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Obscure Services

Lille Flandres Avoiding Line: La Madeleine (Jonctions du Lion d'Or) – Lille-Flandres Point Z – Lille-Europe AS

[ERT 11] (ERA-E 26A2, not shown; ERA-R 64A3, not shown; S+W 3B1) FR23/001

This line links the Lille-Flandres - Tourcoing line with the LGV Nord via the Raccordement de Becquerel, which descends alongside the Remisage de Lille Fives TGV Depot. It is used by Ouigo TGVs to and from Tourcoing.

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TGV7669/7668 06:02 Tourcoing - Bordeaux
TGV7867/7866 07:47 Tourcoing - Montpellier Sud de France
TGV7836/7837 Marseille St Charles - 22:07 Paris Charles de Gaulle - Tourcoing

Note that TGV7660/7661 Bordeaux to Tourcoing call at Lille Flandres, so do not use this route.

These trains need to be booked in advance online.

Arras Raccordement Nord: Arras (Bifurcation 199,6km) – Lille (Bifurcation 161,94km)

[ERT 18a, 250] (ERA-E 26B1; ERA-R 64C3; S+W 7A1) FR23/002

This west to north spur, linking Arras station with the LGV Nord-Europe to the north, is used by TGV trains running non-stop between Arras and Lille (whether Flandres or Europe stations). Any taking 33 minutes or more use the 'classic' line via Douai. It is also used by the following services:-

SSuX TER44401 06:43 Arras - Calais-Fréthun
SSuX TER44551 Amiens - 07:18 Arras - Lille Europe
TGV5062 Montpellier-Sud-de-France - 14:01 Arras - Lille Europe
TGV5124 08:22 Lille Europe - Marseille-St.-Charles
SSuX TER44550 Dunkerque - 19:22 Lille Europe - Amiens

Lourches (Poste 2) – Somain (Poste 3)

[ERT 256, fiche Lille - St Quentin] (ERA-E 26B2; ERA-R 64C4; S+W 7C1) FR23/003

This double track line provides an alternative route to the single-track direct line between Douai and Cambrai. Previously used by just one passenger train on weekdays, since December 2019 it has been used daily by service K40 between Lille and St Quentin.

Amiens avoiding line: Boves (Bifurcation de Longueau Sud) – Lamotte Brebière (Bifurcation de Camon)

[ERT 18a] (ERA 26C5; ERA-R 67C1; S+W 6B4-6C4) FR23/004

The curve was used in 2023 at weekends by the following K12 services:-

D SSuO TER16421 Paris Nord - 11:25 Longeau - Lille Flandres
D SSuO TER16423 Paris Nord - 19:34 Longeau - Lille Flandres
D SSuO TER16420 Lille Flandres - 09:50 Arras - Paris Nord
D SSuO TER16422 Lille Flandres - 19:51 Arras - Paris Nord

Engineering works on the Paris Nord - Amiens - Arras line in the first half of 2023-24 means bus replacement for parts of the journey and these weekend services do not run.

Barreau de Jussy (Mennessis avoiding line): Jussy (Bifurcation de Flavy-le-Martel) – Montescourt (Bifurcation Jussy)

[ERT 258, fiche Amiens - St Quentin/Laon] (ERA-E 30C1; ERA-R 71A5; S+W 16B1) FR22/005

This curve connects the Chaulnes - Tergnier and St Quentin - Tergnier lines north of Mennessis. It is used by fast service K20 between Amiens and St Quentin.

Aulnoye-Aymeries avoiding line: Berlaimont (Bifurcation de Berlaimont) – Leval (Bifurcation de Leval Est)

[ERT 262, fiche Lille - Hirson - Charleville] (ERA-E 30B1-C1; ERA-R 68A1; S+W 8B2) FR23/006

This line, which passes to the south of Aulnoye-Aymeries station, allows trains to run direct between Hirson and Valenciennes.

A SSuX 841902 Hirson - 06:53 Avesnes - Lille Flandres
A SSuX 841919 Lille Flandres - 18:42 Valenciennes - Hirson
Note A:- To 29 December 2023. Bus replacement until April 2024.

It is also used by summer weekend services. The timings below are for previous years.

D SSuO 846672 Hirson - 08:00 Avesnes - Dunkerque
D SSuO 846671 Dunkerque - 21:01 Valenciennes - Hirson

Summer Weekend Services

A number of curves in this region have been used by TER Mer summer "dated" weekend services to the coast. As the timetable information for these services is not published until the start of the summer, it is not known at the time of the December timetable change. These entries contain previous information, until updated with the details for the current summer. From summer 2017 the programme was marketed as "éTER en Hauts-de-France" .

Calais Fréthun (Bifurcation de Riviere Neuve) – Pont de Coulogne (Bifurcation de Coulogne)

[fiche 12] (ERA-E 26B4; ERA-R 67B4; S+W 1B1) FR21/111

This curve avoiding Calais Ville was used in summer 2018 by "dated" weekend trains between Lille Flandres/Arras and Boulogne/Rang-du-Fliers-Verton running non-stop between Hazebrouck and Wimille-Wimereux. Note that this route is not used by TGVs to/from Boulogne, which reverse at Calais Fréthun using a connection off the LGV line. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

No trains were scheduled to use this route in summer 2021.

Lambersart (Bifurcation de St.André) or Lompret (Bifurcation de 4 Maisons) – Santes (Bifurcation de la Tortue) or Haubourdin (Bifurcation de Haubourdin) (via Sequedin)

(ERA-E 26A1-A2; ERA-R 64A3; S+W 3B1-3A1) FR21/112

This freight line to the west of Lille, the middle section of which passes Lille Dèlivrance Triage and Sequedin, has triangular junctions at each end. The route between Bifurcation de 4 Maisons and Bifurcation de Haubourdin has been used by in previous years summer weekend trains to and from Dunkerque.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

The following have run this way in previous years, but use of route FR21/114 is possible.

D SSuO 846666 Jeumont - 08:42 St Amand-les-Eaux - Dunkerque
D SSuO 846672 Hirson - 10:16 St Amand-les-Eaux - Dunkerque
D SSuO 846668 17:00 Dunkerque - Jeumont
D SSuO 846671 19:06 Dunkerque - Hirson

Lesquin (Bifurcation de Lesquin) – Bifurcation du Mont de Terre – Raccordement de Ronchin – Lille Porte de Douai (Bifurcation de la Justice)

(ERA-E 26A2; ERA-R 64A3; S+W 3C2-3B1) FR21/113

This freight line on the south side of Lille avoids the main station area.

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It is used by the trains listed under route FR21/112 above, if routed that way.

Lille Flandres Avoiding Line: La Madeleine (Jonctions du Lion d'Or) – Ronchin (Bifurcation des Sourds et Mouets)

(ERA-E 26A2, not shown; ERA-R 64A3; S+W 3B1) FR22/114

This freight line links the lines which diverge at the throat of Lille Flandres station. It provides an alternative route between the Valenciennes and Hazebrouck lines to routes FR21/112 and FR21/113. Trains listed under route FR21/652 may alternatively run this way, though it has been the less-favoured route in recent years. The following trains ran in 2022.

D 846630/1 07:58 Jeumont - 08:55 St. Amand les Eaux - Dunkerque
D 846610/1 16:50 Dunkerque - Jeumont
D 846608/9 08:45 Jeumont - 09:39 St. Amand les Eaux - Dunkerque

Lille Flandres (Bifurcation des Sourds et Mouets) – Bifurcation du Mont de Terre – Lesquin (Bifurcation de Lesquin)

(ERA-E 26A2; ERA-R 64A3; S+W 3B1-3C2) FR17/115

No use in 2018 as on 4 August 2018 the previous years TER MER train ex Dunkerque ran via FR21/112 and FR21/113. This freight line on the south side of Lille links the Bethune line tracks from Lille Flandres station and the Lille Avoiding Line with the Valenciennes line. It is common with the Bif. de Lesquin – Bif. de la Justice connection between Bif. du Mont de Terre and Bif. de Lesquin.

Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Raccordement d'Avion: Pont de Sallaumines (Bifurcation de Sallaumines Ouest) – Avion (Bifurcation d'Avion)

(ERA-E 26B1; ERA-R 64B2; S+W 7A1) FR121

This east to south curve avoiding Lens is used for diversions when the Arras - Douai line is blocked and trains are shown with extended journey time. Used by diverted Lille - Amiens services on 13/14 June 2020 and 20/21 June 2020.

Raccordement de Sallaumines: Sallaumines (Bifurcation d'Epinette) – Coron de Méricourt (Bifurcation du Sallaumines)

(ERA-E 26B1; ERA-R 64B3; S+W 7A1) FR122

This north to east curve avoiding Lens is used for diversions when the Lille - Douai line is blocked and trains are shown with extended journey time.

Ormoy-Villers – Bifurcation Ageux – Longueil-Ste.Marie or Le-Meux-Croix-St.Ouen (Bifurcation Rivecourt)

[fiches Paris - Laon and Paris - St Quentin] (ERA-E 27A5; ERA-R 70C4-C5; S+W 15D4-15D3) FR123

This electrified line connects the Paris Nord - Laon and Creil - St.Quentin lines, with a triangular junction at the north end.

  • Longueil-Ste Marie to Ormoy-Villers via the south curve is used between Paris and Laon (with reversal at Ormoy-Villers) when extended journey times and bus substitution south of Ormoy-Villers apply
  • Ormoy-Villers to Le-Meux-Croix-St Ouen via the north curve is used between Paris and Compiègne or beyond when shown non-stop with a journey time of circa 51+ minutes (instead of the normal 41 minutes).

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