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Country Name

Slovenia (Republika Slovenija)

National railway system

National Railway Operator

Slovenske Železnice (). This is essentially the former JŽ Ljubljana Division, less lines in Istria that are now in Croatia.





UIC code

numeric 79; alpha SLO.


Journey Planner

There does not appear to be a dedicated journey planner page. The feature is visible at the top of the "passenger traffic" page when "Iskalnik voznih redov" is turned on. None of these pages appear to have English language versions.

Downloadable Timetable

Web page only in Slovene. PDF Timetables by route

Printed Timetable

Vozni Red. This includes introductory material in German and French. Some non-standard symbols are used to indicate days of the week on which trains run.

Engineering Information

Engineering information can be found (in Slovene only) on Help for users and traffic conditions by scrolling down past the section on "Zamude" (i.e. Delays) to "Nadomestni prevozi in ovire" (i.e. Alternative transportation and obstacles).

Bus Information

APT Gorizia (Azienda Provinciale Trasporti) operates a municipal service route 1 between Gorizia Centrale station and Piazza Transalpina (Nova Gorica station).


Printed Maps

Web-based Maps


Higher fares are charged for travel on express trains (Intercity Slovenija, Eurocity, Intercity or Mednarodni), but by West European standards all fares are inexpensive. There is no known network ticket.


Infrastructure Authority

SŽ-Infrastruktura Only in Slovene.

SŽ appears to act as its own infrastructure authority

Network Statement

The latest Network Statement _only in Slovene) appears to be stored here Network Statement

In Addition to the main document, PROGRAM OMREŽJA 2024, some of the the appendices contain useful information

Priloga 2A contains technical data (names, km distances, &c) for each line segment

Priloga 2B contains km distances for stations on line segments

Priloga 2C contains track maps of stations &c

Priloga 2E appears to contain ruling gradients for line segemnts




3 kV dc. Electrification of Pragersko - Hodoš, on the Hungarian border, was completed and opened in June 2016.

Rule of the road

Left, except between Zidani Most and Dobova/Savski Marof.


Detailed distances can be found in the following:

Other railways

None but of note is a SŽ operated diesel hauled car carrying "Autovlak" shuttle from Bohinjska Bistrica to Most na Soči through the 6,339m long Wocheiner Tunnel on the Jesenice - Nova Gorica line. This is shown as "AVT" in the passenger timetable as it is available to any traveller.

Tourist lines

None, but battery electric powered, 620 mm narrow-gauge, trains convey visitors through the spectacular caves near Postojna, over a 3.7 km railway loop. Postojna Cave Railway Short History.

The Slovenian Railway Museum is located in Ljubljana.





Recent and Future Changes

Future Changes

Construction of the second line linking the port of Koper to the SŽ network at Divača was officially launched on 5 May 2021, following the signing of the €403.6m contract for the Divača – Črni Kal section. A €224.7m contract for the Črni Kal – Koper section was signed on 31 March 2021.
The original plan was that the 27.1 km new line would be single track and used by trains to Koper; the existing 44.3 km single track line would be used by trains from Koper. However, at the end of January 2023, the Slovenian government decided that the new line will be double track, and the existing line abandoned and converted to a cycle track.

Recent Changes

Changes in 2023-2024

HŽ Service to Lendava resumed in December 2023.

Changes in 2022-2023

On 14 August 2023 the first passenger train used the new 3.7km deviation (via the Pekel tunnel) between Maribor and Pesnica, on the line to Graz.

Changes in 2021-2022

The new Croatian (HZ) timetable no longer showed a passenger service between Mursko Središće (Croatia) and Lendava (Slovenia) - an isolated branch terminus with no connection to the rest of the SZ network.

Changes in 2020-2021

Passenger trains restarted on the 48.6km long Grosuplje – Kočevje branch on 3 January 2021, having been withdrawn in July 1968.

The 2020-2021 timetable shows increased use of the cross-border line between Sežana and Villa Opicina. SŽ services on this line were reinstated on 5 January 2015, replacing substitute bus services following approval for the 312 'Desiro' units by the Italian authorities. The daytime service between Venezia and Ljubljana had ceased to run west of Villa Opicina from 1 April 2008 because FS would no longer allow SŽ trains lacking the Italian train protection system to run on their lines and further cut back to Sežana on 12 April 2008. This left just the overnight Venezia - Budapest train as the only cross-border service but that was withdrawn on 11 December 2011 with no cross border service until the SŽ locals mentioned above in 2015. A through Ljubljana - Trieste service started on 9 September 2018.

Changes in 2016-2017

According to the German Railfans Society IBSE, the one train only service via the curve from Maribor Tezno – Maribor Tabor ran for the last time on 9 June 2017.

Changes in 2014-2015

The following lines reopened at the timetable change on 14 December 2014:

  • 32 Sveti Rok ob Sotli - Đurmanec (Croatia)
  • 40 Središče - Macinec (Croatia)
  • 40 Mursko Središče (Croatia) - Lendava

The following line lost its passenger service at the timetable change on 14 December 2014:

  • 72 Prvačina - Ajdovščina

Changes in 2013-2014

The cross-border service between (Metlika -) Rosalnice and Kamanje (Croatia) (- Karlovac) was reinstated on 15 December 2013, having lost its passenger service on 9 December 2012.

Services were withdrawn, probably at the start of the 2013 - 2014 timetable, from the 1km branch from Ljubljana Polje to BTC City Ljubljana, which opened in 2005 or 2006.

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