Border Crossings: Austria - Czech Republic

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(Linz -) Summerau ÖBB - Horní Dvořistě ČD (- Českě Budějovice)

[E*] Electrification between Českě Budějovice and Summerau was completed in December 2001: the voltage change is at the border. Passenger and freight trains exchange ČD and ÖBB electric locomotives at either Summerau or at Horní Dvořistě. Both countries now have dual-frequency locomotives, but ČD do not have many and some diesel workings remain. From June 2003 ÖBB dual-frequency electric locomotives have worked some freight services throughout between Linz and Českě Budějovice.

(Wien -) Gmund NÖ ÖBB - České Velenice ČD

[ED] ÖBB electric push-pull trains work to České Velenice. Hence freight traffic is now assumed to be electrically worked by ÖBB.

(Waidhofen an der Thaya -) Fratres ÖBB - Slavonice ČD (- Kostelec u Jihlavy)

The line closed in 1945 and was lifted on the Czech side in 1951. Proposals for re-opening have all failed owing to lack of funds. A cycle path from Slavonice to Dobersberg opened in June 2015 and extension to Waidhofen a.d. Thaya by the end of 2016 is planned.

Retz ÖBB - Šatov ČD (- Znojmo)

[E] Electrification at the Austrian standard of 15 kV 16.7 Hz has now been completed from Retz to Znojmo, and the route is worked by ÖBB electric push-pull trains. There is a technical possibility to have a change of voltage and frequency at the border, if the connecting Czech lines to Znojmo are electrified at a later date.

(Wien -) Bernhardsthal ÖBB - Břeclav ČD

[E*] Dual-frequency ÖBB locomotives work to Břeclav.

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