Border Crossings: Austria - Germany

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(Bregenz -) Lochau-Hörbranz ÖBB - Lindau-Reutin DB (- Lindau-Insel/Hergatz)

[E] ÖBB works to Lindau-Insel (the former Lindau Hbf) using electric multiple units. With the electrification in 2020 of the line from München via Memmingen, SBB multi-system high-speed trainsets are used on EuroCity Express (ECE) trains between Zürich and München via Lindau-Reutin and the curve to Lindau-Aeschach, avoiding Lindau-Insel.

(Reutte in Tirol -) Schönbichl ÖBB - Pfronten-Steinach DB

[E] Following the completion in 2021 of electrification of the 2 km from the border to Pfronten-Steinach, DB operates the service between Pfronten-Steinach and Reutte in Tirol as S7 using electric units. Trains run through to and from München Hbf, changing designation to RB60 at Ehrwald Zugspitzbahn.

(Reutte in Tirol -) Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn ÖBB - Griesen (Oberbay) DB (- Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

[E] DB operates the service between Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Pfronten-Steinach using electric units. Trains run through to/from München Hbf as RB60 and change designation to S7 at Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn.

(Innsbruck -) Scharnitz ÖBB - Mittenwald DB (- Garmisch-Partenkirchen)

[E] ÖBB electric units work to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. DB ICE trainsets work to and from Innsbruck and Seefeld in Tirol on Fridays to Sundays for most of the year.

Wachtl MEGW - Gießenbachklamm MEGW (- Kiefersfelden)

[E] This (former?) private cement works line is 900 mm gauge and is electrified at 1200 V dc. Tourist trains have not operated since 2017 as the railway did not pass an official inspection. The railway preservation society's homepage has not been updated since 2019 so it appears increasingly unlikely that services will ever be reinstated.

Kufstein ÖBB - Kiefersfelden DB (- Rosenheim)

[E] Through trains between Innsbruck and Salzburg are worked by ÖBB with Railjet trainsets. These trains use the Rosenheim avoiding line in Germany, together with the entry immediately below. As these trains do not stop in Germany, domestic Austrian tickets are valid. ÖBB works some trains to München using Railjet trainsets. DB operates EC and ICE trains between München and Innsbruck using electric locomotives and hauled stock, and ICE trainsets, respectively.

BRB (Bayerische Regiobahn) operates local services to Kufstein, and occasionally Innsbruck, with EMUs. DB electric locomotives are used on freight to Brenner/Brennero.

Salzburg ÖBB - Freilassing DB (- Rosenheim)

[E] Most long-distance trains are worked by ÖBB using Railjet trainsets with electric locomotives. These run from Wien via Salzburg to München and to Innsbruck and beyond. The Innsbruck trains use the Rosenheim avoiding line in Germany, together with the entry immediately above. As the Innsbruck trains do not stop in Germany, domestic Austrian tickets are valid. DB operates a few IC services to and from Salzburg and EC services to Graz and Klagenfurt, all with coaching stock hauled by DB electric locomotives. Westbahn operates several daily Wien - Salzburg - München services using double-deck EMUs.

BRB (Bayerische Regiobahn) operates regional services between Salzburg and München using EMUs under the designation RE5. ÖBB runs local EMU services between Salzburg and Freilassing as part of the Salzburg S-Bahn network. DB Südostbayernbahn DMUs are used on Mühldorf to Salzburg via Freilassing services. Südostbayernbahn DMUs are also used by ÖBB on Freilassing – Salzburg – Braunau am Inn services, as ÖBB's Class 5047 diesel railcars which would otherwise be used are not cleared to Freilassing.

DB electric locomotives are possibly used on freight to Villach or beyond.

Braunau am Inn ÖBB - Simbach (Inn) DB

[D] ÖBB works to Simbach with diesel railcars or class 2016 diesel locomotives

(Schärding -) Pyret ÖBB - Passau DB

[E] DB ICE trainsets work to Wien Hbf. ÖBB electric locomotives work through to German destinations on Nightjet services. DB electric locomotives work freight trains to Wien Kledering yard.

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