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Some tram systems advertise their depot workings and enable one to ascertain the regular use by passenger-carrying services of junctions or sections of line that do not otherwise see public service. This occasional series lists such services that have come to notice. While the data for each system is current at the date stated, it is not the intention to endeavour to keep every entry up to date at every service change - the listing serves as a guide for travellers as to the sort of services they can look out for, enabling them to check current published timetable material at their time of travel.

To assist in tracing services, the route and/or timetable number for each journey is shown in parentheses, e.g. (1). Days of operation are in English notation (respectively: Su, M, T, W, Th, F, S) - plus "O" for only, "X" for excepted. Su (Sundays) usually includes public holidays in mainland Europe - but check locally.

Listings for other systems throughout the world - in the same format as shown below (please include date of timetable validity) - will always be welcomed.


From Timetable dated 17 December 2016 PDFs

Rondo Fordonskie North to East

  • Route 7: No evening service after 19:00 Daily

Perlowa North to East

  • Route 9: Limited services between approximately 05-08:00, 13-17:00 and 21:30-22:30 SSuX See PDF

Niepodległości (Pętla) South to East

  • This side of a triangular junction was seen to be shiny in June 2017 suggesting Depot runs to the Terminus and Depot at Łoskoń as per the footnotes for eastbound routes 7 and 10 PDF's may run via this curve after calling at Niepodległości (Pętla). However the distance between Niepodległości and Niepodległości (Pętla) stops is minimal so it must be a possibility that some if not all run direct so do not run via the Pętla [loop] so would not need to run via this curve.

No timings for journeys coming into service from Łoskoń on routes 7 or 10 via this curve to the Pętla stop are known as they are not shown on the relevant PDF. Any confirmed use in passenger service of this curve would be appreciated by the Compilers.


The Depot is accessed by a triangle in-between Równoległa and Powstańców Śląskich stops and there are arrival and departure platforms (Zajezdnia MPK) just off Aleja Niepodległości and outside the gates to the depot. Note that only the section south of the Depot is operating until the end of 2020 due to major refurbishment work so the Depot south to east curve is in regular use (up to 6 minute interval service). During the first phase of reconstruction, when the southern routes were being rebuilt, the north to east curve was in regular use. The timings below applied before the reconstruction work, so the curves may be available when reconstruction is completed.

South to East curve:

  • Route 1 from stop Plac Orlat Lwowskich at 08:06 [A], 18:41 [B], 19:20 [A], 19:41 [B], 20:18 [A], & 23:10, 23.30 Daily
  • Route 3 from stop Estakada at 10:28 [A], 18:52 SSuX, 19:52 [C], 19:54 [A], 22:59 SuX, 23:19, 23:39 Daily

North to East curve:

  • Route 1 ex Fieldorfer-Nila from stop PKP Osob at 19:55 [A], 22:46 and 23:26 Daily, Route 3 23:16 & 23:36 Daily

Notes [A] SSuX and daily in June [B] SuX and daily in August [C] SO and daily in August


From a Timetable dated 10 November 2017 on the opening of the new link line between Lutego - Grota Roweckiego.

Robotnicza/Alstom East to North

Significantly reduced scheduled use as route 4 and 5 are diverted to use the new line.

  • Route 2: 22:56 SuX 22:57 SO

Note these timings are from one stop before this single track curve at Królewiecka - światowid as no details were displayed at Robotnicza/Alstom where these journeys go off route towards Zjazdowy [the Depot]. No details for journeys leaving the Depot were displayed at appropriate stops but as the crossovers at the junction were shiny it is assumed they exist.


None identified in normal timetables dated January 2017. A long term diversion via two curves at that time are not shown in use on a map dated 7 December 2019.


From stop information displayed in June 2017 dated 1 February 2016. Only north - south Route 2 now operates but as the Depot is located off this route adjacent to the PKP station entrance, a 1.3km link previously used by Routes 1 and 3 from Dworzec Glowny to Al. 23 Stycznia can be travelled on in service Depot runs. Note the only on-line PDF gives nothing but timings from the north and south route 2 termini so these are either departure times from the stop at the station or from timings shown for part route terminators on route 2.

Dworzec Glowny - Al. 23 Stycznia East to South

  • Route 2: Dworzec Glowny to Pętla Rzadz at 04:33 04:48 05:12 05:32 05:57 SSuX 04:35 08:17 08:47 SO 04:54 SuO
  • Route 2: From Pętla Rzadz departing Al. 23 Stycznia South to Dworzec Glowny at 19:16 SSuX, 20:38, 22:48 Daily 23:08 SO & 23:09 SSuX

Dworzec Glowny - Al. 23 Stycznia East to North

  • Route 2: Dworzec Glowny to Pętla Tarpno at 04:38, 04:57, 05:22 SSuX, 04:44 05:04 06:14 07:14 11:48 SO 04:54 05:14 08:14 12:27 SuO
  • Route 2: From Pętla Tarpno departing Al. 23 Stycznia North to Dworzec Glowny at 13:31 16:21 17:05 SO 19:21, 19:36 SSuX, 20:21 Daily, 22:28 SO, 22:48 Daily


Off route Depot runs keep their original service numbers but with these odd journey details displayed as additional panels on relevant tramstops. The following are known:

Katowice Plac Wolnosci

Officially only Tourist route 23 as below is advertised to take a complete circuit of Plac Wolnosci from the east in service using the short north to south connection on the west side of the square, but from observations any tram terminating at Plac Wolnosci will also carry passengers around the square.

  • Route 23 timings: SSuO but only by services towards Chorzów Stadion Śląski Pętla from the Town Centre side of the road outside Katowice main station hourly from 10:22 until 18:22, plus 19:22 SO, calling at Katowice PKP again after the circuit.

Katowice Plac Miarki loop

  • Any terminating service will use the complete loop.

Chorzów Stadion Śląski Pętla

  • Routes 0, 23 & 33: Use of part of two Terminal loops at Chorzów Stadion Śląski Pętla, the east and part west where it will terminate on arrival, plus a third track parallel to the usual running lines but at a lower level connecting the two loops. The remainder of the western loop is done on Departure.

Katowice Rondo avoiding curve

  • Route 33: This route from Chorzów Stadion Śląski Pętla to Koszutka Słoneczna Pętla only runs every half an hour from approx 6am - 6pm SSuX, and hourly SSuO from 10am to 6pm

Łagiewniki Targowisko West to North

  • Route 9: Departures from Chropaczów Osiedle Na Wzgórzu at 19:45, 20:25 & 23:54 Daily and from Łagiewniki Targowisko at 04:16, 04:46 SSuX, 04:46, 08:03 SO & 12:03 SuO

Szombierki Kościół South to West [west of Bytom]

  • Route 10: Departures from Szombierki Ratusz at 12:58, 13:18, 13:38, 14:44 and every 20 minutes until 16:24 SSuX and from Szombierki Frycza-Modrzewskiego at 13:24 and every 20 minutes until 16:54 SSuX

Bytom Plac Sikorskiego - Bytom Kosciol sw. Trojcy

  • Route 38: The above is the link on/off an isolated 1.34km shuttle in Bytom. This connection sees use by a daily journey in passenger service and timings from 9 July 2020 departing the main tram terminus in Bytom at Plac Sikorskiego at 05.28 SSuX, 09.28 SSuO or from Bytom Kosciol sw. Trojcy at 19.32 Daily, both journeys to/from Stroszek Zajezdnia Depot.

Route 38 was famously operated by a double ended Konstal 416N tram built in 1949 or 1951 until 14 March 2020 when it was suspended due to Corona-virus. When the service resumed on 9 July, the Konstal was swapped in a mid-morning ceremony to a brand new low floor single car tram. Note there are plans to build two new curves, southbound a "right-hand turn into ul. Sądowa and then a left-turn from ul. Sądowa into ul. Powstańców Śląskich" so r 38 can be extended around the town centre loop to the main tram terminus at pl. Sikorskiego. The route would then be increased to a 2 tram service and current plans are for one to be a new Moderus and the other a Konstal.

Chorzew Ratusz

  • The track of routes terminating at Chorzew Ratusz have been relocated to Chorzew Rynek and to a new stop alongside Bytom - Katowice routes 6 and 19. All previous rare curve entries no longer exist and route 11 no longer terminates via a clockwise circuit here but is extended to Katowice. There are new connections but none were in use at the time of an October 2018 visit.


As at October 2018. No off route Depot runs are shown in on-line or stop timetables and there were no SSuX or rush hour only routes at that time. The following were identified during travels:-

Kombinat North to South

A route 73 from nearby Nowa Huta tram Depot to Kopiec Wandy Pętla [aka Fort Matilda on maps] appeared on the North stop departure screen and ran in service via this curve leaving at 15.33 on a Thursday. See below re use of the Pętla and Temporary use of this curve from November 2018.

Krakow Glowny North to West

  • Night route 69: It is unclear from stop information if this may actually be a bus route, information would be appreciated by the Compilers. If a tram, all journeys, half hourly in both directions from stops Dworzec Glowny and Stare Kleparz between approximately 23.50 and 04.00 daily

Dajwor multi-street loop

  • Tourist Route 0: On line timetable states 4 journeys run only on "Holidays".

Connection from Kopiec Wandy to Kopiec Wandy Pętla aka Fort Mogila turning loops

  • Tourist Route 0: : On line timetable states 7 journeys run only on "Holidays".

This large loop is located where a line crosses over another by bridge but can be accessed from both. Access from the higher level is via a 200 metre long north to east connecting line but note there are no set down or pick up stops on the loop from this direction as the stop named Kopiec Wandy is before the junction. A map to assist is here.

From 17.11.2018 this was in regular use by a diverted route 22 to/from Wzgórza Krzesławickie [plus using Kombinat North to South] as Plac Centralny - Kombinat - Walcownia was closed due to poor track conditions. Plac Centralny to Kombinat was expected to re-open in mid December 2018 ending these diversions, but to Walcownia could allegedly take years to resume, if at all.


MPK Company website A part of this sizeable network is likely to be closed for engineering work on any visit but experience has shown that the Companies website and on line network map will not reflect the up to date position, as an example the latest Network Map as at December 2019 is dated 1 October 2018!

Stops usually display information of Depot workings and these trams will display "GAJ" instead of their route number, but again as the information available on-line does not seem to match that displayed on stops it is considered impractical to attempt to list these.

There were four long Urban routes and all are/were considered under threat of closure.

  • 41 to Pabianice resumed full service following a period of bustitution from 14 May until 31 October 2017. Finance for refurbishment has been obtained and services as at December 2019 were suspended beyond stop Cegielniana (Ksawerów), it is assumed for the work to take place.
  • 43 West of Zdrowie to Lutomiersk closed from 2 March 2019 due to condition of track. As at July 2020 reinstating a service as far as Konstantynów is making progress as the relevant local Authorities have started drafting an inter-municipal agreement. Allegedly Lutomiersk is not part of this process so the long term future onwards to Lutomiersk is unclear and doubtful.
  • 45 to Zgierz Plac Kilińskiego and the
  • 46 to Ozorkow were both bustituted beyond the Łódź city boundary at Helenówek from February 4 2018 due to condition of the infrastructure. Zgierz are keen to promote re-instatement of line 45 and a request for EU funding is possible, but the wiring on Line 46 beyond Zgierz to Ozorkow has been dismantled, allegedly to "protect the interests of the local government" before it was stolen, so re-instatement to Ozorkow may be unlikely.


Depot use details as at October 2018 but Tourist Route 0 and diversionary regular use as at August 2020. Poznan is a large system with no fewer than six Grand Junctions, currently with 15 day and one night routes plus a summertime circular 0 using historic vehicles. August 2020 system map here The MPK Journey planner is very fiddly so queries are better via this site.

Traugutta South to West

Journeys to Zajezdnia Glowgowska from Dębiec on route 9 at 23:08 Daily or route 10 at 09:45, 18:24, 18:48 & 20:48 SSuX.

Note after the above curve that it is not possible to also travel Glowgowska/Hetmanska East to south as there is no stop after the curve before the Depot Access Line [but see Tourist Route 0 below]. For the same reason it is not possible to travel the west to south curve at Glowgowska/Hetmanska on route 1,6,7 or 17 Depot Runs.

Budziszyńska Loop

Route 15 sets down and picks up at separate platforms on the loop beyond the stop of the same name used by trams to/from Junikowo.

Towarowa I and [Towarowa II recently renamed Poznan Glowny]

Due to a long term closure from Kórnicka to Rrondo Śródka from 17 August 2020, this ½ km connecting line normally with no service is scheduled for daily use by diverted route 2. It has in the past been used by Tourist Route 0 but not in 2020.

Pólwiejska west to south

The same long term closure results in use of this curve by routes 2 & 10 from 17 August 2020.

Rondo Starołęka East to North

Night Route 201 is the only service via this curve and only in a clockwise direction. Services depart the Most Teatralny stop north of Poznan Glowny at 23:03 and half hourly until 03:33 or Rondo Starołęka East at 22:59 and half hourly until 03:59 SSuX plus from Most Teatralny at 23:03 & 23:33 and Rondo Starołęka East at 22:59 and half hourly until 23:59 SO.

Tourist Route 0

Details from the Summer 2020 Timetable SSuO. The entries are in the order of traversal.

Plac Wielkopolski street loop

All Journeys start/finish here and as the official pick up is at a stop on the main road, it was possible to completely travel the sizeable street loop but only on arrivals. Departures are at 11:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30 & 16:30.


No use scheduled in 2020 so the short connecting curve where daytime routes split to travel different streets is not served. Previously used by just two route 0 journeys

Zajezdnia Madalinskiego

This now closed Depot is used for storage of the Tram Museums vehicles and all Route 0's use the Depot access/exit line to run past the tram shed.

Glowgowska/Hetmanska East to south and Museum Glogowowska

Only by the 11:30 from Plac Wielkopolski and what this actually involves at Glogowowska is not confirmed.

Rynek Jeżycki south to east

All Route 0 Journeys


As per timetables at various dates from August 2015. Timetables are not on the Tramwaje Szczecin website but at http://www.zditm.szczecin.pl/pasazer/rozklady-jazdy,wedlug-linii

Ul. Dworcowa loop

Note this is a clockwise only single track street loop which logically is being scheduled as the quickest way to reach the relevant Depot. Note that only the Route 2 entries are shown in the PDF's as doing the complete loop in service so for the others there is a stop of the same name on Route 6 at which you may be asked to leave the tram.

  • Route 2 towards Zajezdnia Golęcin departing Wyszyńskiego at 19:25 19:45 20:05 on Sundays and public holidays before a working day, except for summer holidays. These are the only services that have PDF timings into and out of this loop, and continue to traverse Plac Rodła South to East

This journey has a PDF footnote advising the tram continues to Zajezdni Golęcin via Plac Rodła but its PDF timings stop at Dworcowa

  • Route 3 departing Wyszyńskiego at 23:07 SSuX

This journey has a PDF footnote advising the tram Terminates at Dworcowa

  • Route 8 departing Wyszyńskiego at 20:26 SSuX 18:26 SO 23:16 Daily

Plac Rodła South to East

  • Route 3 From Pomorzany towards Zajezdnia Golęcin at 20:27 23:20 SSuX

Additionally the timetable footnote advises a tram from Las Arkoński towards Zajezdnia Golęcin via Dworcowa loop may run this way but its last PDF time is arriving at Dworcowa at 23:09 SSuX so it is not clear if this will continue onwards via this curve in service

  • Route 2 towards Zajezdnia Golęcin departing Plac Rodła at 19:33 19:53 20:13 on Sundays and public holidays before a working day, except for summer holidays. These also have PDF timings shown for running via the Dworcowa street loop.

Plac Szarych Szeregów avoider, i.e. South to North curve

  • Route 3 off-route towards Zajezdnia Pogodno departing Piastów South at 20:01 SSuX plus not summer holidays
  • Route 4 towards Zajezdnia Pogodno departing Piastów South at 17:44 SSuX
  • Route 5 towards Zajezdnia Pogodno departing Piastów West at 20:19 23:15 SSuX 18:19 22:39 22:55 23:15 SSuO
  • Route 7 towards Zajezdnia Pogodno departing Piastów West at 11:50 19:02 20:10 SSuX 19:49 SSuO 22:50 23:05 23:25 Daily
  • Route 12 towards Zajezdnia Pogodno departing Piastów South at 08:32 08:44 08:56 10:32 17:26 17:50 18:44 SSuX

Piastów South to West

  • Route 4 between approximately 07:10 - 17:10 SSuX

Brama Portowa West to North

  • Route 10 between approximately 05:35 - 19:50 SSuX 08:50 - 17:30 SSuO


None as per a visit in June 2017 although a Vintage Tram was seen on a Tour.


A huge system with a strong possibility of rare sections in use on each visit, for example in October 2017 there were frequent services over the South to East curve at Metro Ratusz Arsenal, and the listed below Pl. Narutwicza loop. As it is hidden on their website here is a link to all the networks timetables

Metro Mlociny

The Metro Mlociny track layout is a diamond shape with triangles at the north and south apexes. Trams run anti-clockwise round the diamond. The arrival platform from the north (lines 2 & 6) is on the NW side and the main departure platforms are on the SE side. Lines 24 & 33 do almost a complete circuit on departure, with the exception of the NW - NE curve of the south triangle, which is done by line 2 (and probably 6) on departure from the single platform on the SW side.

Pl. Narutwicza loop

The following are the limited departures from the terminus stop on the East side of this large internal loop of a Square where routes 14 & 15 split to run on the east and west sides. Route 9 short workings at 04:26, 05:22/42/52, 06:01/21 SSuX, 04:26/46, 06:22/31, 07:12/21 SO, 08:07, 10:51 & 10:52 [!], 11:21 SuO. Some may also have inbound workings from stop Ochota-Ratusz a few minutes before.

Woronicza loop & East to North curve

Route 41 terminates here from the north and its final and first stops are after the east and north junctions respectively. Due to these stops straddling a very busy road junction it appeared acceptable to remain on board and traverse the complete loop to alight at the Departure stop.


A system of over 250 track km's with numerous curves and connecting lines used only on an irregular basis. This is not a comprehensive listing and does not show all timings for those with a number of to/from Depot runs at 04.xx and 23.xx but concentrates on those at more reasonable hours and the minimal use sections! Entries are those discovered on a visit in October 2015 with the most unusual listed first, then clockwise from Wroclaw Glowny. For more details go to http://www.um.wroc.pl/rozklady/linie/1.html as an example, and from options on the top of this page select Wyszystkie Przystanki to reach a list of stops. Drilling down into this gives departure times. An alternative July 2020 link to PDFs and engineering work is here.

Mosty Mieszanskie

An alternative single track route of around 500 metres length between Dmowskiego and Pomorska in the North west part of the City including a bridge over a river approximately 50 metres to the north of the usual tracks on routes 0, 14 and 24. Note all trams arrived on one route showing as terminating at Mosty Mieszanskie, have a layover and depart as a different route. Some of these entries marked # also traverse pl Jan Pawla II north to east curve as shown below.

  • From Dnowskiego at
  • 19:26 SSuX on route 20 departing Mosty Mieszanskie at 19:42 on route 7 to Zawalna
  • 09:16 # SSuO on route 20 departing Mosty Mieszanskie at 09:22 on route 7 to Niedzala Poswiezne via Pomorska - Dubois TSUL
  • 19:35 # SSuO on route 33 departing Mosty Mieszanskie at 19:40 on route 14 to Osobowice
  • From Pomorska at
  • 13:04 SSuX on route 24 departing Mosty Mieszanskie at 13:20 on route 10 to Lesnica #

Wroclaw Nadodrze

  • A complete circle of tracks around the Square outside the PKP station with routes approaching from five different streets with resulting junctions and curves. The east side of the Square has no regular services and one Route 24 service departing Plac Staszica at 19.14 SSuX does a complete anti-clockwise circuit to return towards Plac Staszica after booked calls at three different stops all named Nadodrze!

Wroclaw Glowny South to East

  • Timings on the stop at Glowny suggest use by route 3 ex Depot at 04:xx, 05;xx SSuX but one failed to do so. One at 04:49 did with the driver manually changing the points which appears to be the clue as to those that do the curve. Others are timed at 10:42, 18:38, 19:17 & 19:48 SSuX and 04:22 & 04:41 SSuO

Arkady East to North

  • 06:06 SSuX route 17

Arkady South to West

  • early/late to/from Depot journeys on routes 31,32,33 to/from pl Jan Pawla II

pl Jan Pawla II East to North

  • 05:13 06:47 SSuX route 20 13:23 SSuX route 10, 09:14 SSuO route 23, 19:33 route 33 SSuO, 13:20 SSuX ex Mosty Mieszanskie on route 10

pl Stregomski avoider [note standing on end plinthed Kreigslok by junction!]

  • 09:26 09:56 SSux from Zachodnia (Stacja Kolejowa)
  • 13:27 13:42 SSux from Wroclaw Park Przemyslowy

Stadion Wroclaw

Route 31 can be advertised on stops as running only to Krolewiecka which is 200 meters before the Stadion. All services are worked by the newer double ended trams so as there is no pointwork at Krolewiecka, even if no event and all passengers have left the vehicle, they all run to Stadion to reverse.

Pomorska - Dubois

A connecting line between two north south routes with triangular junctions at either end

  • from Pomorska 05:09 SSuX 05:02 05:43 SSuO on route 20 09:40 SSuX route 3
  • from Dubois at 05:07 SSuX 05:01 05:42 SSuO all route 20
  • using the north to east curve so not calling at Pomorska, 13:58 SSuX ex Pl Staszica on route 9

[Dubois] - pl Berma West to East

  • 13:58 SSuX ex Pl Staszica on route 9

Rynek North to West

  • As there is a platform on this curve at Rynek, to ensure complete track coverage you must travel from Pomorska departing 12:51 13:48 14:05 SSuX on route 3 or 23 or 19:39 SSuO on route 23

Pl Staszica North to East

  • Numerous early and late Depot runs to/from Nadrodze and Slowianska plus from Kleczkowska at 18:40 19:20 19:52 route 14, 19:32 route 24 SSuX 20:10 SSuO route 24.
  • 12:4x 13:5x from unknown stop at Wroclaw Nadrodze on route 23

If a circular route OP or OL tram is on layover and blocking the more direct south side route at Wroclaw Nadodrze, it is possible that these services will run via the north side of the square and use three other rare curves. This scenario happened on the Sunday 20:10 journey towards Slowianska on 18/10/2015.

Ogrod Botaniczny - Katedra

A connecting line between two east - west routes with triangular junctions at either end. There are other journeys early and late and possibly other curve combinations but those at social hours are

  • 13:42 13:57 SSuX route 4 09:07 SSuO route 2

9 maja - Hala Stulecia East

A connecting line between two branches in the east of the City with triangular junctions at either end.

  • 09:42 SSuX from 9 maja and 10:03 from Hala Stulecia SSuX, both route 17 to/from Sepolno

Dyrekcyjna East to South

  • use by Depot runs from routes 8, 31 & 32 after 18:30 Daily

See also