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Bratislava - Rail Route Diagram and historical notes

Key to Map

  • Black solid lines and filled circles: routes and stations open to passenger traffic;
  • Red solid lines and filled circles: routes and stations open to freight traffic only;
  • Dotted red lines and open circles: routes and stations closed to all traffic;
  • Odb. = Odbočka = junction.

Not all stations and routes shown.

Historical Notes

  • Bratislava original station - Svätý Jur opened as horse railway 27/9/1840 (extended to Trnava 3/6/1846).
  • Bratislava hlavná stanica - Devínská Nová Ves - Marchegg (- Wien) opened 20/8/1848.
  • Bratislava hlavná stanica - Vajnory - Galanta opened 16/12/1850.
  • Bratislava hlavná stanica/predmestie - Vinohrady - Trnava converted to standard gauge 1/5/1873.
  • (Wien -) Parndorf - Bratislava-Petržalka - Bratislava-Nové Mesto - predmestie opened 1873.
  • Bratislava-Nové Mesto - Dunajská Streda opened 23/8/1895 (extended to Komárno 1711/1896).
  • Devínská Nová Ves - Kúty opened 27/10/1891.
  • Bratislava-Petržalka - Hegyeshalom opened 9/11/1891.
  • Bratislava-Nové Mesto new station built 1962, along with new connections from Komárno, Petržalka (via UNS), predmestie and hlavná stanica; old routes into original Nové Mesto station closed at this time (except from Filiálka); original Nové Mesto station renamed Nivy, later closed completely.
  • Bratislava-Petržalka - Kittsee closed (? date not known), re-opened 20/8/1998 although did not see full service until May 1999.

Details taken from various sources; if anyone spots a mistake please let me know!

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