Border Crossings: Austria - Switzerland

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Note: Despite a common electrification system, different designs of overhead line and pantographs mean through electric trains such as ÖBB Railjets require separate pantographs for Austria and Switzerland.

Until 2006, the Internationale Rheinregulierung (IRR) operated a works railway (43 km long, 750 mm gauge, electrified at 750V dc overhead) for construction and maintetance purposes for the River Rhein as it enters the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The association Verein Rhein-Schauen operates passenger trains over this railway, partially with steam engines. The principal section is that on the east side between Werkhof Lustenau and the lake, but specials may operate on the rest of the remaining network - see plan. There were three border crossings, listed below, but none now survives for rail traffic.

Mäder IRR - Kriessern IRR

Line closed. This crossing was a bridge over the Rhein for the branch to the Kadelberg quarry at Koblach. The track south of Zollamt Kriessern (near Mäder) was lifted in 2012. The cross-border bridge was removed on 13 March 2020, as a new assessment showed that it was a danger in case of high water in the river.

Lustenau Wiesenrain IRR - Widnau IRR

Line closed. The IRR crossed the Rhein on a combined road/railway steel bridge between Wiesenrain and Widnau, and continued southwards on the Swiss side as far as Kriessern. Owing to the poor condition of the bridge, it was closed to rail traffic after the last train on 26 October 2023. It was restricted to single-lane road traffic at the beginning of 2024 and is intended to be fully reconditioned from 2027, but there is no intention of reinstating the rail link.

(Bregenz -) Lustenau Markt ÖBB - St Margrethen SBB

[E] ÖBB works local trains from Bregenz and Dornbirn to St Margrethen. SBB works international trains to/from München via Lindau-Reutin, using Pendolino multi-system trainsets.

Höchst Bruggerloch IRR - St.Margrethen IRR

Line closed. This branch along the left bank of the Rhein terminated where the river enters the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The branch was lifted at an unknown date long before 2020. (It had closed by 2006)

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