Serbia - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the what train information is available from 11 December 2022, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained here. Days of the week are shown in ISO8601 form. Services on some routes were reduced in 2021-22 due to infrastructure works.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series: Book 3) by M.G. Ball.

Obscure services

Golubinci - Inđija

[10, 30] (ERA-E 102C2; ERA-R 222B5) RS24/1

This curve connects the Beograd - Šid and Beograd - Novi Sad lines. There are no trains on this section at present.

Niš ranžirna

Niš ranžirna is a freight yard to the west of Niš, and is connected to both the Niš - Beograd and Niš - Skopje lines via triangular junctions. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Niš – Niš ranžirna – Crveni Krst

[91] (ERA-E 103B4; ERA-R 223A1) RS24/2A

Staff trains run from Niš via the east to north curve off the Skopje line, call at the freight yard station at Niš ranžirna (where they wait for 15 minutes and change train number), then run via the south to east curve to Crveni Krst and back to Niš, performing a clockwise loop. Though these trains are clearly intended for members of staff, no objection has been raised to other passengers using them in the past. It was confirmed in October 2018 that the staff trains still run, but are not advertised. Use by passengers has therefore ceased or is unofficial. Reports of recent operations would be welcomed by the compilers.

The most recent timings available are:

6300/6301 06:40 Niš - Niš ranžirna - Niš
6202/6303 14:40 Niš - Niš ranžirna - Niš
6304/6305 18:40 Niš - Niš ranžirna - Niš

Niš – Niš ranžirna – Trupale

(ERA-E 103B4; ERA-R 223A1) RS24/2B

The Optima Express car carrying train runs via this route to avoid reversing the train in Niš station. The train runs once or twice per week in each direction between Villach (Austria) and Edirne (Turkey), between May and November. Foot passenger bookings may also be made.
This obscure route has been used in previous years and is expected to continue in 2023-24. Confirmation would be welcomed by the compilers.

Požega avoiding line: Rasna – Boračko

[50, 73] (ERA 222B2) RS24/3

This is a south to east curve avoiding Požega station. When engineering operations close the direct route via Vreoci and Valjevo, this curve is used by diverted, usually overnight, trains between Beograd and Bar.

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday:

12 Šabac – Zvornik Two train pairs daily
20 Sombor - Subotica Two train pairs
25 Vrbas - Sombor Service suspended
31 Novi Sad - Orlovat stajalište Service suspended
40 Pančevo Glavna st. - Zrenjanin Service suspended
60 Lapovo - Kraljevo One train pair daily, one train pair SSuX
60 Kraljevo - Rudnica Two train pairs daily
60 Rudnica - Kosovska Mitrovica Sever Service suspended
71 Mala Krsna - Velika Plana Service suspended
73 Kraljevo - Stalać Two train pairs daily
75 Niš - Zaječar Two train pairs daily
75 Negotin - Prahovo pristanište Two train pairs daily
80 Niš - Bela Palanka - Pirot - Dimitrovgrad Service suspended
85 Niš - Kuršumlija - Prokuplje - Merdare Service suspended and removed from journey planner list of stations
90 Niš - Preševo Service suspended and removed from journey planner list of stations
A Subotica - Kelebia (Hungary) No timetable information found so service may be suspended.
B, 10 Šid - Tovarnik (Croatia) Service suspended
C Bogojevo - Erdut (Croatia) Service suspended
D Dimitrovgrad - Kalotina Zapad (Bulgaria) Service suspended
E Preševo - Tabanovci (North Macedonia) No service since 1 October 2018. See Border Crossings: North Macedonia - Serbia.
G, 50 Prijepolje Teretna - Bijelo Polje (Montenegro) One train pair all year, second train pair 14 June to 15 September 2024

Deletions since previous edition

54 Beograd Rasp. Dedinje - Beograd Rasp. Karađorđev Park
From 2021/2022 it had a good suburban service.
70 Paraćin - Gilje (Rasputnica Ćuprija) via 2015 new cut-off avoiding Ćuprija station
Since the December 2017 timetable and according to the journey planner in January 2023 all services are booked to call at Ćuprija, so this line has no service.

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