Border Crossings: France - Germany

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(Thionville -) Apach (Moselle) SNCF - Perl DB (- Trier)

[E*] DB operates freight to Apach using dual-frequency electric locomotives. Regular passenger services terminate short of the border, SNCF at Apach and DB at Perl. A limited cross-border passenger service operates at weekends, comprising two round trips from Metz to Trier, operated by SNCF. On 4 April 2019 Grand Est and Rheinland-Pfalz announced that they were working on plans to improve the service by 2024. In December 2021 Grand Est issued an invitation to tender for a two-hourly Trier – Perl – Metz service, running every day, to begin on 8 December 2024.

(Bouzonville -) Guerstling SNCF - Niedaltdorf DB (- Dillingen (Saar))

[D] Freight only. DB operates a passenger service between Dillingen (Saar) and Niedaltdorf. Regular cross-border freight ceased in 2013 and the line in Germany was up for sale or closure, but it has been reprieved as part of the general moratorium on line closures in Germany. A shuttle service has operated for a number of years on Good Friday from Dillingen (Saar) in conjunction with the market at Bouzonville - see Niedaltdorf – Bouzonville for details and train timings.

(Bouzonville -) Hargarten-Falck SNCF - Überherrn DB (- Völklingen)

Last train 1 November 1972 but not officially closed until 30 April 2001

Reumaux HBL - Merlebach Nord HBL

Line closed. This line was part of the Houillères du Bassin de Lorraine system, a network which served the mining industry in the area. The last pit in the Bassin de Lorraine closed in 2004, and with the closure went the need for the rail network.

At one time there was an unadvertised passenger service over the line.

Forbach SNCF - Saarbrücken DB

[E*] DB ICE trains run between Frankfurt and Paris via this route. SNCF diesel multiple-units are used on local trains. Most freight trains use DB dual-frequency electric locomotives.

Sarreguemines SNCF - Hanweiler-Bad Rilchingen DB (- Saarbrücken)

[E] Stadtbahn Saar GmbH works a light rapid transit system between Sarreguemines and Saarbrücken, using DB and SNCF tracks south from Brebach. The through workings between Strasbourg and Saarbrücken are operated by SNCF diesel multiple-units. The line between Sarreguemines and Saarbrücken is electrified at the German standard 15kV 16.7Hz.

Wissembourg SNCF - Schweighofen DB (- Winden (Pfalz))

[D] DB works to Wissembourg. In December 2021, Grand Est issued an invitation to tender for an hourly Neustadt (Weinstr.) – Wissembourg – Haugenau – Strasbourg service, to begin in December 2024.

Lauterbourg SNCF - Berg DB (- Wörth (Rhein))

[D] DB works to Lauterbourg. In December 2021, Grand Est issued an invitation to tender for an hourly Karlsruhe – Wörth (Rhein) – Lauterbourg – Strasbourg service, to begin in December 2024.

Roeschwoog SNCF - Wintersdorf DB (- Rastatt)

Line Closed. No timetabled passenger service since December 12 1944 when the border bridge was blown up. The repaired bridge was brought into use in May 1949 and freight traffic 1949-1966 was mainly military. The border bridge was adapted in 1960 to take road traffic as well as trains and remains in use as a road bridge in 2024

Last train May 18 1966

(Strasbourg -) Krimmeri-Meinau SNCF - Kehl DB

[E*] SNCF TGVs work between Paris/Marseille and various stations in Germany. DB multi-system ICEs work between Paris and Stuttgart/Frankfurt (Main). The regular local trains between Strasbourg and Offenburg are operated by Ortenau S-Bahn GmbH with RegioShuttle diesel railcars.

Strasbourg CTS: Port du Rhin - Kehl Bahnhof

[E] Tram line D of the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois was extended across the river Rhin (Rhine), to Kehl Bahnhof on 29 April 2017. The line was further extended to Kehl Rathaus on 23 November 2018.

(Mulhouse -) Bantzenheim SNCF - Neuenburg (Baden) DB (- Müllheim (Baden))

[E*] SNCF works freight to Neuenburg (Baden) using dual-frequency electric locomotives. A full passenger service using SNCF diesel units replaced the former seasonal service from 9 December 2012. A through TGV between Paris and Freiburg im Breisgau was introduced in August 2013, but this service now runs via Kehl.

Due to SNCF staff shortage all passenger services on this route were suspended with effect from December 9 2023 until at least March 31 2024

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