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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.

Brno: DPMB

Advertised journeys in timetables as at 9 December 2018 and later reports. Timetables can be found here and a route map as at July 2022 but it includes bus and trolleybus routes so is cluttered.

Krásného - Stránská skála smyčka

Route 10. An hourly service apart from every 20 minutes Monday- Friday early mornings and afternoons.

Geislerova loop

As at December 2021, every second tram on route 10 terminates there and all of the sizeable loop can be done in service

Moravské náměstí East to South

Previously only used in one direction by route 9, as at August 2022 used in both directions.

Nové sady–smyčka loop

  • As at August 2022 in use by route 1

Komín smyčka loop

Inbound services terminate at Komín vozovna stop and run out of service onto this large street loop. Komín smyčka stop is only on the loop close to the entry junction so all departures are in passenger service and are the only trams using around 370m of unique track. This loop is only used between 08:57 and 14:47 Daily.

Note unless stated the TSUL Journeys do not operate during July and August. Timings from on-line stop timetables. There are also a number of large Terminal loops with infrequent use to the in and out stops but no complete circle passenger use and these are not mentioned here.

Hlavní nádraží North to West

Street closed as at August 2022. Normally used by Route 8 05:14 SSuX towards Starý Lískovec smyčka plus Summer weekend only vintage route 4 journeys. Note these depart from the stop in Ul. Masarykovo

Mendlovo náměstí East to West

Normally only used by a few advertised Pisárky Depot journeys on routes 5 and 12 but as at August 2022 in use by all route 5 journeys due to a street closure. Previous timings from the last normal line of route stops on Route 5 at Nemocnice u sv Anny were at 07:42, 08:29, 17:09, 18:19/29, 19:21/31, 21.11/44 & 22.44 SSuX 19:31, 22.14/29/44 SSuO or on Route 12 at Česká North stop 22:44 SSuX [all year].

None were shown going into service on routes 5 or 12 via this curve but is used eastbound by some route 1's terminating at Mendlovo náměstí which reverse using the loop accessed beyond the East junction. Those departed Lipova at 21:15, 22:46, 23:01/16 Daily

Vozovna Pisárky

From 9 January 2021 until an estimated 1 May 2023, with the route passing the Depot closed for construction of a new tram tunnel, all route 1 journeys terminate at Vozovna Pisárky Depot using a separate Depot access line to a stop close to but at a higher level than Pisárky tram stop. These route 1 journeys and all those listed in the previous entry leave the normal route some distance after the Lipova stop and continue parallel but at ground level to the passing route which drops into a cutting. Route 1 then departs in passenger service through the Tram Depot to regain line of route towards Brno city centre.

As at August 2022 due to a Brno street closure the loop through the Depot was by all route 5 journeys, but route 1 will resume from 1 September 2022.

Liberec: DPML

Advertised journeys in timetables as at 1 September and 17 December 2016.

South-west curve and part of depot branch at Rybníček

Depot workings from and to the western (Horni Hanychov) end of routes 2 and 3. Departure times from the Depot Access Road are marked at Rybníček with note T ("departs from stop on Tatranské ulice"); towards the Depot from Nádraží are marked note R ("runs only to Rybníček stop").

1. Westbound departures from Rybníček, Tatranské ulice stop: 04:09 (2) 04:18 (3) 04:38/59 05:54 (2) 06:14 (3) 06:41 (2) 19:43/58 (3) SSuX OR 04:14 (2) 04:32 (3) SSuO

2. Eastbound departures from Nádraží: 00:48 (3) 08:00/29 (2) 18:16 20:01 23:03/18 (3) SSuX OR 20:16 23:03/18 (3) SSuO. It has been noted that these workings, particularly those after 23:00, may run early.

South-east curve and part of depot branch at Rybníček

There are numerous Depot workings inbound from Fügnerova on routes 3, 5 and 11 marked in the timetable with note R ("runs only to Rybníček stop") . While there is a stop of this name before the junction it is possible to travel to the identical stop name on the Depot Access Road used by trams terminating via the south-west curve entries above. This curve was traversed on such a route 11 working in Feb 2017 with normal passengers alighting at the Depot Access Road stop in lieu of the Rybníček stop "proper". Other rote 5 workings were observed with passengers on this curve. The times at Fügnerova are

Route 3: 00:39 08:16 16:58 17:30 18:19 19:07/19 23:03 SSuX 19:48 23:07 SSuO

Route 5: 06:11/26/41/56 07:11/26/41/56 08:11 13:11/26/41/56 & repeat until 19:26, 21:15 22:35 23:13 SSuX 02:45 17:56 21:15 22:35 23:13 SSuO 18:26/41 SO

Route 11: 01:10 17:03/18/33/48 18:03/18 20:03 23:18 SSuX 21:21 SO 23:18 SSuO

Fügnerova loop

Routes 5 and 11 with limited exceptions run beyond Fügnerova to the Depot or Viadukt so what was the previous deleted Connecting Line TSUL entry is the norm, it is the loop that is now rare. There are no advertised workings to/from the depot on/off the loop; it is only scheduled in the anti-clockwise direction with associated curves. Note the curve from the loop towards the Depot is Standard Gauge only.

Westbound departures from Mlýnská inbound to loop:

1. Route 11 in timetable dated 1.9.2016 at 00:13 daily, 01:08 SSuX, 01:13 SSuO 02:13 SSuO, 22:50 Daily

Eastbound in Jablonec direction departing from stop on loop

1. Route 11 at 00:20 Daily, 01:20 SSuO and 23:20 Daily

2. Route 5 in timetable dated 17.12.16 at 02:20 SSuO

Most - Litvinov: DPML

North curve on triangle near Most, zimní stadion

Route 3, from Litvínov, Citadela to Most, nádraží, covers the third north side of the triangle near Most, zimní stadion. This only runs in the early morning of Monday - Friday, possibly associated with shift change at the CHEMOPETROL works, plus the limited night journeys in the below entry. Based on the timetable dated 12.2018;

1. Eastbound departures leave Most Chomutovská SSuX at; 05:23, 05:38, 05:53, 06:08 and 06:23.

2. Westbound departures leave Most, nádraží SSuX at; 05:00, 05:15, 05:30, 05:45, 06:00, 06:15 and 06:30.

North curve on triangle near Most AND two versions long turning circle at Most nadrazi

Route 40, from Most, Dopravní podnik at 23.18 and 03.05 Daily; both trams run through Most to Nadrazi where they call initially in the outer platform before traversing the full outer circuit of the return loop in passenger service before again stopping at the inner platform. They then travel to Litvinov Citadela over the outer side of the north side of the triangle and subsequently return over the inner side of the north side of the triangle. At Nadrazi they again stop at the outer platform but return over the middle line through the middle platform before returning to Most Velebudica through Most. Based on 12.2018 timetable.

Olomouc: DPMO

As at July 2016 no unusual line use identified

Ostrava: DPO

Mainly as at June 2022 unless stated. Link to PDF Timetables and route map

Hrabůvka east to north

The triangle and line to Dubina is closed from 17 September until 10 December 2022 so trams are diverted via this curve.

Sokolovská - north to west curve to Telekom. škola

No service. Was in use between 1 July and 31 August 2020 by temporary route 'NTD' from Martinov to Budišovice-Zátiši (trams doing the complete route would also traverse the through connection to/from route 5 and 7, 8 & 17 at Vřesinská).

Kolonie Jeremenko - Nádraží Vítkovice - Rodinná

Route 6 journeys run rush hours and afternoons only SSuX. No summer service (2022 between 1 July and 31 August inclusive).

Výstaviště - Elektra

This East to north curve is used by route 14, which has a very limited service 4 trams early morning one lunchtime north to east, two lunchtime from east to north and one late evening (1)-(5). On (6) and (7) the is only 1 service in each of the three 'peak hours'.

Rodinná south to west

A newish curve not shown on the 2013 Doprava "Quail" style map which was in use by July 2016 by route 15, a Výškovice - Dubina service.

Rodinná south to east

In use from June 2022 by diverted route 17.

Plzen: PMDP

Timetables from 4 January 2020.

The diversion of Route 1 southbound beyond its terminus at Slovany via the normally non-passenger Depot access Line to the terminus of, and then via Route 2 from Svetovar has ended, as has use of the street loop from Sady Pětatřicátníků via U Synagogy to from U Práce as the southern extension of route 4 from Bory to Univerzita opened on 16 December 2019.

Sady Pětatřicátníků south to east

Depot runs on/off the southern end of route 4 and note there are two separate south to east curves near Sady Pětatřicátníků as the route to/from Hlavni nádraží splits into separate streets. Outbound from the Depot timings are not advertised on stops but are found in the journey planner.

  • Route 4 from Slovany departing Hlavní pošta at 04:33/50, 05:09, 06:15, 12:49, 13:07 SSuX, 04:24/37/57, 06:57 SSuO
  • Route 4 to Slovany departing stop Bory 07:47/59, 08:03/26/31/37/56, 09:07, 16:58, 18:07, 19:50, 20:11, 22:48, 23:47, 00:02 SSuX

Praha: DPP

This list is a representation of rare track possibilities in a large network over a period of time since first set up in July 2016 with later additions. Therefore many entries will not be in current use.

PDF's for all stops on each route for the latest information. If this Link does not take you to the list of routes, click on "tramwaje" on the left hand side. If no pre-trip research has been undertaken it is useful to note that stops at junctions have fixed arrows against each route number indicating which direction those trams will take, they are even updated for engineering work diversions, but cannot of course show Depot runs. Network map as at 13 August 2022

Vozovna Střešovice West - Brusnice East

This connecting line has no regular use and has triangles at each end. The line and above combination are used by Historic Route 41 on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays which ran from 19th April to the 17th November 2019. These depart Vozovna Střešovice hourly between 12:02 and 17:02 and from Brusnice East at 13:32 until 17:32. Special tickets only, 35CZK from the Conductor.

Note this service arrives/departs from a loop at the front of Vozovna Střešovice Depot, and terminates at Výstaviště Holešovice where there is a large loop. It is suspected the latter cannot be travelled as Arrivals are at 36 and departures at 00 and it is not possible to travel the loop on normal terminators.

Vozovna Střešovice East - Brusnice West

  • The following Route 22 Journeys from Bílá Hora to Vozovna Vokovice have timings up to Brusnice but none for Pražský hrad or Královský letohrádek implying they use the connecting line and opposite combination of curves from Route 91 described above, plus Prašný most - Dejvicka. They depart Pohořelec at 17:52, 18:22, 18:51, 19:55, 20:40, 22:15, 23:25, 23:41 and every 10 minutes until 00:21, 00:36 & 00:51 SuX

Královka - Malovanka via Myslbekova to Brusnice

  • Tourist route 23 [on which normal tickets are valid] but only inbound towards Central Prague run via a single track connecting line via Myslbekova. Note Myslbekova on the Doprava Praha tram Map is shown as named Hládkov.

Výtoň South to East

  • Route 17 from Levského with departures from Podolská vodárna at 19:05, 19:28, 23:32, 23:42, 23:59 and every 10 minutes until 00:39, 00:48, 00:54 SSuX

Nádraží Braník

  • Routes 2 & 3 terminating here uses a ground level loop accessed by a 0.5km line branching off the route to Sídliště Modřany which has a halt of the same name alongside but at a higher level.

Sídliště Modřany - Levského

  • All Routes 17 & 21 [plus Route 3 in SSuX rush hours] from Praha terminate at Sídliště Modřany, but all departures are from Levského which is 0.5km further at the loop exit and out of sight over an incline.

Lotyšská - Dejvicka

  • Route 8 journeys from Nádraží Podbaba to Vozovna Vokovice departing Lotyšská at 09:42, 20:09, 00:00, SSuX & 00:20 & 00:40 Daily.
  • Route 20 journeys from Nádraží Podbaba to Vozovna Vokovice departing Lotyšská at 09:35, 20:34, 21:20 SSuX, 20:56 SO, 20:26, 00:29 SuO & 23:49, 00:09 Daily.

Prašný most - Dejvicka

  • Route 1 journeys from Sídliště Petřiny to Vozovna Vokovice departing Prašný most at 09:50, 19:47, 21:18, 21:41, 22:26 SSuX, 20:21 SSuO, 21:21, 21:36 SO, 20:06 SuO, 01:06 Daily.
  • Route 18 journeys from Sídliště Petřiny to Vozovna Vokovice departing Prašný most at 09:56, 20:25, SSuX and 23:37, 23:56, 00:16, 00:36 Daily.
  • Route 25 journeys from Vypich to Vozovna Vokovice departing Prašný most at 10:08, 21:41, 21:58 SSuX and 20:40, 21:10, 21:26 Daily.

Palmovka North to East

  • Route 10 journeys from Sídliště Ďáblice to Vozovna Hloubětín departing Palmovka North at 19:40, 22:27 SSuX, 21:12 SSuO & 01:04 Daily

Palmovka West to North

  • Route 25 journey from Vypich to Vozovna Kobylisy departing Palmovka at 20:15 SSuO

Nademlejnská - Stary Hloubětín North

  • Route 25 journey from Vypich to Vozovna Hloubětín departing Nademlejnská 20:36 SSuO. Note Nademlejnská is a request stop so it may be advisable to board earlier to avoid confusion.

Střelničná East to North

  • Route 10 journeys from Střelničná to Vozovna Kobylisy at 09:13, 10:13, 18:55, 20:03, 20:17, 20:32, 21:39 SSuX & 22:52, 23:32 SSuO & 23:51, 00:11, 00:31 Daily

Otakarova East to South

  • by June 22 by route 19
  • Route 7 journeys from Černokostelecká to Vozovna Pankrác departing Otakarova East at 20:50, 21:32 SSuX
  • Route 24 journeys from Kubánské náměstí to Vozovna Pankrác departing Otakarova East at 20:11, 00:08 SO, 20:23, 22:20 SO

Horky - Nuselská radnice

  • Route 11 journeys from the southern terminus to Vozovna Pankrác. In July 2016 the route south of Pod Jezerkou was temporarily closed and at that time they were scheduled from Horky at 00:15, 00:30 Daily

Anděl re-routing

By at least March 2022, route 7 to/from Radlická has been re-routed via a previous non passenger LINE, (not curve) of approximately 470m length shown on the Doprava Praha tram Map via Kováků, two streets parallel and to the west of the previously used north south route through Andel. This then re-joins the old route at a now closed east west link via Za Ženskými domovy [and stop Knížecí].

Anděl South to West

  • Route 12 journeys from Sídliště Barrandov to Vozovna Motol from Anděl South at 10:15, 20:37, 22:43 SSuX 23:12 23:14 SO & 23:56, 00:16, 00:36 Daily
  • Route 14 journeys from Sídliště Barrandov to Vozovna Motol from Anděl South at 21:57, 00:11 SSuX, 20:06, 23:06, 23:10 SO & 20:14, 20:47, 21:06, 22:36, 22:56, 23:16, 23:57 SO
  • Route 20 journeys from Sídliště Barrandov to Vozovna Motol from Anděl South at 09:48, 20:43, 21:45, 00:29 SSuX, 22:24 SO, 21:31 SuO & 00:06, 00:46 Daily

Zvonařka branch and terminus

  • In Regular use since 25 March 2017 by new "Tourist" route 23 on which normal tickets are valid. This terminus is on a branch of approximately 200 metres length with no loop. Any arrivals terminate in service in dead-end street 1 and reverse out of service into street 2. A traveller in March 2020 advises a pick up stop has been introduced here so trams no longer depart empty to the stop before street 1 and 2 separated.

Náměstí Bratří Synků south to east to/from Otakrova

  • Depot runs to/from Vozovna Strasnice, as at November 2019 by at least route 14 departing Náměstí Bratří Synků at 22:47

Horky - Paloucek

  • Depot runs to/from Vozovna Pankrác to/from stop Horky. At November 2019 from Horky at least at 22.58, as at March 2019 on [night route] 96 at 0423/54 SSuX, 05:23 SSuX or routes 11 or 14 at 09:48/53, 10:23/38, 18:08/58, 19:59, 20:04, 20:34 SX, 20:41, 21:19 FSSuX, 21:52, 22:04 FSSuX 22:22, 22:26 FSSuX, 00:01 Daily on [night route] route 93, or from Nuselská radnice route 11 or 14 at 03:57, 04:17/28/37/48, 05:07/08/36/45, 06:03/18/38 07:07/11, 14:27/41, 15:07/11, 20:28/58 FSSuX.

Náměstí Bratří Synků street loop

  • This is the connecting line from south of stop Náměstí Bratří Synků to the triangle east of stop Otakrova. This as at November 2019 was used by all night routes 93 and 96 which use the west to south curve to/from stop Otakrova, and by June 22 by route 19 which doesn't but takes the north to east curve to/from Nádraží Vršovice.
  • By June 2022 route 24 was terminating here from the west. On arrival only they run in service clockwise via the west to south curve used by night routes 93 & 96 to terminate at a stop in Na Zámecké to a second stop named Otakrova where it terminates. To resume they run out of service around a north to west curve to a pick up at a stop on a separate single track in Náměstí Bratří Synků leading towards the south junction west of Otakrova stop.

Náměstí Bratří Synků north to east

  • As at November 2019 was used by all night routes 93 and 96 which call at Otakrova and by June 22 by route 19 which doesn't.

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