Border Crossings: Austria - Slovenia

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(Spielfeld-Straß -) Bad Radkersburg ÖBB - Gornja Radgona SŽ (- Ljutomer)

The bridge over the river Mur was destroyed on April 12 1945. Despite a January 2016 Steiermark region and Slovenian authorities funding agreement for rebuilding [albeit requiring co-funding from the Austrian government and the EU cohesion fund], the scheme has since been dropped.

(Graz -) Spielfeld-Straß ÖBB - Šentilj SŽ (- Maribor)

[E*] SŽ works to Spielfeld Straß. Though there are switchable tracks here, they do not seem to be used as such, with the locomotives of incoming hauled trains being shunted back to their own end of the station.

(St. Paul - Lavamünd ÖBB -) Rabenstein - Dravograd SŽ

Line closed May 29 1965

(Klagenfurt -) Bleiburg ÖBB - Holmec SŽ (- Dravograd)

[D] SŽ diesel railcars work to Bleiburg.

(Villach -) Rosenbach ÖBB - Jesenice SŽ (- Ljubljana)

[E*] The change in electrification is at the midpoint of Jesenice station. The locomotives of incoming hauled trains are shunted back to their own end of the station. ÖBB works to Jesenice, with DB electric locomotives on some trains. International trains now call at Faak am See rather than Rosenbach.

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