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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.

Graz: AGB

Jakominiplatz South to East

When two route extensions opened on 26 November 2021, regular use on evenings, Sundays and public holidays by Route 13 ended, but it is possible some Remise 1 Depot runs may use this curve but details are not known. A look at the relevant stop at Jakominiplatz in April 2023 displayed no timings for services via this curve.

Also note the same route changes ended regular use of the sizeable street loop at Laudongasse.

Köflacher Gasse north to west

A traveller in April 2023 noticed a tram on route 6 at its Smart City terminus displaying Alte Pöstraße as its final destination. This is the stop after travelling this curve, but the timetable panel suggested it would terminate at Daungasse, the stop before. So it is not confirmed if this curve can be travelled in service but timings from Smart City are 17.49 SSuX, 20.57, 22.26/46 daily.

Innsbruck: IVB

Route 6 to Igls

This line has been under threat for years as by road is significantly quicker, but since 10 September 2017 it has been retained as a semi-museum tramway, although still run as part of the regular tram network with normal fares applying. Services operate on Saturdays and Sundays, also weekdays during school holidays, between 10:00 - 19:00 from May to September and 10:00 - 16:00 from October to April, plus one schoolday-only return journey departing Bergisel at 06:35 and Igls at 07:00.

Linz: Linz AG

Advertised journeys in timetable dated 30 August 2021.

Sonnensteinstraße turning circle

The Sonnensteinstraße turning circle has triangular junctions at either end so trams can arrive and depart from and to each direction.

Wildbergstraße - Sonnensteinstraße

  • Departures from Sonnensteinstraße towards JKU Universität (routes 1 & 2): 04:31 SuX (2), 04:45 SuO (1), 11:45 FO SDO (1), 14:29 FSSuX SDO (1), 14:49 FSSuX SDO (2)
  • Arrivals at Sonnensteinstraße from JKU Universität: No advertised service

SDO = school days only

Rudolfstraße - Sonnensteinstraße

  • Departures from Sonnensteinstraße towards Auwiesen (route 1) or solarCity (route 2): 04:00 SSuX (1), 04:27 SSuX (2)
  • Arrivals at Sonnensteinstraße from Auwiesen or solarCity: No advertised service

Ferihumerstraße turning circle

A few Route 1 trams terminate and start from the one platform on this loop, therefore the whole line can be covered. These run on school days only.

  • Arrivals at Ferihumerstraße (SSuX): 07:49 (07:22 from Remise Kleinmünchen), 07:52, 07:59, 08:08, 08:13 (07:30, 07:37, 07:46, 07:51 from Neue Welt)
  • Departures from Ferihumerstraße to Remise Kleinmünchen (SSuX): 07:44, 07:51, 07:58. 08:01, 08:16

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