Italy - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force until 12 December 2020. Although dated as 'from 14 June 2020' the timetable has been updated and reissued monthly since then. The current edition shows some trains as running for only a few months, but later updates may extend the period of operation. Users are recommended to check the Trenitalia website to ensure they are using the latest version.

Table numbers quoted here are from In Treno Tutt'Italia, the official Trenitalia timetable. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the European Railway Atlas Regional Series and, in italic, to the Schweers+Wall Atlante ferroviario d’Italia e Slovenia.

Two useful symbols exist which show the booked route for trains not calling at a station: in the middle of the train column, a vertical bar "|" means that the train passes through the station without stopping, whereas a dot "." means that the train does not pass through that station but instead takes a different route.

Westbound and northbound trains normally have even train numbers. Eastbound and southbound trains normally have odd numbers. Trains may, therefore, have several numbers during the course of a journey. For example, the 07:13 Bergamo to Ventimiglia, which runs west to Milano, south to Genova and then west again, is successively IR1786, IR1787 and IR1788. In the tables below the train number used is that applicable at the last stop before the route concerned. Where two train numbers are shown, that is because they vary with the day of operation. Trains running on only a few days during the Christmas and New Year holiday period are not included in the lists; none use lines without any other passenger service.

When a train is being re-scheduled, to allow for engineering work or for other reasons, it is likely to be given an alternative train number, usually of five digits starting with 3. The last two digits are generally, but not always, the same as those of usual train number. For passenger reservation purposes the usual number may be used. Where a train is diverted via an obscure route that it does not normally use, the relevant 3xxxx train number is quoted in the lists. Many trains have alternative numbers because of diversions or retimings that do not affect use of obscure routes and in such cases only the usual number is quoted, in the interests of clarity and space.

Lines are listed in geographic order, from north to south, grouped by region. However, the Firenze - Roma direttissima (which passes through the regions of Toscana, Umbria and Lazio) is shown as a separate group. Special Notes and details of Linea Alta Velocità (High Speed Lines), Other Sparse Services, Bus services in substitute for trains, and Deletions since previous edition can be found at the end of this page.

List of Regions:-

Lombardia (includes Milano) entries starting with 'ITxx/01'
Trentino Alto Adige entries starting with 'ITxx/21'
Veneto entries starting with 'ITxx/31'
Friuli Venezia Giulia entries starting with 'ITxx/41'
Piemonte (includes Torino) entries starting with 'ITxx/51'
Liguria (includes Genova) entries starting with 'ITxx/61'
Emilia Romagna (includes Bologna) entries starting with 'ITxx/71'
Toscana (includes Firenze) entries starting with 'ITxx/81'
Marche entries starting with 'ITxx/91'
Firenze - Roma direttissima entries starting with 'ITxx/101'
Lazio (includes Roma) entries starting with 'ITxx/121'
Campania (includes Napoli) entries starting with 'ITxx/131'
Abruzzo and Molise entries starting with 'ITxx/141'
Puglia entries starting with 'ITxx/161'
Calabria entries starting with 'ITxx/171'
Sicilia entries starting with 'ITxx/181'
Sardegna entries starting with 'ITxx/191'

The following regions currently have no Obscure Services: Basilicata and Valle d'Aosta.

Special Notes

The Trenitalia timetables suggest that on certain lines fast trains and stopping trains run via different routes, but in fact there is a quadruple line with station platforms on only one pair of tracks. Such lines include Prato Centrale to Firenze Rifredi and Padova to Venezia Mestre.

Linea Alta Velocità (High-Speed Lines)

The following high-speed lines, which are electrified at 25 KV 50 Hz rather than the standard Italian 3,000 Volts DC, are used by Alta Velocità trains. These are marketed as Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca and Frecciargento. High-speed services are also provided by open access operator Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, trading as Italo.

  • Torino Stura – Milano (Rho Fiera)
  • Treviglio (Bivio Casirate) - Brescia (Bivio Mella) (but note that the final connection may be further east than the present one)
  • Milano (Bivio Melegnano) – Bologna – Firenze (Castello)
  • Roma (Prenestina) – Napoli (Gianturco)

There are various intermediate connections between these lines and older routes, but most see limited or no use by passenger trains. Those with a passenger service are:

Although there is a connection from the high-speed line at Bianze, AV trains between Torino and Vercelli run via the old main line. The connection at Bivio Novara Ost was used by passenger trains until the high-speed line was completed to Milano. The connection at Bivio Emilia, south of Bologna, was used by all high-speed services until the low level line through Bologna Centrale opened, and thereafter by one train pair until December 2018.

Other connections used while high-speed lines were under construction, but no longer with a passenger service are:

  • Crossovers at Bologna S Viola
  • Gricignano-Teverola - 1º Bivio Gricignano

There are also high-speed lines electrified at 3,000 Volts DC, which may be used by other trains:

  • Milano Lambrate – Treviglio: See IT20/14
  • Milano Rogoredo – Tavazzano (Bivio Melegnano): See IT20/15
  • Padova – Venezia Mestre: This is effectively a quadrupling of the old main line.
  • Roma – Firenze Direttissima: This is an older high-speed line. See separate details.
  • Napoli – Salerno: See IT20/135

It appears to be practice for DC high-speed lines to be known as Direttissima and for AC lines to be known as Linea AV/AC.


See Italy - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The train service may well be suspended on some local lines for varying periods during the summer holidays between late June and early September, especially in northern Italy and Campania. It may be advisable to check services locally.

The following lines not included above have few trains (relative to service levels generally in Italy) - five trains or fewer each way on at least three days a week, or do not run each weekday. Lines with no Sunday trains are noted, but where there is a Sunday service it may be very limited on rural lines. Even on lines with more than five trains daily the service may be very irregular, with a few early morning journeys and then none until the afternoon.

10 Bardonecchia – Modane (France) Local trains at summer weekends, otherwise TGV services only
13 Trieste Centrale - Sežana (Slovenia)
15 Tarvisio Boscoverde – Arnoldstein (Austria) Overnight services and two day trains
15 Carnia - Tarvisio Boscoverde Sparse weekday service; better at weekends
91 Metaponto - Sibari
106 Savigliano - Saluzzo No Saturday or Sunday service
109 Ventimiglia - Limone
120 Asti - Acqui Terme No Sunday service
125 Chivasso - Valenza No Sunday service
150 Mortara - Vercelli
170 Albate-Camerlata - Molteno Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
220 Treviso Centrale - Portogruaro-Caorle No Sunday service
236 Casarsa - Portogruaro-Caorle No Sunday service
250 Fidenza – Fornovo
259 Cecina – Volterra-Saline-Pomarance Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
270 Lavezzola – Granarolo Faentino [- Faenza] Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
270 Russi – Granarolo Faentino [- Faenza] Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service, except for a few trains during the summer
273 Firenze Campo di Marte - Firenze S Marco Vecchio Peak service Mon-Sat; one train on summer Sundays
280 Firenze Porta al Prato - Le Piagge (Firenze Cascine) Peak service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
302 Viterbo Porta Fiorentina - Attigliano-Bomarzo No Sunday service
311 Avezzano - Roccasecca
313 Termoli - Campobasso Additional services planned from December 2020
329 Mercato S Severino - Nocera Inferiore No Sunday service
330 Mercato S Severino - Avellino
332 Foggia - Manfredonia Summer service only
339 Barletta - Spinazzola Limited service Mon-Sat pm; no Sunday service
346 Taranto - Brindisi No Sunday service
360 Sassari - Porto Torres Marittima
361 Olbia – Golfo Aranci Sparse winter service; a few additional trains during the summer
375 [Catania Centrale -] Lentini Diramazione – Caltagirone
378 Canicatti – Aragona Caldare
388 Piraineto - Castelvetrano
392 Canicatti - Siracusa No Sunday service; few trains on parts of the line Mondays to Saturdays
435 Parma - Suzzara (TPER) No Sunday service
436 Reggio Emilia - Reggio Emilia S Lazzaro (TPER) Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
436 Reggio Emilia - Guastalla (TPER) No Sunday service
437 Reggio Emilia - Sassuolo (TPER) No Sunday service
438 Reggio Emilia - Ciano d'Enza (TPER) No Sunday service
439 Ferrara - Suzzara (TPER) No Sunday service
440 Ferrara - Codigoro (TPER) No Sunday service
442 Casalecchio Garibaldi - Vignola (TPER) No Sunday service
445 Arezzo - Sinalunga (TFT) No Sunday service
446 Arezzo - Pratavecchio Stia (TFT) No Sunday service
460 to 465 Ferrovie del Sud Est: Entire network No Sunday service
462a Gallipoli Baia Verde - Casarano One train in one direction only
- Sassi – Superga (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti) No trains on Wednesdays
- Rodi Garganico - Peschici Calenella (Ferrovie del Gargano) Summer Service only
- Bari - Gravina in Puglia and Matera Sud (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane) No Sunday service
- Gravina in Puglia – Genzano (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane) Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
- Potenza - Avigliano Città (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane) No Sunday service
- Catania Borgo - Randazzo (Ferrovia Circumetnea) No Sunday service
- Randazzo - Riposto (Ferrovia Circumetnea) Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service
- Sassari - Sorso (Ferrovie della Sardegna) No Sunday service
- Sassari - Alghero (Ferrovie della Sardegna) No Sunday service during the winter
- Macomer - Nuoro (Ferrovie della Sardegna) No Sunday service
- San Gottardo (Cagliari) - Mandas (Ferrovie della Sardegna) No Sunday service
- Mandas – Isili (Ferrovie della Sardegna) Limited service Mon-Sat; no Sunday service

Bus services in substitute for trains

Services over the following lines have been replaced by buses, mostly owing to infrastructure problems. It is definitely intended that some routes will re-open to rail traffic, but others are in doubt.

26 Novi Ligure - Tortona Service suspended to facilitate construction of a Milano - Genova high-speed line
134 Sesto Calende - Laveno-Mombello
156 Bressana Bottarone - Broni Trains replaced by buses until 12 September 2020, because of work at Broni
172 Seregno - Carnate-Usmate Trains replaced by buses, in order to provide a more reliable service on other lines
172 Paderno-Robbiate - Calusco The bridge over the River Adda needs to be replaced
233 Gemona del Friuli - Maniago
258 Pisa Centrale - Collesalvetti - Vada See route IT20/89 for occasional diversions
310 Priverno Fossanova – Terracina
312 Sulmona - Carpinone See route IT20/141 for details of special excursions
313 (part) Rocca Ravindola - Campobasso Closed for electrification work; may re-open December 2021
315 [Campbasso -] Bosco Redole - Benevento See route IT20/137 for details of special excursions.
335 Avellino - Lioni See route IT20/138 for details of special excursions.
337 Rocchetta S Antonio Lacedonia - Gioia del Colle
375 (part) Caltagirone – Gela
409 (part) Rovato FN - Bornato-Calino Trains replaced by buses in 2018 on economic grounds, so unlikely to resume. See route IT20/17 for details of occasional excursions.
414 Rivarolo Canavese - Pont Canavese (GTT) Bus service not shown in In Treno, but there are plans to electrify and reopen the line.
447 Citta di Castello - Sansepolcro (Ferrovia Centrale Umbra)
448 Perugia Ponte S Giovanni - Terni (Ferrovia Centrale Umbra)
449 Perugia Ponte S Giovanni - Perugia S Anna (Ferrovia Centrale Umbra)
460a Bari Mungivacca - Rutigliano - Putignano (Ferrovie del Sud Est)
- Licola - Torregáveta (EAV srl)
- Barletta Centrale - Corato (Ferrotramviaria)
- Genzano – Avigliano Lucania (Ferrovie Appulo Lucane)

A number of other bus services appear in In Treno either in substitution for long-closed lines or FrecciaLink coaches to towns not on the high-speed network.

The following routes are shown on the Indice Grafico delle Relazioni (route diagram) in In Treno, but have no Trenitalia service at all, train or bus. In a few cases, which are noted, there is a train service not shown in In Treno.

60 & 70 Ancona - Ancona Marittima
111 Torino - Courmayeur Former bus service
125 Vercelli - Casale Popolo
134 Sesto Calende - Oleggio
157 Piacenza - Castelvetro
286 Fabriano - Pergola
325 Sarno - Codola The north to east side of the triangle at Codola is closed to all traffic.
323 Napoli - Sorrento Former bus service. Circumvesuviana services not included in In Treno
338 Bari - Matera Former bus service. Ferrovie Appulo-Lucane services not included in In Treno
347 Lecce - Gallipoli - S Maria di Leuca Former bus service. Ferrovie Sud Est trains shown in tables 462 and 464
349 Lecce - Otranto Former bus service. Ferrovie Sud Est trains shown in tables 463 and 465
388 Alcamo Diramazione - Calatafimi - Trapani

Services not shown in In Treno

Timetables for the following services can be found at the websites shown. Urban metro systems are not included in this list.

L’Assunta/Maria Himmelfahrt – Collalbo/Klobenstein SAD Trasporto Locale SpA (Table 160)
Trento - Mezzana Trentino trasporti esercizio SpA
Sassi – Superga Gruppo Torinese Trasporti
Circumvesuviana network EAV srl Linee Vesuviane
Napoli Montesanto - Torregáveta and Licola EAV srl Linee Flegree
Cancello - Benevento and S Maria Capua Vetere - Piedimonte Matese EAV srl Linee Suburbane
S Severo - Peschici-Calenella and Foggia - Lucera Ferrovie del Gargano
Bari – Bitonto – Barletta and Bari - Cecilia Ferrotramviaria SpA
Bari – Matera Sud Ferrovie Appulo Lucane
Bari – Genzano (and bus connections to/from Potenza) Ferrovie Appulo Lucane
Potenza Centrale - Avigliano Citta Ferrovie Appulo Lucane
Catanzaro Lido - Soveria Mannelli Ferrovie della Calabria
Catania Borgo - Randazzo - Riposto Circumetnea
Sassari - Alghero Trasporti Regionali della Sardegna
Sassari - Sorso Trasporti Regionali della Sardegna
Macomer - Nuoro Trasporti Regionali della Sardegna
San Gottardo (Cagliari) – Isili Trasporti Regionali della Sardegna

In some cases it is only possible to use a search engine to look up trains available at a selected time. For some lines lists of train times are available on the E656 website. Look for 'Orario' in the menu bar.

Deletions since previous edition

IT19/02 Como avoiding line: Cucciago (Bivio Rosales) - Chiasso No passenger trains have been scheduled via this route since June 2019.
IT19/31 Laveno-Mombello - Sesto Calende (Ost) Diversions via this line in 2019 were exceptional and are not expected to be repeated.
IT19/78 Piacenza - Castelvetro Two trains were diverted this way on two weekends in February 2019, but this is not expected to be repeated.
IT19/88 Cintura di Campaldo (Pisa S. Rossore avoiding line) This curve was used by diverted trains during the first half of 2019, while the Galleria Ceracci was renovated. It is not expected that this will be repeated.
IT19/125 Roma Tiburtina - Roma Prenestina From December 2019 there are no passenger trains direct between Roma Tiburtina and the high-speed line to Napoli.
210 Fortezza Franzensfeste - Sillan (AT) [- Lienz] Sparse service replaced by an hourly one.

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