France (Occitanie) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Obscure Services

Raccordement de Narbonne: Lézignan (Bifurcation Raccordement Nord) – Port La Nouvelle (Bifurcation Sud)

[ERT 13] (ERA-E 29B5; ERA-R 79A3) FR24/501

This west to south curve avoiding Narbonne was previously used by an overnight train pair between Paris Austerlitz and Port Bou via Toulouse, but these now reverse and call at Narbonne. A RENFE train pair between Barcelona and Toulouse was suspended in 2019, because of Covid, and formally abandoned in December 2021.

Avignon Centre – Remoulins - Nîmes (Poste 1)

(ERA-E 32B2-33A2; ERA-R 75C2-79B4) FR24/503

The line from Avignon crosses the Rhône and connects with the southern end of the Rhône West Bank (Rive Droite) line. One train each way most days between Pont-Saint-Esprit and Avignon Centre is extended to, or starts back from, Nîmes Centre. However, the departure time can vary considerably between periods and prospective users should check the timetable carefully for the date.
These trains are run to exchange the units but are advertised in the timetable. [[1]] Select Ligne Nîmes - Pont-Saint-Esprit and then the desired timetable period.
The trains are non-stop between Avignon Centre and Nîmes Centre and have in the past run via Remoulins. However, recent reports indicate that this routing cannot always be relied upon and it is not possible to determine from the timetable whether they will run via Remoulins or via Tarascon.

Other trains between Avignon Centre and Nîmes are occasionally diverted this way. Diversion would be indicated by the omission of a regular stop at Tarascon.

Villeneuve-lès-Avignon – Remoulins - Nîmes (Poste 1)

(ERA-E 32B2-33A2; ERA-R 75C2-79B4) FR24/502

This is the southern end of the Rhône West Bank (Rive Droite) line. It is used occasionally by passenger trains diverted for engineering work.
Between 2 and 13 October 2023 (only) it was used by the following train:

TER876719 09:12 Pont-Saint-Esprit - 09:20 Bagnols sur Cèze - Nîmes Centre

Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions


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