Italy (Liguria) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force from 10 December 2023. Although the timetable is shown as valid until 8 June 2024, most long-distance services are shown as operating only until March. Such trains are not indicated by note 'D' (for a service only running on certain dates), because it is a reasonable expectation that their period of operation will be extended or a similar service is provided instead. It is assumed that the timetable will continue to be updated and reissued regularly, as has been the case since summer 2020. Users are recommended to check the Trenitalia website to ensure they are using the latest version of the timetable.

Table numbers quoted here are from In Treno Tutt'Italia, the official Trenitalia timetable. Standard abbreviations are explained here.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series: Book 2) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "S+W", or in italic, refer to Atlante ferroviaro d'Italia e Slovenia by Schweers + Wall.

Two useful symbols exist which show the booked route for trains not calling at a station: in the middle of the train column, a vertical bar "|" means that the train passes through the station without stopping, whereas a middle dot "·" means that the train does not pass through that station but instead takes a different route.

Obscure services

Savona – S Giuseppe di Cairo

[144] (ERA-E 81A3; ERA-R 155C3; S+W 44B2-44C2) IT24/61

There are two separate routes between Savona and S Giuseppe di Cairo, via Ferrania and via Altare. Most trains non-stop from Savona to S Giuseppe di Cairo run via Ferrania whereas most trains non-stop from S Giuseppe di Cairo to Savona run via Altare. These arrangements may vary in practice.

Arquata Scrivia – Ronco Scrivia – Genova Piazza Principe

[26, 30] (ERA-E 81A3; ERA-R 156A4; S+W 32D4-45A2) IT24/62

There are two railways between Genova and Arquata Scrivia, the original line to the east (Linea vecchia dei Giovi) and a newer fast line, largely in tunnels, to the west (Linea succursale dei Giovi). There are connections between the two at Ronco Scrivia. Trains non-stop between Genova Piazza Principe and Arquata Scrivia, or stopping only at Ronco Scrivia, normally use the Linea succursale. Stopping trains use the Linea vecchia.

The following trains are scheduled to use the Linea vecchia between Arquata Scrivia and Ronco Scrivia, where they use the crossovers to the Linea succursale north of the station. Train IC519 is scheduled to use this connection to let another fast train past. However travellers in early 2022 and March 2023 both reported that IC519 ran on the Linea succursale throughout, so it appears that this routing is unreliable at best. Further reports on the routing of these trains would be welcomed by the compilers.

SO IC1549 Milano Centrale – 10:15 Voghera – Savona
IC519 Torino Porta Nuova – 19:16 Novi Ligure – Genova Brignole
SSuX RV3041 Milano Centrale – 21:43 Arquata Scrivia – Alassio

The line connecting the Linea succursale and Linea vecchia south of Ronco Scrivia is not normally used by passenger trains and very rarely for engineering work diversions. It was used by some non-stop trains during two weekends in 2023, when the Linea succursale was closed between Genova and Ronco Scrivia, to keep the Linea vecchia between Ronco Scrivia and Arquata Scrivia free for stopping trains. This connection is also typically used by an annual excursion in late September/early October from Genova to Ronco Scrivia. In 2023 the train ran on 30 September, departing Genova Brignole at 09:35 and Borgo Fornari, the last useful stop before the unusual route, at 10:56; the return left Ronco Scrivia at 18:35. This excursion is promoted by Fondazione FS.

Genova Bolzaneto (Bivio Rivarolo) – Genova Piazza Principe (Bivio Bersaglio)

[30, M45] (ERA-E 81C3; ERA-R 156A1; S+W 143A3) IT24/63

This spur enables trains using the Linea vecchia from Arquata Scrivia to join the Linea succursale and run to and from Genova Piazza Principe via the Granarolo tunnel.

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Previously used only for diversions, it gained daily passenger services in June 2021.

R2078 Genova Brignole – 11:25 Genova Piazza Principe – Piacenza
D1 R2090 Genova Brignole – 17:14 Genova Piazza Principe – Rimini

Ronco Scrivia (Doppio Bivio Fegino) – Genova Sampierdarena (Bivio Polcevera)

[26, 30] (ERA-E 81A3, not shown; ERA-R 156A1; S+W 143A2) IT24/64

There are two routes into Genova from the Linea succursale dei Giovi from Arquata Scrivia. The main line runs direct through the Granarolo tunnel, but an alternative is to run via this spur onto the line from Ovada and then to Genova Sampierdarena.

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Trains via route IT24/65 (below) run this way

Ronco Scrivia (Quadrivio Torbella) – Genova Cornigliano (Bivio Cornigliano)

[25, 26] (ERA-E 81C3; ERA-R 156A1; S+W 143A3) IT24/65

This route comprises a line through Genova Sampierdarena Smistamento and a north to west curve avoiding Genova Sampierdarena passenger station. It is used by trains between Arquata Scrivia and Savona, if not booked to call at Genova Piazza Principe.

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The line is used by summer weekend trains between Milano and Albenga and Ventmiglia, not calling at Genova Piazza Principe.

D1 SSuO R3001/3002 Saronno – 07:37 Busalla – Taggia Arma
D1 SSuO R3060/3090 Bergamo – 08:02 Voghera – Ventimiglia
D1 SSuO R3085 Gallarate – 10:07 Tortona – Ventimiglia
D1 SSuO R3087 Ventimiglia – 18:47 Arenzano – Gallarate
D1 SSuO R3063/3093 Ventimiglia – 20:38 Arenzano – Bergamo
D1 SSuO R3003 Taggia Arma – 21:16 Arenzano – Saronno

D1: From 30 March to 29 September

Genova Brignole (Bivio Traversata) – Genova Sampierdarena

[M45] (ERA-E 81C3; ERA-R 156B1-156A1; S+W 143A3-143C4) IT24/66

In addition to the main lines between Genova Brignole and Genova Sampierdarena, there are separate tracks at lower level via the former Genova Marittima S Limbania station. The low-level lines are used by trains booked to use the sotterranea (underground) platforms 1 and 2 at Genova Piazza Principe and to pass through or call at Genova Via di Francia station. There are usually two or three trains each way hourly.

Currently, this route is only being used by eastbound trains, because of long-running construction work.

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Casella Deposito (Ferrovia Genova Casella)

(ERA-E 81A4; ERA-R 156B2; S+W 45A1) IT24/67

Trains to and from Casella Paese mostly reverse at the junction points at Casella Deposito. Those attaching or detaching carriages have been known to run into the depot.

Riomaggiore – La Spezia Centrale

[31] (ERA-E 81B4; ERA-R 156C3; S+W 46A4) IT24/68

There are two different routes between Riomaggiore and La Spezia Centrale, both being reversibly-signalled single tracks. Trains generally observe left-hand running, as is usual in Italy. Accordingly, southbound trains normally use the inland route via the longer tunnel, whereas northbound trains run through the shorter tunnel and then follow the coast.

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