Greece - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 timetables, unless otherwise stated, as OSE changes timetables when required. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

MAJOR SERVICE DISRUPTION:. On 18 September 2020 severe rainfall caused floods and landslides to block the “new” line between Lianokladi and Larissa. The damage is reported to be severe, with no estimate available for reopening. Rail replacement buses are in place Lianokladi to Larissa.

Obscure services

Services on the Peloponnese peninsula

Most, if not all, of the metre gauge services on the Peloponnese peninsula were withdrawn during the financial crisis in 2010. However the following routes do currently carry a service:-

  • Patra Suburban Railway Hourly from Agios Andreas - Patra - Pio-Rio [Rio - Agios Vasileios suspended from 15 May 2018 for infrastructure works] and with effect from 29 February 2020, five pairs a day continuing from Agios Andreas 30km to Kato Achaia
  • Katakolo - Pyrgos - Olympia Katakolo - Pyrgos - Alfios - Olympia, limited service is greatly enhanced when Cruise Ships are docked at Katakolo with in 2020, details of those enhanced services are shown but asterisked.

In 2017 TrainOSE were refusing to run enthusiast specials on the metre gauge system due to condition of the infrastructure. Any changes to this policy may appear in the Tourism & Culture section of the TrainOSE website].

Thessaloniki avoiding line: Axios - Gefira

(62B3; ERA1 105A3) GR20/1

Owing to damage following heavy rainfall in winter 2014/15, the Gallikos river bridge on the Thessaloniki - Idomeni line was closed. On repair passenger trains were banned and freights can only pass at very low speeds so when they ran, international passenger trains 334 and 335 to/from Skopje and Beograd were diverted via this alternative route. See the Idomeni cross border entry for the up to date situation but as at December 2019, GR20/1 has no booked passenger use.

Tithorea - Lianokladi via old main line

(66A3; ERA1 105A4-B4) GR20/2

Since the new main line between Tithorea and Lianokladi was opened in about April 2018, a local service was introduced from 17 July 2018 via the old line, calling at intermediate stations.

1521 06:24 Lianokladi - Athens
SuO 3523 15:24 Lianokladi - Athens
SuO 3522 Athens - 12:22 Tithorea - Lianokladi
1520 Athens - 21:22 Tithorea - Lianokladi

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally) - fewer than five trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

Thessaloniki – Idomeni – Gevgelija (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) Suspended since 21 August 2015. A service was reinstated from 1 June to 1 October 2018 but with the cross-border section by bus.
Strymon – Kulata (Bulgaria) The cross-border section may be by bus.
Thessaloniki – Alexandroupolis – Dikaia – Ormenio
Edessa – Florina
Olympia - Pyrgos - Katakolo
Diakopto – Kalavryta

Deletions since the previous edition

Tithorea - Lianokladi via Bralos Now an Obscure Service

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