiding line lost its two train pairs from the start of the 2011-2012 timetable. The border crossing at Kardam (BDŽ) / Negru Vodă (CFR) carried passenger trains between 15 June and 9 August 2009 after some years of closure but there have been no trains in the timetable since then.

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