Italy (Campania) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force until 12 December 2020. Although dated as 'from 14 June 2020' the timetable has been updated and reissued monthly since then. The current edition shows some trains as running for only a few months, but later updates may extend the period of operation. Users are recommended to check the Trenitalia website to ensure they are using the latest version.

Table numbers quoted here are from In Treno Tutt'Italia, the official Trenitalia timetable. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the European Railway Atlas Regional Series and, in italic, to the Schweers+Wall Atlante ferroviario d’Italia e Slovenia.

Two useful symbols exist which show the booked route for trains not calling at a station: in the middle of the train column, a vertical bar "|" means that the train passes through the station without stopping, whereas a dot "." means that the train does not pass through that station but instead takes a different route.

Obscure services

Rocca d'Evandro-S Vittore - Bivio Cassino Sud

[80] (164A5, 77B2) IT20/130

This route is partly in Lazio; see IT20/129

1º Bivio Caserta Nord - 2º Bivio Caserta Nord (Interconnessione Caserta Nord)

[6] (164A4, 77C4) IT20/131

This 6.1km connecting line allows trains on the AV/AC line from Roma to Napoli to connect with the old main line from Roma to Napoli via Caserta and is used by all Frecciargento high-speed services between Roma and Foggia, Bari and Lecce.

Aversa avoiding line: S. Marcellino-Frignano – Gricignano-Teverola

[3, 85] (163A3-163B3, 150C3-150D3) IT20/132

This west to east curve is used by trains between the Formia and Caserta lines, to avoid reversal at Aversa. It is used by some trains between Roma and Caserta, because the Formia route is faster than the original main line via Cassino. However, Frecciargento trains between Roma, Bari and Lecce via Caserta use the new high speed line and not this route. It is also used by trains running direct to Cancello via IT20/133.

SO R2401 Roma Termini - 14:54 Villa Literno - Napoli Centrale
SuX R2417/2419 Roma Termini - 16:44 Villa Literno - Benevento
FO IC705 16:01 Roma Termini - Taranto
SuX R26107 Napoli Campi Flegrei - 19:45 S Marcellino-Frignano - Caserta
R2421 Roma Termini - 21:44 Villa Literno - Napoli Centrale
SuX R2397 Roma Termini - 23:09 S Marcellino-Frignano - Napoli Centrale
ICN1955 Roma Termini - 22:21/22:23/22:44 Formia-Gaeta - Siracusa
D1 TWThO ICN35197 23:00 Roma Termini - Siracusa
D2 ICN1963 20:10 Milano Centrale - Siracusa
D3 FSuX ICN1556 Siracusa - 23:33 Salerno - Milano Centrale
SuX R12408 Caserta - 03:58 Marcianise - Formia-Gaeta
D SuO ICN788 Lecce - 04:07 MO Caserta - Roma Termini
D4 ICN794 Reggio di Calabria Centrale - 03:10 Salerno - Torino Porta Nuova#
D5 ICN1558/1956 Siracusa - 00:05 Villa S Giovanni - Roma Termini
SuX R2418 Benevento - 06:17 Marcianise - Roma Termini

D1: 3 to 26 November, also Monday 2 November 2020

D2: SSuX 21 September to 9 October 2020; also 24 October, 7 & 14 November 2020. (On nights when it uses this route the train runs under a variety of alternative numbers ICN1563, ICN35213, ICN35223, ICN35253, ICN35633 and ICN35973)

D3: 12 October to 12 November and 23 to 30 November 2020

D4: 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 & 26 October and 1 November to 5 December 2020

D5: Not via this route when departing Siracusa on 21 September to 11 October 2020

Gricignano-Teverola – Maddaloni-Marcianise Smistamento – Cancello

[3, 85] (163B3, 150D3-151C3) IT20/133

This line, opened in 1993, provides a connection between the Roma - Napoli main line via the coast and the inland main line via Cassino, bypassing Caserta and serving Maddaloni-Marcianise marshalling yard and freight terminal en route. The following trains use the Aversa avoiding line (IT20/132 above) and this route. These are ones shown in table 3 in In Treno not passing through Aversa, Caserta or Napoli Piazza Garibaldi. When using this route these trains often have a ICN3xxxx number.

D6 ICN1599 23:00 Roma Termini - Siracusa
D7 ICN1585/1595 Torino Porta Nuova - 23:24 Roma Tiburtina - Reggio di Calabria Centrale
D8 ICN1563 20:10 Milano Centrale - Siracusa
D9 ICN1556 Siracusa - 23:33 Salerno - Milano Centrale
D10 ICN794 Reggio di Calabria Centrale - 03:10 Salerno - Torino Porta Nuova
D11 ICN1956 Siracusa - 00:05 Villa S Giovanni - Roma Termini

D6: Daily to 3 September, MTWThO 7 September to 29 October 2020

D7: Daily to 3 September, MTWThO 7 September to 30 November 2020

D8: MWO 31 August to 9 September, also 4, 16 & 18 September, TThO 22 September to 1 October and MTWThO 12 October to 30 November 2020

D9: MTWThO 15 September to 8 October and 16 to 19 November, also 3 October 2020

D10: 19 & 20 September and 10 to 17 October 2020

D11: 21 September to 11 October 2020 (from Siracusa)

Madonnelle - Volla (Circumvesuviana)

[508] (163B2, 153A2) IT20/134

This south to north route allows trains to run between the line to San Giorgio a Cremano via Villa Visconti and the line towards Baiano without reversal.

There was an extended period when trains appeared in the Circumvesuviana timetable but did not run. However, a service comprising one return trip on weekday afternoons was observed operating in January and March 2019 and appears to have continued until early 2020.

No trains are advertised via this route, or to Acerra, in the timetable effective from 18 May 2020. It is not known if this is a temporary or permanent measure.

As and when the line is extended from Volla to the new station on the high-speed line at Afragola, there may be a service throughout the day, but it could be many years before this happens.

Linea Monte Vesuvio: Napoli Centrale (Bivio/PC Casoria) – Salerno

[86] (164A4-164B3, 153A2-154D2) IT20/135

This line is normally used by trains between Napoli Centrale and Salerno which are not scheduled to stop intermediately. The southeast end of the line is also used thus:

  • Salerno – Bivio S Lucia: Trains between Salerno and Nocera Inferiore not scheduled to stop intermediately
  • Salerno – Bivio Sarno: All trains between Salerno and Sarno. This includes most overnight trains via Salerno which do not call at Napoli Centrale; these run via Cancello.

Trains are diverted via the old main line via Torre Annunziata Centrale from 21 September until 11 October 2020.

Linea Monte Vesuvio: Napoli avoiding line

[3, 86] (163B3, 153A1) IT20/136

A north to east curve allows trains to run direct between the high-speed lines from Napoli to Roma and to Salerno without reversing at Napoli Centrale.

Trains do not use this route between 21 September and 11 October 2020, when they are diverted via Napoli Centrale and Torre Annunziata Centrale or are cancelled.

D FA8345 Roma Termini - 10:01 Napoli Afragola - Reggio di Calabria
D FA8419 Venezia Santa Lucia - 17:38 Napoli Afragola - Reggio di Calabria
D FA8519 Bolzano/Bozen - 19:21 Napoli Afragola - Sibari
D ITA8145 Torino Porta Nuova - 19:30 Napoli Afragola - Reggio di Calabria
D FR9608 05:15 Salerno - Milano Centrale
D FA8514 Sibari - 09:13 Salerno - Bolzano/Bozen
D FA8418 Reggio di Calabria - 09:50 Salerno - Venezia Santa Lucia
D FA8344 Reggio di Calabria - 18:48 Salerno - Roma Termini

ITA8145 is an Italo high-speed train on which Trenitalia tickets, Interrail and Eurrail are not valid.

Benevento - Morcone

(164B5, 78B4-78B3) IT20/137

This is part of the line from Benevento to Bosco Redole, which lost its passenger service in 2013, because of a landslide. Excursions are sometimes operated to Morcone, from Napoli Centrale and from Salerno. See the Fondazione FS website for more information.

Avellino - Lioni

(164B4-164C4, 83B1-83D2) IT20/138

This is part of the line from Avellino to Rocchetta S Antonio Lacedonia, which lost its passenger service in 2010. Excursions are sometimes operated from Benevento to Lioni. See the Fondazione FS website for more information.

Routes used occasionally for diversions

Gricignano-Teverola – Maddaloni-Marcianise Smistamento – Maddaloni Inferiore (Bivio Maddaloni)

[80] (163B3, 150D3-151B3) IT20/139

This is a variation on route IT20/133, but including the north-facing curve at the east end of Maddaloni-Marcianise Smistamento towards Caserta, instead of the south-facing one to Cancello. IC trains between Roma and Napoli were diverted this way on a number of occasions in 2019.

Casalnuovo di Napoli (Doppio Bivio Cassino) - Napoli S Giovanni-Barra (Doppio Bivio Marittima)

[86] (163B2, 155D2-155D3) IT20/140

This line enables trains to run between the Cancello and Torre Annunziata lines without having to reverse at Napoli Centrale.

D12 ICN1575 Torino Porta Nuova - 23:24 Roma Tiburtina - Reggio di Calabria Centrale
D13 ICN1963 20:10 Milano Centrale - Siracusa

D12: WThFSO 24 June to 24 July, FO 18 September to 30 October and SSuO 26 September to 18 October 2020, but not 3 October

D13: 22, 24 to 27 & 29 September and 1, 2, 4 & 6 to 11 October 2020

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