Czech Republic - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable dated from 11 December 2022 to 9 December 2023. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Czech Republic and Slovakia) by M.G. Ball. In addition, the map reference in the Malkus Atlas Drah České Republiky (2006/7 edition) is shown in italics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the Czech Railways timetable Jízdní Řád, the "crossed hammers" working days symbol means "Mondays to Fridays" not, as for most other railways, "Mondays to Saturdays".

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Praha-Vršovice – Praha-Malešice – Praha-Běchovice

[011] (ERA-E 92A2-92C4; ERA-R 189C5; 36B) CZ23/1

One pair of trains in the 2022-2023 timetable use this mainly freight-only route.

SSuX Sp1521 06:40 Praha hl n - Kolín
SSuX Sp1528 17:03 Kolín - Praha hl n

Velký Osek – Sány (výhybna Kanín)

[020] (ERA-E 92C5; ERA-R 191A2; 23) CZ23/2

There are two single-track routes between Velký Osek and the line eastwards towards Chlumec nad Cidlinou: one (1.6 km long) direct to the north-east, and the other a 4.2 km loop line initially heading south-east and then curving round due north. The hourly Praha - Nymburk - Chlumec - Hradec Králové and v.v. expresses use the loop line to avoid reversal at Velký Osek station. The 2-hourly through trains between Kolín and Chlumec use the direct curve. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Nymburk město – Veleliby

[061/060] (ERA-E 92C5; ERA-R 191A2; 22) CZ23/3

The direct line is used by trains between Křinec and Nymburk město which are not booked to call intermediately at Nymburk hl.n.

D1 SSuO Sp1532 Turnov - 18:07 Křinec - Praha Masarykovo n.
D1 SSuO Sp1531 Praha Masarykovo n. - 09:37 Nymburk Město - Turnov

D1: SSuO 25 March - 29 October 2023

Nymburk město – Nymburk hl.n.

[020, 060] (ERA-E 92C5; ERA-R 191A2; 22) CZ23/3A

As well as being used by the hourly local service between Pořičany and Nymburk hl.n., this south to east curve is used by R trains between Praha hl.n. and Hradec Králové or Trutnov. These run mainly hourly. Any train between Praha and Hradec Králové calling at Praha-Libeň will have to take this route.

All trains in this entry and the previous one except the local trains to and from Pořičany also use the connection from the main line to the branch at Pořičany.

Česká Lípa avoiding line: Vlčí Důl-Dobranov (výh. Žizníkov) – Srní u České Lípy

[080, 086] (ERA-E 92B4; ERA-R 190C4; 09) CZ23/4

This curve links the Česká Lípa - Liberec and Česká Lípa - Bakov nad Jizerou lines.

E1 SSuO TLX1298 (Dresden Hbf) - Liberec – 10:45 Zákupy-Božíkov - Doksy
E1 SSuO TLX1299 16:54 Doksy – Liberec - (Dresden Hbf)

E1: Runs SSuO 1 July to 3 September 2023. Operated by Die Landerbahn CZ with through portion from /to Dresden Hbf.

Praha Masarykovo avoiding curve: Praha-Bubny - Praha Masarykovo nádraží-Hrabovka - Praha Masarykovo nádraží-Sluncová - Praha-Libeň - Praha hlavní nádraží

[090/120] (ERA-E 92A2; ERA-R 189B5; 36A) CZ23/5

These services reverse in the Praha-Libeň station area.

D1 Os9805 Rakovnik - 23:46 Praha-Bubny - Praha hl.n.
D2 Os9850 00:26 Praha hl.n. - Kladno Ostrovec

D1: Not 24/25 December 2022, 31 December 2022 and 1 January 2023

D2: Not 25 December 2022 and 1 January 2023

Postoloprty avoiding line: Březno u Postoloprt (odbočka Bažantnice) – Výškov v Čechách (odbočka Vrbka)

[114/123] (ERA-E 92B3; ERA-R 190A3; 19) CZ23/5A

This east to north curve sees its first passenger use since 2007.

D1 SSuX Sp1244 Louny - 06:40 Louny mĕsto - Most

D1: From 4 September 2023

Most-Kopisty station avoiding line via Most nové nádraží odjezd - Most nové nádraží příjezd - Most nové [- Most-Minerva]

[135] (ERA-E 92B3; ERA-R 190A3; not shown on either; 07A) CZ23/6

Most-Kopisty station lies on a single track route on the north east side of a locomotive depot and two Most - Moldava v Krušných horách train pairs operated by ČD, a.s. are shown with the symbol to take an alternative route avoiding this station. If they do they use a 1.6km alternative line to the west side of the locomotive depot and in the past has been scheduled to avoid trains going in the opposite direction calling at Most-Kopisty which could be ČD or Die Länderbahn CZ s.r.o services.

In 2022 the relevant services were SSuX and two attempts on a Thursday and Friday in early June 2022 failed as the 16:42, then 06:42 (as they then were) trains although clearly indicated in the timetable to take the alternative route waited for the southbound train to clear the normal route which they then took. It should also be noted that of the 2023 examples, Os26805 and Os26806 although clearly indicated in the timetable as diverting do not clash with a service in the opposite direction and a journey on 28605 on 23 April 2023 ran via Most-Kopisty. Further reports would be appreciated by the Compilers.

D1 Os26800 06:40 Most - Moldava v Krusných horách
D1 Os26806 16:41 Most - Moldava v Krusných horách
D1 Os26805 Moldava v Krusných horách - 15:59 Litvínov město - Most
D1 Os26807 Moldava v Krusných horách - 18:59 Litvínov město - Most

D1: Runs SSuO to 21 May 2023 and from 7 October 2023; daily 23 December 2022 to 2 January 2023, 13 to 17 February, 27 February to 3 March, 6 April, 27 May to 1 October, 26 - 27 October 2023.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Chodov avoiding line: Karlovy Vary-Dvory (Chodov zhlavi) – Nové Sedlo u Lokte

[140] (ERA-E 92B1-92B2; ERA-R 189B2; 16) CZ23/7

This line bypasses Chodov station on the south side and the following trains using it are recognisable in the timetable by the vertical wavy line marking against Chodov.

IC501 05:48 Karlovy Vary - Praha hl.n.
E1 Sp1678 10:10 Karlovy Vary – Cheb
SSuO Os20818 Karlovy Vary dolni n. - 12:11 Karlovy Vary – Mehltheuer [DB]
SSuO Os20830 Karlovy Vary dolni n. - 18:13 Karlovy Vary – Mehltheuer [DB]
E1 Sp1679 Cheb – 09:40 Sokolov – Karlovy Vary
SSuO Os20811 Mehltheuer [DB] - 11:27 Sokolov - Karlovy Vary dolni n.
SSuO Os20823 Mehltheuer [DB] - 17:27 Sokolov - Karlovy Vary dolni n.
IC504 Ostrava hl.n. - 21:54 Sokolov - Karlovy Vary

E1: SSuO 10 June to 24 September 2023

(Pardubice -) Břevnice (odbočka Kubešův Mlýn) – Havlíčkův Brod (HB St. Tunel)

[238] (ERA-E 91A1,not shown, ERA-R 196B5; 56) CZ23/8

The rare route to/from table 238 is a 400m connection between the Pardubice - Havlíčkův Brod line and the Havlíčkův Brod - Brno line and informed sources suggest none are scheduled in 2022/23.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Havlíčkův Brod is a V-shaped station: platforms 1 - 4 serve the main (Praha -) Kolin - Brno line and platform 5, at an angle, is the shorter and usual route to/from odb. Kubešův Mlýn (- Pardubice). It is not possible to tell from the timetable which route trains to/from the Pardubice line will use, but the usual is to/from platform 5 and the northern route, as opposed to via the Brno line and HB St. Tunel and note drivers normally change ends after arrival at Havlíčkův Brod platform 5 so do not run via the Brno line as a "balloon loop".

Only table 238 services booked to use platforms 1 - 4 are certain to run via HB St. Tunel so the compilers would greatly appreciate information of any such services using 1 - 4 as they are not shown on the Platform departure sheets.

This route was used between March and December 2021 by all trains on this line when the normal route via the northern curve was unavailable due to engineering works.

Brno Area

There are a number of obscure routes in the area around the city. There is also a large marshalling yard north of Brno, at Maloměřice, with non-passenger connections which see occasional use.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


(Brno hl.n. - ) Křenovice horní n. – Holubice

[260, 300] (ERA-E 95B2; ERA-R 197B3-B4; 75) CZ23/9

Most trains on the Brno - Přerov line use the connection between Blažovice (on the Brno - Veselí nad Moravou line) and Holubice. Some services run via the more southerly, single track route via Sokolnice-Telnice, on which there is a regular service between Brno hl.n. and Křenovice horní nádraží. Trains can be identified in Table 300 by a vertical wavy line against Blažovice. Route changes are sometimes made for pathing reasons to accommodate late running.

Note that both routes are shown in ERA-R as Line/Table 300 but stopping services on the Sokolnice route are in Table 260.

SSuX R916 Olomouc hl.n. - 07:12 Rousínov – Brno hl.n.
R902 Šumperk - 20:00 Vyškov na Moravě – Brno hl.n.
D1 FSuO R900 Šumperk - 22:00 Vyškov na Moravě – Brno hl.n.

D1: Also runs on 6 June, 4 July, 27 September, 16 November 2023. Does not run on 24 and 25 December 2022, 7, 9 and 30 April, 7 May, 5 July, 28 October, 17 November 2023.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Brno-Židenice – Brno-Slatina (odbočka Slatinská)

[300, 340] (ERA-E 95B2; ERA-R 197B4; 79A) CZ23/10

Until 14 December 2019 all trains between Brno hl.n. and the Veselí nad Moravou line ran via this route, involving reversal at Brno-Židenice due to the temporary closure of the route via Brno-Černovice. In the current timetable, trains using this route are recognisable in Table 340 by timing against Brno-Židenice and a vertical wavy line against Brno-Černovice.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Česká Třebová Area

There is a large marshalling yard south of Česká Třebová station, with a number of non-passenger connections.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Česká Třebová yard staff train

[260, 270] (ERA-E 94C2 not shown; ERA-R 192A1; 83A) CZ23/11

An unadvertised service has been observed in recent years leaving at approximately 14:00 from a short concrete platform, one track further over from the last public platform at Česká Třebová station. It turns off the main line about 200 m south of the station and follows what are shown as lines 91 or 93 in the Malkus Atlas Drah - west of the locomotive depot, where there is a stop. It continues past the roundhouse and turntable and terminates at a platform opposite what is probably the hump control tower. This is clearly an “end of shift” service as it is lightly loaded leaving Česká Třebová but very busy on the return working. The service is not intended for public use, so access may be refused. The compilers would appreciate information on this or any other such services that may run at other shift change times.

This route has also been used in recent years by special shuttle services that run to the yards when there is an open day at the depot. An Open Day was held on 03 September 2022 when these shuttle services were scheduled to run.

Česká Třebová goods lines

[260, 270] (ERA-E 94C2 not shown; ERA-R 192A1; 83A) CZ23/12

An engineering work poster at Praha hl. n suggests diversions via these goods lines on the nights of 23/24 to 26/27 February 2023 i.e. for services departing Praha on the evening of Thursday to Sunday as two trains are shown omitting calls at Ceska Trebova, then again later on 27/28 March to 31 March/1st April 2023. A traveller confirmed they used connections at the Praha end, the parallel freight lines past Ceska Trebova station then through the yards behind the locomotive depot to [B] and [C] as listed below using the lengthy connections towards Olomouc or Brno respectively. The services were:-
EN443 22:13 Praha hl n to Humenne [ZSR]
IC571 00:01 Praha hl n to Brno

Additionally an informed source suggested further diversions [note some westbound using a significantly different route] on the Nights of 10/11 to 15/16, 18/19, 19/20, 21/22 to 24/25 April, 28/29 April to 30th/1st May, 12/13 to 14/15, 18/19 to 21/22 May of:
R879 21:03 Praha hl n to Brno
R899 21:31 Praha hl n to Prerov
EN443 22:13 Praha hl n to Humenne
IC571 00:01 Praha hl n to Brno (except 28/29 April to 30th/1st May when IC571 is bussed)
EC270 17:29 Budapest to Praha hl n

EC270 was confirmed diverted on 10/11 April, but a correspondent advises R879 on 18/19th April was not. Additionally when a traveller researched EC270 for 21/22 April, and then all trains for the May dates, all those listed were shown in the Journey Planner with a booked call at Česká Třebová so any updated information would be appreciated by the Compilers.

It is possible that Regiojet trains are also diverted but as they are not booked to call at Ceska Trebova on any night it is impossible for this to be confirmed. In case they do, they are:-
RJ1021 21:38 Praha hl n to Kosice [ZSR]
RJ1023 22:00 Praha hl n to Przemysl [PKP]

Steam specials originating at Česká Třebová sometimes run via the goods lines, although this is not always obvious from the advance information. Prospective patrons should enquire further. Use of the following routes has been reported:

  • [A] (Ústí nad Orlicí -) odb. Parnik - line 100 - 180° curve - marshalling yard - Česká Třebová
  • [B] Česká Třebová - line 200 - odb. Les - odb. Zádulka (- Brno)
  • [C] Česká Třebová - line 200 - odb. Les - 180° curve - Třebovice v Čechách (- Olomouc)
  • [D] (Olomouc -) Třebovice v Čechách - Vjezdová kolej od Olomouce - marshalling yard - Česká Třebová

The 2021 specials returned to Česká Třebová via the Metrans a.s. Container Terminal, off Line 200.

Přerov avoiding line: Rokytnice u Přerova (výhybna Dluhonice) – Prosenice

[270] (ERA-E 95A3; ERA-R 197C5; 61) CZ23/13

This west to north curve is used by all trains between Olomouc and Hranice na Moravě which are not scheduled to call at Přerov, indicated by a vertical wavy line marking against this station.

Bohumin Area

(ERA-E 94C5; ERA-R 193B2; 47B)

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Bohumin avoiding line: [Ostrava– ] Bohumin-Vrbice – Chałupki (odb.Pudlov)

[001,271,272] (ERA-E 94C5; ERA-R 193B2; 46) CZ23/14

Use of this curve allows trains between Ostrava and Chałupki [- Rybnik] in Poland to avoid reversal at Bohumin.

D1 IC111 Ostrava-Svinov - 06:04 Ostrava hl.n. - Warszawa Gdańska
D2 IC110 Warszawa Wschodnia - 21:43 Chałupki - Ostrava Svinov

D1: Not 25 December 2022, 10 April, 1 September to 30 October 2023

D2: Not 24 December 2022, 9 April, 1 September to 30 October 2023

Bohumín Přednádraží Goods lines

[270] (ERA-E 95A5 not shown; ERA-R 193B2 not shown; 46 as line 305A) CZ23/15

This is a 1.4km alternative route between Ostrava Vrbice and Bohumin via Bohumín Přednádraží. This line can only be used by trains arriving or departing from Bohumin platforms/track 3/3, 4/5 and 4/9, but note it is also possible to access these platforms to/from the main line. A train number search on a Czech "Real Times Trains" will find some services allowed additional running time [at least 3m 30s] between Bohumín-Vrbice and Bohumin so possibly could use this line if scheduled to/from the above platforms, [arrivals thought to be more likely], but this is far from guaranteed, for example a 12:43 departure from platform 4/5 on 31 May 2023 crossed to the main line.

Additionally EC130 has been observed twice taking this route, with the sightings several months apart but as it is not booked to take over 3m 30s it is suspected, this and any other use is subject to train punctuality so the compilers would welcome further observations

EC130 Budapest Nyugati- 14:09 Ostrava hlavní nádraží - Terespol

Bludov avoiding line: Postřelmov (odbočka Sudkov) – Bludov lázně (odbočka Chromeč)

[291, 292] (ERA-E 94C3; ERA-R 192B1; 42) CZ23/16

This curve is used by trains between Zábřeh na Moravě and Hanušovice which are not scheduled to call at Bludov. These trains are recognisable in the timetable by the vertical wavy line marking against Bludov.

Strančice – Velke Popovice

(ERA-E 92C4; ERA-R 189C4; 36) CZ23/17

This 5.1km branch runs to the Kozel brewery at Velké Popovice. A train runs on odd Festival dates plus Saturdays from June to September between Praha hl.n. and the brewery. The branch is very steeply graded and serves some factories but there is no rail traffic to the brewery. The train stops at a platform just before the site gate from where a brisk 10 minute walk down an earth path and road leads to the Brewery main entrance.

See the Kozel website and the outbound normally leaves Hl.n. just after 10am. Advance booking is recommended but any remaining places can allegedly be purchased at Hl.n. on the train. As at March 2023 the regular timings for the year had not been announced but there were events with train connections advertised for 22 April and 13 May 2023 with a train departure time of 10:08 shown on the April e-ticket. The other times below are estimated from the 2019 times or reported by an April 2023 correspondent.

D1 SO Os11101 10:08 Praha hl n - 10:4x Strančice - 11:00 Velké Popovice
D1 & Note D2 SO Os11102 15:05 Velké Popovice - 15:25? Strančice - 15:52 Praha hl n

D1: Ran until 17 September 2022
D2: 22 April 2023 Departure advertised as 16:30

As at April 2023 a no. 461 bus departed from the nearby bus stop at 12:56, arriving in Strančice at 13:18, enabling an early escape if required.

The Kozel Brewery have an annual event called Slavnosti Kozla in June each year. On 11 June 2022 in addition to a Praha – Velke Popovice return rail trip, there were also 8 rail shuttle services from Strančice to Velke Popovice and back, costing 50 Czech crowns each way. Shuttles from Strančice ran hourly from 10:50 to 17:50. It is likely that the 2023 event will also feature rail shuttles, and information should be sought on the Közel website.

Děčín-Prostřední Žleb - Děčín východ dolní nádraží – Děčín přístav Loubí

(ERA-E 92A4; ERA-R 190B4 (Quay Branch not shown on either); 8A) CZ23/18

This freight line and 3.3km freight branch has a passenger service, operated by KŽC Doprava, s.r.o., annually in connection with the Czech Republic International Championship of Pump Trolley Racing. This event is held on the Czech-Saxon Harbour Company (Česko-saské přístavy, s.r.o.) River Labe quay sidings at Děčín-Loubí and in 2021 was on 28 August. The competition is usually limited to 10 teams competing over a 1.67km length siding traversed three times. The 2022 event was cancelled and it remains to be seen if there will be a Championship again in 2023.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Čáslav – voj. letiště Chotusice

(ERA-E 92C5; ERA-R 191B1; 38) CZ23/19

A 4.7km long branch runs northwards from the Třemošnice branch platform at Čáslav to serve Chotusice air base, home of the 21. základna taktického letectva (21st Tactical Air Force Base). There is a shuttle service when there is an air show at the base to a covered platform on the base perimeter adjacent to a 3km post, 3.3km from the Třemošnice branch platforms.

A service ran on 20 May 2017, with departures from Čáslav at 09:15, 10:15, 11:15, 12:15, 13:15, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00. This event normally takes place every two years and the last event was on 25 May 2019. The 2021 event was cancelled due to Covid, but an air show is planned for 20 May 2023. Details of any supporting train service had not been published as t January 2023.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

Hodonín ČD - Holíč nad Moravou ŽSR

[Ex ČD 332/Ex ŽSR 115] (ERA-E 95C3; ERA-R 197C2; 88 ČD section only) CZ23/30

This electrified single track cross border line closed to passengers at the December 2004 timetable change but is used by freight services and as a diversionary passenger route, fairly regularly in recent years due to major storm damage on the Czech main line. In use between 13th to 25th October 2023 with details on the ČD engineering work listings.

Liberec (odb. UPD) – Aquapark Babylon

[086] (ERA-E 92A5 not shown; ERA-R 191A4, not shown; 01) CZ23/31

This branch runs from the SW apex of the triangle at Liberec-Rochlice in a northerly direction, paralleling the line to Liberec station, but on the opposite (east) side of the E442 motorway to the DPML tram depot, slightly beyond Aquapark Babylon. In previous years KŽC Doprava have operated a Česká Kamenice - Liberec - Aquapark Babylon train pair (marketed as Lužický Motoráček) on Summer Saturdays. This was not shown in the timetable except as a footnote to Trains Sp1280/1281 in table 086 saying that the train continues to or comes from the siding of the Aquapark Babylon and DPM Liberec". The service was cancelled in 2020, probably due to Covid restrictions, but may restart in the future - refer to the KŽC Doprava website.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Rumburk – Ebersbach [DB]

[088] (ERA-E 92-A4; ERA-R 190C5, 02) CZ23/32

This cross-border line closed to regular passenger services at the end of 2010. In recent years occasional services have been operated by OSEF and LDC. Check websites for details. A trip by BDEF is advertised for 20 May 2023.

Ústí nad Labem avoiding line: Ústí nad Labem Jih. – Ústí nad Labem západ

[090,130] (ERA-E 92B3; ERA-R 190B4 (not shown on either); 8A) CZ23/33

This curve connects the Praha and Most lines. The only train (SP1656 15:22 SSuX Lovosice - Ústí nad Labem západ) was withdrawn at the December 2019 timetable change and there have been no regular timetabled services since.

From June 1 to July 28 2021, due to engineering work between Ústí nad Labem hlavní nádraží and Ústí nad Labem západ, the 2-hourly "Krušnohor" trains (numbers R60?, R61?) were diverted via this curve, running non-stop between Praha and Ústí nad Labem západ.

Vojkovice nad Ohří – Kyselka

[140/142](ERA-E 92B2; ERA-R 189C2; 17) CZ23/34

This 9km branch had a summer Saturday train for several years until 2019, the "Mattoni Express", running between Karlovy Vary dolní nádraží and Kyselka with connection from Karlovy Vary. This is in connection with "the Mattoni mineral water bottling museum". In 2019 trains left Karlovy Vary at 09:30 and Kyselka at 13:00. The service has not run since 2020, possibly due to Covid restrictions.

The 2019 details were on the CD website at CD Mattoni expresem do Kyselky and may appear at a similar location in future.

Praha-Radotin - Praha Krč

[171] (ERA-E 92A1-92A2; ERA-R 189B4-189B5; 36A) CZ23/35

Freight line 521A, occasionally used as a diversionary route when the main line via Praha-Smíchov is affected by engineering works.

Because of single-line working between Praha-Smíchov and Praha-Radotín from 8 to 14 May 2023, S7 services between Praha hl.n. and Beroun or Řevnice are diverted this way, outwards from Praha only until 10:00; inwards to Praha only for the rest of the day. This is in order to thin out the service. Diverted trains can be identified by their running non-stop between Praha-Radotín and Praha hl.n.

Note that even with a thinned-out service, the line is very congested and delays can be expected.

Previously, around a dozen trains per day were diverted this way between 13 December 2021 and 9 June 2022.

Note the substantial grade separated junction north of Praha-Velká Chuchle station.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Praha-Malešice - Praha Krč

[210] (ERA-E 92A2; ERA-R 189C5-189B4; 36B) CZ23/36

A few Praha hlavní nádraži - Čerčany and Dobříš services were diverted via Praha-Libeň and freight lines 525G and 521A between Praha-Malešice and Praha Krč, not calling at Praha Vršovice in February and March 2020. There are no diversions in the 2022-2023 timetable.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Brno freight avoiding line: Brno-Horní Heršpice – Brno dolní nádraží – odb. Táborská – Brno-Židenice

[250/251/260] (ERA-E 95B2; ERA-R 198C2, 79A) CZ23/37

Previously used by engineering diversions between 09 December 2018 and 14 December 2019 while Brno hl.n was closed as a through station and in use between Saturday July 4 and August 2 2020 due to work between Hl n and Brno-Židenice. The 2019-2020 timetable contained just two trains and these continued in the 2020-2021 timetable. No services in the 2022-2023 timetable.

Bílovice nad Svitavou (odb. Hady) – Brno Maloměřice Yard – Brno-Židenice

[260] (ERA-E 95B2 not shown; ERA-R 198C2 not shown; 79A) CZ23/38

Access to/egress from the north end of Maloměřice Yard from/to the Praha - Česká Třebová - Skalice nad Svitavou - Brno line is provided by two connections from odb. Hady, one on the north side of the main line and one on the south side. Several routes are possible through Maloměřice Yard. This route was used in the 2017-2018 Timetable period by Os4051 Blansko - 15:57 Bílovice nad Svitavou - Brno-Židenice which was allowed 8 min from Bílovice nad Svitavou to Brno-Židenice, as opposed to the 5 or 6 min allowed for all other trains, and was the only train to terminate at Brno-Židenice, so it seems probable that this was the booked route. However, there are no similar trains in the 2022-2023 timetable. A connection from the Havlíčkův Brod - Tišnov - Brno line into Maloměřice Yard is available at odb. Brno-Obřany. Both routes have been used in the past (e.g. June - August 2015) when there has been an engineering blockade.

Brno dolní nádraží – Brno-Horni Herspice obd. St. silnice

[240/244] (ERA-E 95B2 not shown; ERA-R 198C2; 79A) CZ23/39

Normally a freight-only route crossing the Brno - Břeclav main line on a flyover. This has been in regular passenger use since 9 January 2023 following damage to the viaduct over the Svratka River south of Brno hl.n. in December 2022 which has led to one of the four tracks in that area being taken out of use. A temporary timetable was initially introduced with most weekday S4 services to/from the Střelice direction starting from / terminating at Brno dolní nádraží, with a free connecting shuttle bus "X" to / from Brno hl.n. These changes have now been incorporated into the permanent timetable effective from 12 March 2023 and should continue until December 2023 when repair work is expected to be complete.

Nučice - Lomy Mořina / Velke Amerika

[ ] (ERA-E 92C4; ERA-R 190B1; 35) CZ23/40

Occasional excursions over this 13.8km freight line to quarries at Lomy Mořina and Velke Amerika, now tourist attractions, are operated by KDS Kladno. Eight are advertised in 2023 from various departure points here.

Kladno Dubi - důl Mayrau

[ ] (ERA-E 92C3; ERA-R 189A5 (not shown on either); 19B) CZ23/41

Occasional excursions over this freight line to the railway/coal mining museum at důl Mayrau have been operated in recent years by KDS Kladno. None are currently advertised for 2023, check the Kladno website for any changes to their programme.

Beroun - Čertovy schody

[ ] (ERA-E 92C3; ERA-R 190B1 (not shown on either); 35) CZ23/42

An excursion over this 7.3km freight line to Čertovy schody was scheduled for 25 September 2021. Operated by KDS Kladno. See their website for details. It is not known how frequent this runs but the website shows pictures of one in December 2022.


See Czech Republic - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than five trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday. Only particularly sparse services are specifically listed below:

017 Moravská Třebová - Chornice – Dzbel Three train pairs SSuO
021 Rychnov nad Kněžnou – Solnice Three SuX train pairs and one SO train
024 Moravský Karlov - Mlýnický Dvůr Four SSuO services
024 Dolni Lipka – Hanušovice Four SSuO train pairs, of which three pairs run daily between 1 July and 31 August 2023
026 Opočno pod Orlickými Horami – Dobruška Two SSuX train pairs which do not run 23-31 December 2022 and 3 July - 1 September 2023
027 Meziměstí – Walbrzych Gł. Limited summer weekend service expected, operator not yet confirmed
037 Nové Město pod Smrkem – Jindřichovice pod Smrkem Two daily train pairs, one SSuX train pair and four SSuO train pairs
042 Jablonec Nad Jizerou – Rokytnice nad Jizerou 1 return journey SSuO
043 Trutnov střed - Královec (– Lubawka (Poland)) 1 pair daily throughout and three train pairs daily 29 April to 1 October 2023. Service operated by GW Train Regio.
064 Mladějov v Čechách – Libuň – Lomnice nad Popelkou A complex mix of SSuX and SSuO services running between 29 April and 1 October 2023.
076 Mělník - Mšeno - Mladá Boleslav A complex service pattern with three or four train pairs M-F between Melnik and Mladá Boleslav (of which one runs direct to Mladá Boleslav město instead of the hl.n. station), plus three or four return pairs at weekends between 25 March and 29 October 2023.
082 Česká Kamenice - Kamenický Šenov Six train pairs SSuO 1 April to 29 October, four train pairs daily 29 May to 29 September 2023. Operated by KZC doprava, see "Kamenicky motoracek"
084 Krásná Lípa – Panský Four SSuX peak summer train pairs, four SSuO dated train pairs of which one is operated by KŽC Doprava.
096 Libochovice – Bříza obec Two train pairs SSuO 1 April to 29 October 2023. Operated by KŽC Doprava, s.r.o. See "Podřipský motoráček"
097 Lovosice – Chotiměř SSuO 1 April to 29 October 2023. Remains bus replaced Chotiměř to Radejčín
121 (Hostivice -) Středokluky - Noutonice – Podlešín Two train pairs SSuO 19 March to 4 November 2023 along entire length of line plus additional services between (Hostivice) Středokluky and Noutonice (one daily, two M-F, one SSuO).
124 Lužná u Rakovníka - Žatec Operated by Die Länderbahn CZ. Three daily services, one SSuO service and one limited days of week dated services.
125 (Lužná u Rakovníka –) Krupá – Kolešovice Heritage Train. No timings available for 2023 but service in previous years has consisted of two pairs of trains, SO, between July and August. Operated by CityRail a.s. See "Muzeum CD Luzna"
132 Děčín hl.n. - Telnice SSuO 1 April to 29 October. Four train pairs between Děčín hl.n. and Telnice. The service was originally planned to continue from Telnice to Jeníkov-Oldřichov but this section of line remains impassable. Operated by KŽC Doprava, see "Podkrušnohorský motoráček"
135 (Most –) Osek město – Moldava v Krušných horách Two train pairs SSuO. Additionally, four train pairs SSuO to 21 May and from 7 October, also daily 23 December 2022 to 2 January 2023, 3 February, 13-17 February, 27 February to 3 March, 6 April, 27 May - 1 October, 26-27 October 2023.
137 Chomutov – Vejprty - Cranzahl (DE) Three train pairs SSuO 29 April to 1 October 2023, operated by Die Länderbahn CZ. (Also listed in DB Table 517). Both the ČD and DB timetables now show these trains as running through between Chomutov and Cranzahl again this year.
141 Dalovice – Merklin Four train pairs daily.
144 Chodov – Nová Role Two train pairs SSuX.
144 Loket Předměstí – Loket Three train pairs SSuX, one train pair daily.
148 Aš mesto – Hranice v Cechách One train pair daily plus a train pair SSuO 1 July to 27 August 2023.
149 Krásný Jez – Horní Slavkov-Kounice Five train pairs SSuO 27 May - 27 August 2023.
162 Rakovník – Kralovice u Rakovníka One train pair SSuO 25 March to 29 October 2023, operated by KŽC Doprava. See "Rakovnický rychlík"
164 Kadaň - Vilémov u Kadaně - Podbořany, Vilémov u Kadaně – Kadaňský Rohozec. SSuO 1 April - 29 October 2023. Four trains from Kadaň variously visiting the branch to Kadaňský Rohozec and the line to Podbořany. Trains operated by Railway Capital, see Jízdní řády / Doupovská dráha
186 Svojšín – Bor One pair SO 13 May - 30 September 2023. Operated by GW Train Regio a.s.
204 Březnice - Rožmitál pod Třemšínem Four train pairs SSuO 11 June to 29 October 2023.
222 Vlašim – Trhový Štěpánov Railway Capital a.s. are promising a summer 2023 service but have yet to publish a timetable. See Jízdní řády / Vlašimka.
233 Čelákovice – Mochov One train pairs SSuX on 1 April 2023 only. Operated by KŽC Doprava s.r.o. See "Mochovský motoráček"
243 Moravské Budějovice – Jemnice Three pairs SO and four pairs SuO on most weekends from April to October 2023. See Capital Jízdní řády / Jemnická dráha.
244 Bohutice – Hrušovany nad Jevišovkou-Šanov Theee southbound and four northbound services SSuX plus two dated train pairs around holiday weekends
253 Boří Les - Lednice Four train pairs SSuO 29 April - 9 September 2023. Heritage train service.
261 Pustá Kamenice – Žd'árec u Skutče Four SSuX train pairs and five weekend only train pairs, some dated.
262 Velké Opatovice - Boskovice Four SSuX train pairs and two weekend only train pairs
276 Suchdol nad Odrou - Budišov nad Budišovkou Two daily, two SSuX and four SSuO train pairs plus a dated FO service
291 Petrov nad Desnou - Sobotin One SSuX train pair 24-27 December 2022, five SSuO train pairs from 7 January 2023
292 Jeseník - Mikulovice - Głuchołazy (Poland) - Jindřichov ve Slezsku Four train pairs daily, plus two SSuO pairs between Jeseník and Mikulovice (through to/from Zlaté Hory) of which one runs 1 July to 27 August 2023.
297 Mikulovice - Zlaté Hory Four SSuO train pairs plus one pair SSuO 1 July - 27 August 2023
298 Třemešná ve Slezsku - Osoblaha The service was suspended in June 2022 but should restart on 25 January 2023. Three train pairs daily plus two dated pairs SSuO .
304 Kojetín - Tovačov Five train pairs SO 1 July - 2 September 2023. Operated by Railway Capital a.s. See Jízdní řády / Tovačovka]
308 (Former 274) Litovel Předměstí – Mladeč Three train pairs SSuO 17 June to 28 September 2023.
312 Bruntál - Malá Morávka Five train pairs SSuO 1 July to 17 September 2023. Operated by MBM rail s.r.o.
314 Opava východ - Svobodné Heřmanic Three train pairs SSuO 27 May to 30 September 2023 and one SO train pair 27 May to 30 September 2023. See Capital Jízdní řády / Hvozdnický expres
340 Kunovice zastávka - Kunovice South to East side of triangle at Kunovice. One service daily South to East, three daily plus one dated SuO services East to South.
341 Bylnice - Vlárský prusmyk - Horné Srnie (Slovakia) FSuO train pairs, plus other dates, not 02 July - 27 August 2023 and other dates. With change of train at Vlárský prusmyk.

Deletions since the previous edition

CZ21/1 Praha-Bubny – Praha-Bubny Vltavska Usage of this temporary platform ceased in June 2020 when work on the Negrelli viaduct was completed
CZ21/22 Praha-Vršovice – Praha-Malešice – Praha-Běchovice Duplicate entry removed
CZ21/23 Praha-Vršovice - Praha-Vyšehrad - [Praha-Smíchov] No recorded use since 2017
CZ21/25 Hradec Kralove avoiding line: Praskačka (odb. Plačice) - Opatovice nad Labem Potential diversionary route, last recorded use in March-April 2017.
CZ21/27 Děčín východ (Děčín východ-st.1) – Děčín východ dolní nádraží – Děčín-Prostřední Žleb Diversionary route used during major engineering blockade in 2019, no recorded use since
013 Bošice – Bečváry Formerly operated as summer weekend excursion service "Podlipansky Motoracek" by KŽC Doprava, has not run since 2020 following withdrawal of support from regional government.
015 Heřmanův Městec – Prachovice Former sparse service, all services ceased with effect from 28 September 2020
017 Velké Opatovice - Chornice Former sparse service, all services ceased with effect from 13 December 2020
063 Bakov nad Jizerou – Dolní Bousov Former summer weekend sparse service, all services ceased after 2021 season
084 Rumburk – Krásná Lípa Not a sparse service, see table 081
Former 088 Rumburk – Ebersbach [DB] Sparse service entry moved to Obscure / occasional services
089 Varnsdorf-pivovar Kocour - Seifhennersdorf This frequent service was suspended in March 2015, due to operational licencing issues. Refer to General Information - Recent and future changes for any information on service reinstatement.
094 Vraňany - Lužec nad Vltavou Former sparse service, all services ceased after 10 December 2021
095 Zlonice – Straškov Former sparse service, all services ceased after 31 October 2021
Former 163 (Rakovník -) Protivec - Bochov Occasional destination for excursions but no recorded use since 2018
193 Číčenice - Týn nad Vltavou. Services stopped in 2021 after the operator KPT Rail ceased operations.
193 (Číčenice -) Dívčice - Netolice. Services stopped in 2021 after the operator KPT Rail ceased operations.
229 Jindrichuv Hradec – Nová Bystrice Train services on the JHMD narrow gauge network ceased after 2 October 2022.
255 Hodonín - Čejč Not a sparse service with five train pairs SSuX

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