Romania - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable dated from 10 December 2023 to 14 December 2024, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova) by M.G. Ball.

Obscure services

Teiuş avoiding line: Mihalţ – Coşlariu

[200A,300] (ERA-E 108A2; ERA-R 239C4) RO24/1

This east <=> west curve avoiding Teiuş is used by through trains shown on Table 200A with no timing at Teiuş. There are two trains in the 2023-24 timetable.

346 Bucureşti Nord - 21:15 Blaj - Wien Hbf
347 Wien Hbf - 08:00 Alba Iulia - Bucureşti Nord

Săcueni Bihor avoiding line: Târguşor Bihor (Ram. Diosig) – Cadia (Ram. Târguşor Bihor)

[402,413] (ERA-E 107C4; ERA-R 234A2) RO24/2

CFR took over this line from 14 January 2019. Trains in the current timetable run Săcueni Bihor <=> Sărmășag, so there is no use in 2022-23 of the curve which was used by trains from Oradea to Sărmășag to avoid reversal at Săcueni Bihor. There is no usage in the 2023-24 timetable. If this continues in 2024-25 the entry will be deleted.

Mărăşeşti avoiding line: Putna Seacă (Mărăşeşti Ram. Putna) – Gral. Eremia Grigorescu (Mărăşeşti Ram. Gral. Eremia Grigorescu)

[500,704] (ERA-E 109A2; ERA-R 241B4) RO24/3

This south to east curve is used by through trains between Bucureşti and the Tecuci line, shown on table 500 with destination Iaşi but no time at Mărăşeşti, and on table 704 with destination Bucureşti but no time at Mărăşeşti.

1667 Bucureşti Nord - 02:04 Focşani - Iaşi
Note A 1661 Bucureşti Nord - 09:47 Focşani - Iaşi
1663 Bucureşti Nord - 15:00 Focşani - Iaşi
1668 Iaşi – 01:34 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
Note A 1660 Iaşi – 09:08 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
1662 Iaşi – 17:08 Tecuci - Bucureşti Nord
Note A:- Not 29 December 2023, 1 January, 5 May and 23 June 2024

Paşcani avoiding line: Paşcani triaj – Ruginoasa

[500,606] (ERA-E 109A4; ERA-R 236B2) RO24/4

This south to east curve linking the Buzău and Iaşi lines is used by through trains shown in Table 606 with no timings at Paşcani and in Table 500 with a vertical line or timing at Paşcani triaj and a blank at Paşcani.

402 Bucureşti Nord - 00:30 Roman - Iaşi/Chișinău
1543 Brașov – 18:08 Roman - Iaşi
401 Chișinău/Iaşi - 00:08 Târgu Frumos - Bucureşti Nord
1541 Iaşi - 07:13 Târgu Frumos - Brașov
Note A FO 1851 Iaşi - Târgu Frumos - Piatra Neamț

Note A:- 12 January to 14 June 2024 and 4 October to 13 December 2024

(Suceava –) Cacica – Gura Humorului

[502, 513] (ERA-E 108C4; ERA-R 235C3) RO24/5

Table 513 Suceava - Dărmăneşti - Cacica - Paltinoasa (- Gura Humorului) forms an alternative route to line 502 between Suceava and Gura Humorului. There are no trains in the current timetable.

Tecuci avoiding line: Cosmeşti – Tecuci Nord

[600,704] (ERA-E 109A2-B2; ERA-R 241C4) RO24/6

This west to north curve avoiding Tecuci station is used by trains between Mărăşeşti and Bârlad with no time shown at Tecuci.

11062 Iaşi - 06:31 Barlad - București Nord
11064 Iaşi - 17:18 Barlad - București Nord
1664 Iaşi - 17:58 Tecuci Nord hc. – București Nord
11063 București Nord - 11:30 Mărășești - Iaşi
11065 București Nord - 17:50 Mărășești - Iaşi
1665 București Nord - 19:44 Mărășești - Iaşi

Pantelimon – Bucureşti Obor

[800] (ERA-E 111A5; ERA-R 246C4) RO24/7

Express services on the Constanţa line run to/from Bucureşti Nord whereas local services run to/from Bucureşti Obor, which lies at the end of a branch running SW from a triangular junction at Pantelimon. A few local trains run between Bucureşti Nord and Bucureşti Obor but they reverse at Pantelimon station (which lies at the east end of the triangle) and hence do not traverse the W <=> S curve.

Bucureşti Baneasa - Ram. Pajura - Pajura Hm. (700) – Chitila)

[300/800/900] (ERA-E 110C5-111A5; ERA-R 246B4) RO24/8

This route avoiding Bucureşti Gara de Nord is used by seasonal services between the Brașov line and the Black Sea coast, calling at Bucureşti Baneasa instead of Bucureşti Nord.

Note 1 1941 Satu Mare – 03:13 Ploiești Vest - Constanta
Note 2 11084/11080 Brașov – 09:21 Ploiești Vest – Constanta/Mangalia
Note 2 11086/11088 Mangalia/Constanta – 17:55 Bucureşti Baneasa - Brașov
Note 3 1942 Constanta - 20:07 Bucureşti Baneasa – Satu Mare

Note 1: 14/15 June to 7/8 September 2024
Note 2: 27 April to 15 September 2023
Note 3: 15/16 June to 8/9 September 2024

Bucureşti Baneasa – Ram Pajura – Buc. Triaj Post 17 – Bucureşti Noi Gr.C. – Chiajna

[800/900] (ERA-E 111A5; ERA-R 246B4) RO24/9

This route avoiding Bucureşti Gara de Nord is used by seasonal services between the Videle line and the Black Sea coast, calling at Bucureşti Baneasa instead of Bucureşti Nord.

Note 1 1992 Timișoara Nord - 03:47 Videle - Mangalia
Note 2 1990 Constanta - 00:13 Bucureşti Baneasa – Timișoara Nord

Note 1: 14/15 June to 7/8 September 2024
Note 2: 15/16 June to 8/9 September 2024

Click on the thumbnail to view the map

Ronat Triaj: Timișoara Nord – Ronat triaj Cab 1 h – Ronat Triaj Gr.D – Sânandrei Hm.

[310] (ERA-E 107B2; ERA-R 238B3) RO24/10

Ronat Triaj is the large yard north of Timișoara on the line to Arad. Trains may be routed through the yard when engineering work closes the main line or for the benefit of railway workers. There is one train which appears to use this route in the 2023-2024 timetable. Confirmation would be welcomed by the compilers

3113 04:02 Timișoara Nord - Oradea

Palas – Post Medeea – Constanta P2 – Constanţa

[800] (ERA-E 111C5; ERA-R 246A5) RO24/11

This line diverges at Palas and allows access to the southern end of Constanţa station. Although there would appear to be no reason why any train should not use this route, in practice only some summer only through trains between Bucuresţi (or beyond) and Mangalia seem to use it.

The draft timetable for 2022-23 showed the following trains using the obscure route, comparable to previous years. No information is available for the 2023-24 period, but similar trains and timings may be expected.

Note 1 1912 Sibiu – 05:38 Medgidia - Mangalia
Note 2 1941 Satu Mare - 06:13 Medgidia - Mangalia
Note 1 1992 Timișoara Nord – 06:36 Medgidia – Mangalia
Note 2 1932 Oradea - 07:13 Medgidia - Mangalia
Note 2 1922 Arad – 08:14 Medgidia – Mangalia

Note 1: 16/17 June 2023 to 09/10 September 2023
Note 2: 27/28 April to 30 April/01 May 2023 and 16/17 June 2023 to 09/10 September 2023

Railway Map of Constanţa area:


Făurei avoiding line: Gâiseanca Hc – Cireşu Hm

[700,702] (ERA-E 109A1-B1; ERA-R 241B2) RO24/12

This southeast to northeast curve connects the Făurei to Galati and Făurei to Feteşti lines and is used by two seasonal train pairs.

Note 1 1972 Constanţa – 20:27 Tandarei - Galați
Note 2 1960 Constanta - 23:53 Tandarei - Iași
Note 3 1962 Iași - 02:30 Ianca - Constanta
Note 1 R1970 Galați - 06:45 Ianca hc. - Constanţa

Note 1: 15 June to 8 September 2024
Note 2: 1/2 May to 6/7 May 2024 and 15/16 June to 08/09 September 2024 Note 3: 30 April/1 May to 05/06 May 2024 and 14/15 June to 7/8 September 2024

Lunca Budieni to Copăcioasa "double track" section

[202] (ERA-E 108A1; ERA-R 239C2) RO24/13

Although shown on CFR schematics as double track, the section between Lunca Budieni and Copăcioasa is actually two single lines, each over 5km long and up to 1200 metres apart. Budieni halt is located on the more southerly line. Trains calling at Budieni take the southern route and all fast services between Târgu Jiu and Filiaşi and v.v. (not calling at Budieni) take the northern route. Note however that in the event of late running meaning local trains would have to cross on the southern line, one will be diverted via the northern line with (presumably) a call at the former northern platform at Lunca Budieni. This was observed in 2022.


Brașov Triaj: Brașov – Brașov Triaj - Hărman

[400] (ERA-E 108C2; ERA-R 240C3) RO24/14

Brașov Triaj is a large yard east of Brașov on a loop off the Brașov - Sfântu Gheorghe line. Local trains call at Pav. CFR Brașov Triaj h., which is on the main line, but if this stop is omitted it may mean that the train is diverted through the Triaj, which is up to 1.4km away from the main line. Local engineering notices or screens showing the train numbers below are probably the best guide to use.

Note A 14245 11:10 Brașov - Întorsura Buzăului
Note B 13503 12:42 Brașov - Gheorgheni
Note C 14244 Întorsura Buzăului - 09:58 Harman - Brașov

Note A:- This train runs instead of train 11393 when engineering works close the main line past the yard.
Note B: This train runs instead of train 4509 when engineering works close the main line past the yard.
Note C:- This train runs instead of train 11392 when engineering works close the main line past the yard

Sibiu Triaj: – Mohu - Sibiu Gr. Șelimbăr Hm. - Atelier Zona h. - Sibiu

(ERA-E 108B2; ERA-R 240A3) RO24/15

Line 200 is double track as it approaches Sibiu from Podu Olt, but a connection allows all trains to take the southernmost track from Sibiu Gr. Șelimbăr Hm. to Atelier Zona h., and this bypasses Sibiu Triaj h. However, to avoid conflicts on this single line section, there is an alternative route through Sibiu Triaj used by the following services in 2023-2024.

Note 1 13012 05:20 Sibiu - Craiova
2102 11:55 Sibiu - Brașov
2514 15:22 Sibiu - Fagaras
13501 Brașov - 09:29 Sibiu Gr. Selimbar - Sibiu

Note 1: Runs instead of Train 2012 in the event of engineering work on the main line by the yard.

Suceava avoiding line: Suceava Nord to Suceava Vest

(ERA-E 108C4; ERA-R 236A3) RO24/16

This curve allows trains from the Dărmănești line to proceed directly to the Gura Humorului line without calling at Suceava main station.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

From February 2020 it saw use during the start of the Covid pandemic for a two train pair service Cacica <=> Câmpulung Moldovenesc, but this ended at some point in 2020. A new train pair using the curve was introduced from the start of the 2021-22 timetable, but there are no services in the 2023-24 timetable..

Pitești avoiding line: Bradu de Sus - Golești

(ERA-E 108C1; ERA-R 240B1) RO24/17

This curve allows trains from the Piatra Olt line to proceed directly towards București without a reversal at Pitești. It may also be used when either of the two passenger curves into Pitești are blocked for engineering works. It was in use for the week commencing 14 March 2022 by trains from Piatra Olt, which reversed at Golesti to reach Pitești.

There is no known use in the 2023-24 timetable period

Simeria: Eastern loop line

(ERA-E 108A2 Not shown; ERA-R 239B3/4) RO24/18

This approximately 4km-long freight loop line east of Simeria provides an alternative route between Simeria and Simeria Triaj.

Due to building works in Simeria station and removal of part of the direct curve to Simeria Triaj, all trains Simeria <=> Simeria Triaj must run by the eastern loop line taking at least 12 minutes rather than the usual 6-7 minutes. This diversion continues in the 2023-24 timetable period with journey times of 16 minutes northbound and 13 minutes southbound. Check for the extended journey time to see if the diversion is still in operation.

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

B Golenţi - Vidin Patnichesca (Bulgaria)
A3 Salonta - Kotegyan (Hungary)
500 Dorneşti - Vicşani - Vadu Siret (Ukraine) The service was withdrawn in 2020 due to COVID-19 and has not as yet been reinstated
103 Giurgiu Nord - Ruse (Bulgaria)
Carei – Mateszalka (Hungary) MAV service. No service from Carei to Tiborszállás from 10 December 2023. Due to construction work?
A4 Valea de Mihai - Nyírábrány (Hungary)
Valea Viseului - Rakhiv (Ukraine) Suspended
105 Golești - Parcul Krețulescu
112 Golenți - Calafat
125 Oravița - Anina Only one train pair.
212 Margina - Ilia
216 Sânnicolau Mare - Vălcani
218 Sânnicolau Mare - Cenad
302 Ploiești Vest - Târgoviște Only one train pair
317 Gurahont - Brad
409 Salva - Viseu de Jos
413 Săcuieni Bihor - Marghita
509 Piatra Neamt - Bicaz

Deletions since last edition

213 Giarmata - Remetea Mica Five train pair service now.

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