France (Centre - Val de Loire) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Obscure Services

Les Aubrais/Orléans Area

[ERT 296, 310 & 315, fiches 1.2 Orléans - Vierzon & 2.1 Tours - Orléans] (ERA-E 27B4; ERA-R 70B2; 48C4) FR24/301

The ‘classic’ main lines from Paris to Tours and Vierzon (- Bourges/Limoges) split at Les Aubrais, north of Orléans, bypassing the city centre to the north-west and east respectively. The original main line continues southwards from Les Aubrais to Orléans, which is a terminal station. There are direct curves from Orléans west to the Tours line and east to the Vierzon line. The majority of regional services use these curves whereas there is a much thinner service over the main lines from Les Aubrais avoiding Orléans station:

  • towards La Chapelle-St.Mesmin used by Intercités services between Paris Austerlitz and the Tours line
  • towards St.Cyr-en-Val-La-Source used by Intercités services between Paris Austerlitz and Vierzon or beyond.

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St.Pierre-des-Corps (Poste 4) – Bifurcation de Tours [ – Monts (Indre-et-Loire)]

[ERT 300, fiche 2.5 Tours - Poitiers] (ERA-E 27C3, not shown; ERA-R 70A1 not shown; S+W 60D3) FR24/302

This east to south curve from St. Pierre-de-Corps to the Poitiers main line is used by TGVs and Intercités running between St-Pierre-des-Corps and Bordeaux. Local trains normally run direct between Monts and Tours, although any exceptions which run via St-Pierre-des-Corps (and hence use this curve) would be shown on fiche 2.5.

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St.Pierre-des-Corps (poste 4) – Bifurcation Grammont [ – Saumur or Chateau-du-Loir]

[ERT 271, 289, 335 & 391, fiches 2.6 Orléans - Nantes and 2.8 Tours - Le Mans] (ERA-E 27C3; ERA-R 70A1; S+W 60D3) FR24/303

This connection between the Paris and Angers lines, bypassing Tours, is used by trains running directly between St.Pierre-des-Corps and Saumur or Château-du-Loir. Other trains for these lines run direct from or to Tours.

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SO TER16572 Tours - 09:18 St Pierre-des-Corps - Caen
D OTG4071 Paris Austerlitz - 09:25 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
D TGV5350/51 Lyon Perrache - 09:47 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
D TGV5487 Strasbourg - 11:36 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
IC4502 Lyon Perrache - 14:28 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
IC4504 Lyon Perrache - 17:21 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
IC4506 Lyon Perrache - 20:29 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
OTG4085 Paris Austerlitz - 20:57 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
TGV5358 Montpellier Sud de France - 21:36 St Pierre-des-Corps - Nantes
TGV5300 Nantes - 05:29 Angers St Laud - Montpellier Sud de France
IC4402 Nantes - 07:32 Saumur - Lyon Perrache
D OTG4080 Nantes - 07:49 Saumur - Paris Austerlitz
SSuO TER16552 Caen - 11:12 Château-du-Loir - Tours
IC4404 Nantes - 12:47 Saumur - Lyon Perrache
FX TGV5306 Nantes - 13:49 Saumur - Lyon Perrache
D SSuMO IC4406 Nantes - 15:49 Saumur - Lyon Perrache
OTG4076 Nantes - 18:51 Saumur - Paris Austerlitz

D1: Not when calling at Le Mans instead of St Pierre-des-Corps

Note that most TGV services to and from Nantes run via Le Mans and do not use this route.

Bourges avoiding line: Marmagne – St.Florent-sur-Cher

[ERT 315, fiche 4.1, Montluçon - Bourges] (ERA-E 27C5; ERA-R 74C5; S+W 75B1) FR24/304

This west to south curve is used by trains between Vierzon and Montluçon not scheduled to call at Bourges. In the first half of 2023 trains ran as follows:-

From Vierzon: 08:56 SO, 10:23 SuX D, 19:23 FSSuX, 22:50 FO, 22:53 SuO

From Montluçon Ville: 05:20 SSuX, 05:30 SO, 06:00 SO, 10:40 D SuX

The line between St. Amand Montrond and Montluçon Ville is closed until the end of August 2024 with bus replacement. No trains over the obscure route until September 2024.

Bellébat turning circle (Musée des Transports de Pithiviers)

(ERA-E 27B5, not shown; ERA-R 70C2 not shown; S+W 49A2-49A3) FR24/305

See their website. Normally, trains arrive and depart by the long arc of the balloon loop at Bellébat. Exceptionally, the first train of the day arrives, and the last train of the day leaves, by the short arc here instead.

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