Border Crossings: Croatia - Slovenia

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Note: The Croatian and Slovenian railways were once part of the JŽ Yugoslav railways and have largely common operating systems. The two different electrification systems originate from Slovenia and part of Croatia having been Italian territory until 1945. Accordingly, FS 3kV dc electrification had reached Postojna and Rijeka by 1939. This system was used for further schemes in the area, despite 25kV being adopted as the Yugoslav standard.

(Lupoglav -) Buzet HŽ - Rakitovec SŽ (- Prešnica)

[D] SŽ normally works to Buzet. In the summer a cross border working runs through to Pula - some of the time from/to Ljubljana and at other times as a connection at Hrpelje-Kozina. See Slovenia route Rakitovec - Buzet (Croatia).

(Rijeka -) Šapjane HŽ - Ilirska Bistrica SŽ (- Pivka)

[E] SŽ works to Šapjane. There are no longer any trains starting or terminating at Ilirska Bistrica, which were worked by HŽ throughout. two train pairs daily in the 2021-2022 timetable.

(Karlovac -) Kamanje - Bubnjarci HŽ - Rosalnice SŽ (- Metlika)

[D] HŽ works to Metlika. The service was withdrawn on 9 December 2012 but reinstated on 15 December 2013. The cross-border service was limited and did not call at Rosalnice. Although Kamanje is shown in the HŽ timetable as the border station, Croatian immigration formalities took place at Bubnjarci with Slovenian immigration formalities taking place at Metlika. HŽ suspended the cross border service between 16 March and 22 June 2020 due to Covid travel restrictions but then services were withdrawn from 05 April 2021 and trains from Karlovac now run only as far as Bubnjarci.

(Zagreb -) Savski Marof HŽ - Dobova SŽ (- Zidani Most)

[E*] HŽ works to Dobova. The change in electrification system here pre-dates the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.

(Savski Marof -) Harmica HŽ - Kumrovec HŽ - Imeno SŽ (- Stranje)

[D] There was a passenger service between Zagreb and Celje via this line, in most cases with a change of train at Kumrovec. As a consequence of the break up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s the new border between Croatia and Slovenia crossed this line no fewer than 27 times between Harmica and Imeno, and Kumrovec was established as the new border station. Due to lingering disputes in the area the infrastructure deteriorated and the section between Kumrovec and Imeno closed in 1998, with the remainder of the line between Kumrovec and Savski Marof closing in June 2001. Passenger services restarted between Savski Marof and Harmica (wholly within Croatia) in June 2008. The railway authorities and local politicians have subsequently expressed strong interest in reopening the line through to Imeno but the national governments have so far declined to pursue this.

(Zabok -) Đurmanec HŽ - Sveti Rok ob Sotli SŽ (- Rogatec - Stranje)

[D] SŽ works to Đurmanec. The cross-border section closed in 1994 owing to the poor condition of the infrastructure and the problems of managing the border crossing following independence and, at least in part, was probably lifted. The line has now reopened and passenger services resumed on 14 December 2014.

Note that a short industrial branch from Rogatec station crosses the river into Croatia.

(Čakovec -) Macinec HŽ - Središče SŽ (- Ormož)

[D] SŽ works to Čakovec. The cross-border Macinec to Središče section closed to passenger services from 11 December 2010 but reopened on 14 December 2014. The border station on the Croatian side is Čakovec and passenger services crossing the border run non-stop between there and Središče.

(Čakovec -) Mursko Središće HŽ - Lendava SŽ

[D] This isolated section within Slovenia is worked by HŽ. The passenger service between Mursko Središće and Lendava was withdrawn subsequent to the break up of Yugoslavia but reinstated from 14 December 2014. HŽ suspended the cross border service from 16 March 2020 due to Covid travel restrictions and trains from Čakovec ran only as far as Mursko Središće. Services were reinstated in December 2023 with two pairs of trains running Mondays to Fridays and one pair on Saturdays.

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