Border Crossings: Italy - Slovenia

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Gorizia Centrale FS - Vrtojba SŽ (- Nova Gorica)

[D] FS works to Nova Gorica. Freight only.

(Trieste -) Villa Opicina FS - Kreplje SŽ (- Nova Gorica)

[D] Freight only but clearly no traffic at as June 2019. This line is probably used only rarely, if the line via Sežana is blocked. SŽ works to Villa Opicina.

(Trieste -) Villa Opicina FS - Sezana SŽ (- Ljubljana)

[E] SŽ works to Villa Opicina. Five pairs of local SŽ trains between Sežana and Villa Opicina were reinstated on 5 January 2015 replacing substitute bus services, following approval for the 312 'Desiro' units by the Italian authorities. All were apparently withdrawn from 4 September 2023 leaving just the two daily FS Ljubljana - Trieste - Udine EMU pairs that commenced from 9 September 2018 and a Wien - Trieste EC that commenced in 2021. The one passenger train night pair which previously ran direct from Venezia via Villa Opicina had ceased on 11 December 2011.

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