Border Crossings: Germany - Poland

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(Heringsdorf) - Ahlbeck Grenze - Świnoujście Centrum

[D] (Re)opened in September 2008, this route was operated by Usedomer Bäderbahn until December 2017 but is now operated by DB Regio Nordost. It is on the opposite side of the River Oder/Odra from PKP Świnoujście.

(Pasewalk -) Grambow DB - Szczecin PKP

[D] DB works to Szczecin Głowny.

(Angermünde -) Tantow DB - Szczecin PKP

[D] DB works to Szczecin Głowny. This route is currently being electrified.

(Wriezen -) Neurüdnitz DB - Siekierki PKP (- Godków)

Line closed. The border crossing was established on October 15 1957 after the rebuilding of the Oder bridge at Bienenwerder which was destroyed in 1945. It was only used for freight (mainly military traffic) on an as required basis and was closed with effect from February 1 1982. The Oder bridge remains in place and the border crossing was reopened for pedestrians and cyclists on June 25 2022 using the trackbed.

Küstrin-Kietz DB - Kostrzyn PKP

[D] The Berlin - Kostrzyn passenger service has been operated by NEB (Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn) since the 2006/2007 timetable, currently using Polish-built Pesa Link DMUs. It closed in December 2020 for the bridge over the River Oder/Odra to be replaced by a new structure at a slightly higher level, originally scheduled for completion in December 2022 but with delays, by early November 2023 DB refused to give a firm opening date, just saying "during 2024". On April 28th 2024 the Berliner Zeitung reported that the bridge would open on July 29th

Trains from Berlin terminate at Küstrin-Kietz on the German side of the river with a bus replacement cross border.

Previously there were through trains scheduled across this border with the 2019/2020 timetable having one Gorzów Wielkopolskie - Berlin Ostkreuz train pair. Any freight is worked by DB to Kostrzyn.

(Frankfurt (Oder) -) Frankfurt Oderbrücke DB - Kunowice PKP (- Rzepin)

[E*] DB has responsibility for the cross-border EuroCity services, but PKP dual voltage Class 370 electrics work through to Berlin. The only local passenger trains from Poland to Frankfurt (Oder) are the Polregio DMUs working through to/from Zielona Góra. PKP works freight to and from Frankfurt Oderbrücke where DB and PKP different voltage electric locomotives are changed.

Guben DB - Gubin PKP (- Czerwieńsk)

[ED] This border crossing was freight only from 1945 until 1972 and again from 1981. Passenger service was reintroduced on June 2 1996 but last ran 6 October 2002

A trial weekend-only passenger service between Guben and Zielona Góra re-started from 12 June 2022 under the designation RB92, three train pairs on Saturdays, two on Sundays and public holidays. This went daily from the December 2022 timetable, with two pairs at weekends extended to/from Cottbus from 1 April 2023. Freight traffic remains worked by PKP to Guben.

Guben DB - Gubinek PKP

Line closed. No passenger service since 1945 and last used for freight on 30.11.1994.

Forst (Lausitz) DB - Zasieki PKP (- Tuplice)

[D] PKP formerly worked all services to Forst. Following withdrawal of the "Wavel" IC service at the December 2014 timetable change, there were just two local terminating services each way. However, in 2023 four pairs of RB93 Forst - Żagań services were introduced, operated by DB Regio on behalf of Polregio.

From December 2023, DB Regio has operated five RB93 train pairs at three-hourly intervals through from Cottbus Hbf to Żagań. This is as well as the local RB46 services which run between Cottbus and Forst, operated by ODEG.

In addition a weekend "Kulturzug" DMU return working between Berlin and Wrocław has run since mid-2016, initially as one train pair but for several years as two pairs. It was suspended during the Coronavirus pandemic and between January and June 2023. Between June and December 2023 it ran via the Horka – Węgliniec crossing instead, but it is expected to return to this route in due course, probably later in 2024.

(Weisswasser -) Bad Muskau DB - Leknica PKP (- Tuplice)

Line closed. No passenger service since 1945. Used sporadically for freight until the 1990s and officially closed on 01.01.2001.

Horka DB - Bielawa Dolna PKP (- Węgliniec)

[E*] No passenger service since 1945. The boundary between the German 15 kV ac and Polish 3 kV dc electrification systems is 1.5 km west of the bridge over the river Neiße/Nysa, which forms the border. This route was long term closed for upgrading including electrification with Węgliniec to the east to north curve at Horka reopening on 25 November 2016, and the main freight artery via Horka High Level in December 2018.

It has been suggested a passenger service might be introduced but so far the only use has been by limited diversions of the weekend only Berlin - Wroclaw Pociąg do Kultury DMU service via the east to north Horka curve. The Kulturzug / Pociąg do Kultury trains ran this way every weekend between 16 June 2023 and 1 January 2024 and will do so again from April 19th to December 14th 2024 See Obscure Services entries DE24/332 and PL24/168 for details.

Görlitz DB - Zgorzelec PKP

[D] This crossing was established on May 22 1957 when the rebuilt Neisse viaduct was opened; it had been blown up by the Nazis on May 7 1945. Before upper Silesia was ceded to Poland, Zgorzelec was part of Görlitz and the station was known as Görlitz-Moys on the electrified mainline to Breslau (Wrocław). The Görlitz to Breslau (15 kV ac) electrification was removed by Russian forces in 1945-1946. PKP re-electrified the line west from Wrocław at 3 kV dc in stages from 1965 except the section from Lubań Śląski to Zgorzelec. Lubań Śląski to Węgliniec (Lauban to Kohlfurt) which had been 15 kV AC between 1928 and 1945, was electrified at 3 kV dc 30.05.1986 and Węgliniec to Zgorzelec, which was not electrified when part of Germany, was in use from 15.12.2019.

From 1 March 2015 when the DB DMU operated Dresden - Wrocław services were withdrawn there were no cross-border passenger services at all until a PKP operated Jelenia Góra - Lubań Śląski - Zgorzelec - Görlitz service commenced on 12 December 2015. These are now operated by Koleje Dolnośląskie. In addition some Trilex DMUs operating RE services from Dresden Hbf were extended to Zgorzelec from December 2019 to connect with the new electric PKP service towards Wrocław joined by some PolRegio services from Żary and Legnica. These are all listed in PKP PDF 260.

The Polish Press claim right up to the River border viaduct is already electrified so only the 900m into Görlitz Hbf is required at the Polish standard 3 kV dc to allow through Wrocław/Jelenia Góra – Görlitz services to operate. This is now planned to be completed in 2026 and will reach the currently disused island platform 3&4, outside the overall roof at Görlitz Hbf.

The German planning permission process for this electrification started on January 17 2024. It is planned that platform 3 will be converted to a siding without a platform while electric trains will use 4. Both tracks will be equipped with buffer stops and no longer be through lines.

DB/PKP freight normally uses other border crossings but any via this route would be worked by PKP diesels to Görlitz.

(Görlitz -) Hagenwerder DB - Krzewina Zgorzelecka PKP - Hirschfelde DB (- Zittau)

[D] This line carries domestic German services between Görlitz and Zittau, which call at Krzewina Zgorzelecka in Poland mainly to serve the German village of Ostritz which is accessed by a footbridge over the river Neisse from the station entrance. Between Krzewina Zgorzelecka and Hirschfelde the line crosses the river twice and traverses a 200m section within Germany.

(Görlitz -) Abzweigung Neißebrücke - Sieniawka PKP (- Markocice )

750mm Gauge. Border crossing created after the new Polish border was established at the end of the war. The last train had run May 4 1945 and the sole subsequent use was a Soviet millitary train on December 10 1945. Although the cross border section was closed and lifted after that a short section at the Görlitz end remained in use until February 1961 to serve two factories

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