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Country Name

Poland (Polska)

State railway system

Polskie Koleje Panstwowe SA (PKP) is the controlling entity for the PKP Group.

National Railway Operator

PKP Intercity is responsible for long-distance passenger transport.

PolRegio, formerly Przewozy Regionalne, is responsible for local (Regio) and InterRegio services and also InterRegioBus. Since 1 December 2021 Polregio is a joint-stock company, [a business owned by its investors, with each investor owning a share based on the amount of stock purchased in order to finance endeavours too expensive for one shareholder or even a government to fund, with all owners to share in profits]. This was a change from a limited liability company is claimed to strengthen the company's position. Przewozy Regionalne was until 22 December 2008 a wholly owned subsidiary of the PKP Group when the shares were transferred to the 16 regional governments. This then changed from 21 September 2015 when the Government's Treasury’s industrial development and restructuring agency Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu acquired a 51% stake with the 16 Voivodships retaining 49%, the government intention being majority shareholder to improve management, and resolve different policies within the 16 regional authorities where some established their own local train operating companies or their own tenders for the provision of services.





UIC code

numeric 51; alpha PL.


PKP Website/App access

If unable to access the PKP website or its Portal Pasażera App, their website support has confirmed that access may be limited to IP addresses in the European Union, the European Economic Area, USA and Ukraine due to the threat of hacking so you will need to change your VPN location as appropriate.

Journey Planner

  • See above re possible access difficulties but those generally available are https://rozklad-pkp.pl/en or
  • https://portalpasazera.pl/en Beta Version. In this version, your query answer can display a route map of any selected train [including any unusual booked route] by clicking on the right hand side box three vertical dots
  • By train number. In top right of screen click on "Find a train", then "by number" and note this will only find details for the day of your query, not in the future.
  • PKP Train radar
  • PKP Informatyka Your Routeplanner. This website does not provide a link into the PKP ticket purchase system
  • IC "Peron" sheets (but not for all stations served] give train type, length and location of coach class in its formation. This private website is an alternative for train formations and booked motive power for PKP IC, it is NOT a real time locomotive locator.

Downloadable Timetable

The complete Timetable for either the full year or relevant period within is available by selecting the required date option from Download zip 100 - P200. The letters signify: M - international, B - direct, P - Pendolino, A - Commuter

This can be reduced to an individual Table by either Enter station name or Enter Timetable number or Line number. All will again give a period option, plus from a station search a list will be displayed, then click on the chevron to the right of the wished for Table number for a listing by period.

In all options it should be noted there are pre-announced complete timetable "adjustment" dates but in addition some tables are re-issued on an almost weekly basis with no summary produced of what has changed... There are normally four "adjustment" dates a year, but in 2022/23 November was originally omitted but later re-introduced and there will be four in 2024 on 10 March, 9 June, 1 September and 10 November 2024.

The last printed Timetable was for 2011/12 with no public access to on-line PDFs for 2012/13. Following on-line petitions these were made available from 2013/14 plus the white/yellow, station arrival/departure sheets, showing train detail by scheduled platforms [Peron] were downloadable from 2012/13, very useful to establish alternative routes close to stations.

Additionally some operators publish PDFs, as do PolRegio by Voivodeship [Region]. Links are

By Operator

Intercity: Their website forwards you to those published on Portal Pasazera including all services but does produce their own "Peron" sheets that also show train formations for larger stations only.

International: which from 2018 are accessed by Country and not just an overall PDF file.

Local Services: This first link leads to a large scale map of lines with the Regions superimposed on it PolRegio.. Once the requested Region is known, select the Region name from the drop down box for Links to Regional Timetables. Note the PolRegio link also contains useful information on discounted ticketing.

Other Operators: See here for a list provided by The Office of Rail Transport (UTK), or Sinfin railways of Poland, which supposedly links to all passenger, freight, operational Narrow Gauge, Metro and Trams in Poland. Any omitted should hopefully be included in EGTRE Other Railways or EGTRE Tram Services over Obscure Routes

Printed Timetable

None since period Dec 2011 - Dec 2012; see previous section. PDF scans from 1851 to 2011/12 [with gaps] by individual Table numbers by year are viewable at a private website using this link.

Additional Notes on reading the Timetable

Note the letters have been replaced by the more usual 1-7 indicating Monday to Sunday, and "F" & "G" are obsolete but are listed here to help interpret previous years printed TT's.

(A) Working days except Saturdays i.e. SSuX
(B) daily except Saturdays, i.e. SX
(C) Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, i.e. SSuO
(D) Mondays to Fridays except holidays, i.e. SSuX
(E) Mondays to Saturdays except holidays, i.e. SuX
(F) runs when advertised or required
(G) runs until further notice
z against timings in column means Bus replacement autobusowa komunikacja zastępcza
"I" in the middle of the train column the train passes through this station without stopping
"<" in the middle of the train column the train does not pass through that station but instead takes a different route. Also used in 2022/23 by operating date of service as per footnote to indicate that station was not yet open!
▲ to the right of station name request stop
§ to the left of every train time in a column the service does not run all days of the week
Codziennie Daily
Do until or to
Od from or since
do odwołania until further notice
autobus szynowy Railcar [i.e. a train]
Gł., Główny main station
I And
Kursuje Runs
Oprocz Except
Oraz As well as
p (przyjad) Arrive
po ogłoszeniu [from] when advertised
p.odg. (posterunek odgałęzny) junction
Poza tym Besides
Przełącznik Switch, as in alternative route
Przez Via
st. station [stanica] i.e. do. st. Until station
Swiat Holidays
W On
Wąsk. (wąskotorowa) narrow gauge
z, ze from or after
Na odcinku ……. ruch pociagów zawieszony do odwołania On the section…. no scheduled trains until further notice

Engineering Information

For Inter City details of current and pending bus replacements are published here. For PolRegio this is part of General Notices on their website. Select Region from drop down box and read through all the Notices it displays.

Bus Information

The recommended national journey planner for all bus or tram journeys is jakdojade.pl, it will even plot the route taken.

The Rozkład jazdy autobusów PKS website offers a number of options including:

  • Ogólny rozkład jazdy autobusów PKS (Bus journey planner)
  • Rozkład jazdy autobusów PKS według miast (Bus information by city)
  • Rozkład jazdy komunikacji miejskiej według miast (Links to transport authority sites by city)

or the following from the ZTM Warsaw website which gives links to Operators in the majority of towns in Poland


Printed Maps

Web-based Maps

  • a countrywide but with zoom facility on-line map unfortunately without line numbers but shows current status, plus detail such as electrification and single/double track etc
  • Open Railway map. Zoom into Poland and this contains Line numbers at a much more detailed level than the Mały Atlas
  • Thorsten Büker's Map of Poland Updated January 2022
  • EGTRE Maps and Plans - Poland
  • Linked from the PKP Website http://mapa.plk-sa.pl/ so assumed to be official. It takes a short while to load.
  • Detailed individual train journey maps can be obtained from the Beta Version of the PKP Journey Planner which will even include any unusual booked route. After a search click on the three vertical line option on the right hand side of the screen. Note if there are options for services in opposite directions it is highly likely to show the same path for both.

Additionally there is a real time "Train Radar" by Region selecting from a drop down box in the top right corner

For anyone interested in historical maps plus line closure dates, the bazakolejowa website in Polish is a good starting point.


Purchasing Tickets

Tickets for almost all Polish train operators can be purchased online at the operators’ website or via a ticketing website eg bilkom.pl website (only in Polish).

All main stations are equipped with machines offering an extensive range of tickets (including some network tickets), which accept credit and debit cards and may accept notes. However, small stations may have no ticket machines and even major ones only a few and not for all operators, Warszawa Centralna being the classic example where there are no SKM or KM machines. Ticket windows are the norm, sometimes with separate windows for PKP Inter City and Regional services. Queues can be long, especially at peak times, and ample time should be allowed to buy tickets if you have not purchased them online and are unable to use the ticket machines.

If the boarding station is not staffed and has no machines, one can buy a ticket on the train without extra charge by boarding the front carriage and reporting immediately to the guard/conductor, who is quite often located in a section marked 'Sluzbowy'. Ticketless travellers may be charged an additional fee if they are discovered during a ticket check. If the ticket office at the boarding station is open, a ticket can be purchased on the train but an extra charge may be added depending on ticket type and the length of the journey.

Tickets from machines will be issued without a day and time printed on them, particularly those of the Warszawa area operators. Even the operators' websites recognise this as a problem and advise if a composter cannot be located tickets should be validated by permanently writing on their back the date and time of the start of the journey in a 24-hour format, e.g. 7.11.2021 at 06:55.

Tickets other than for suburban journeys will indicate a specific train, but may be changed or refunded (before the train time) using the website you purchased them from (at least for PKP InterCity and bilkom.pl).

Network Tickets and Passes

PKP offers a number of network tickets which offer good value, although travellers need to take care differentiating between not only PKP Inter City and PolRegio services, but even different types of regional service. The Polrail travel website provides useful introductory information in English and can assist with ticket purchases for throughout Europe. Terms and Conditions are constantly changing so this is not to be taken as definitive Information and prospective travellers should be aware that most regional operators accept only their own tickets so should check beforehand. This may be a good start point. Some regions accept PKP network tickets but none accept ordinary (non-network) PKP tickets.

• The following operators normally accept PKP network tickets: Arriva RP, ŁKA (except Sprinter services), KS, KW, KMŁ

• The following operators do not normally accept PKP network tickets: KM, SKM Warszawie, WKD, KD, SKM Trójmieście.

See Other Railways for details of these operators.

A consortium of eight regional operators, KŚ, WKD, KMŁ, Arriva, KW, KD, ŁKA and KM, offers a very useful Bilet Samorządowy (Local Government Ticket) valid for an unlimited number of journeys on all trains listed in their timetables, other than those specifically mentioned in the conditions. Note that this ticket is not valid on PKP services. The ticket can be bought using the operators' websites. When buying the ticket, one has to choose a specific first train. However, this is merely to provide the starting time of the ticket validity. The ticket does not list any 'from' or 'to' stations. The ticket is valid for 24 hours from the starting time, so can overlap two days.

The Koleje Mazowieckie website (the area round Warsaw) gives details of useful network type tickets. However, care should be taken to distinguish between Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) and Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie (SKM) services as they only accept each other's tickets on certain routes, for example between central Warsaw and Warsaw Chopin Airport. ZTM (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego), the Warsaw Transport Authority, has a useful map showing the tariff zone boundaries in the metropolitan area indicating where KM, SKM Warszawie, WKD have some limited inter-availability, plus details of daily or weekly zonal tickets covering all but main line and PR services. Additionally KM tickets are accepted by WKD under some conditions.


Infrastructure Authority

The PKP Group subsidiary Polskie Linie Kolejowe is responsible for maintenance of the infrastructure, timetabling and management of railway property.

In January 2020 the Infrastructure Ministry revealed plans to transfer responsibility for some closed lines to the Voivodeships. See other sections for details leading to line re-openings.

Network Statement

2023/24 and 2024/25.


The main line network is Standard. In addition 394 km of a 1520mm gauge freight-only "Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa" (Broad-Gauge Steel Line) between Sławków near Katowice and Vladimir in Ukraine is in Poland and was formerly part of PKP and known as the "Steel and Sulphur Railway". The LHS has a separate website plus a Supporters Club lhs.pl with interactive maps and photographs. Extensions to Gliwice or Kędzierzyn-Koźle for access to inland ports, or even into the Czech Republic/Austria are mentioned from time to time but would be enormously expensive, plus a factor against is according to an EU directive of 2016, if their lines exceed 500km in length they must automatically be opened up to use by all licensed carriers... Other broad gauge tracks cross into Poland from the Ukraine, Belarus and Kaliningrad, with from L'viv via Medyka to Przemyśl Główny or from Kowel via Dorohusk to Chelm respectively in use by Ukrainian Railways operated passenger services. See [EGTRE Poland Cross Border services] for further details.

A number of tramway systems are metre gauge including Bydgoszcz, Elbląg, Grudziądz, Łódź and Toruń.


Main line electrification is 3 kV dc. The WKD system in Warszawa (see Other Railways) was converted from 600 V to 3 kV dc on 27-28 May 2016.

Warsaw metro is 750 V dc third rail.

Tramways are 600 V dc.

Rule of the road



The timetable PDFs (see the 'Downloadable Timetable' section above) give detailed distances for each station. The "Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski” give detailed distances for each station, junction and significant operating location.

Two websites have tables of distances by line number (not table number).

  • In Semaforek enter the line number in the 'szukaj' box at the top right and click the search button.
  • On the Atlaskolejowy select the line from the drop down list labelled 'Wykaz linii kolejowych w Polsce' .

Other Railways

The last PKP operated Narrow Gauge scheduled passenger trains ran in July 2001 but a 4km part of ex PKP line 317 from Pleszew PKP to Pleszew Miasto still ran SSuX [except school holidays] operated with narrow gauge stock by private Company SKPL, [Stowarzyszenie Kolejowych Przewozów Lokalnych] until 7 December 2012 as the branch is dual gauge interlaced track with Standard gauge freight traffic continuing. SKPL resumed a NG passenger service on 4 May 2015 but acquired standard gauge BzMot's from Slovakia, which took over the service from February 2017 until that summer (when they were required elsewhere) with NG trains resuming. The BzMot's had taken over again by June 2018 but the NG rails remain serviceable with summer Sunday afternoon narrow gauge services in some years from 2019. 2 Sunday only NG pairs were timetabled in 2022 from July 10th to August 28th and the website images used were NG diesel and coaches.

The DB subsidiary Usedomer Bäderbahn opened a 1.5 km extension from Seebad Ahlbeck Grenze to Świnoujście Centrum in Poland on 20 September 2008 mainly on a reinstated formation. There are plans to extend back into Germany to Garz Airport but there will be no rail connection to the PKP network which is on the opposite side of the River Świna although a new road tunnel with bus services opened on 30 June 2023.

See Gauge for details of the "Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa" (Broad-Gauge Steel Line).

Private operators have franchises to work a number of local passenger services over PKP lines and many are expanding into providing irregular services over much longer distances:

Click here for a useful map showing the regions.

  • KM Koleje Mazowieckie KM operates local services in Mazowieckie, the area round Warszawa.
  • SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie operates local services in the Warsaw conurbation, including services to Warsaw Frederic Chopin airport.
  • WKD Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa operates self contained local services from Warszawa Śródmieście to Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska and Milanówek Grudów.
  • SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska w Trójmieście (Three Cities) operates local services in the Gdansk/Gdynia conurbation, including regional services between Gdynia and Slupsk, as well as some trains to Tczew and Malbork.
  • Arriva RP Arriva operates local services in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province and partly in the Pomorskie and Mazowieckie provinces, based around Bydgoszcz, Toruń and Grudziądz.
  • ŁKA Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna operates local services and from 2020/21 to Ostrów Wielkopolski and Drzewica
  • KD Koleje Dolnośląskie operates local services in Lower Silesia, the region around Wrocław.
  • KMŁ Koleje Małopolskie operates local services in Małopolskie, the region around Krakow
  • KS Koleje Śląskie operates local services in Silesia, the region around Katowice.
  • KW Koleje Wielkopolskie operates local services in Wielkopolskie, the region around Poznań and during 2018 local services radiating from Poznań itself will be separated out into a Poznań Kolej Metropolitana franchise.

Tourist Lines

A number of ex PKP narrow gauge, ex Forestry Railways or Park railways offer tourist or charter services. The Polish Government publish a report each year and for 2023 can be accessed here. This claimed 26 operated on 443km of track and carried over 948,000 passengers. There is no map in this report so the following website with links to railways details accessed through an interactive map at Narrow Rail Poland may assist, and this site contains a list of all known 2023 timetables.

Some links to tourist lines are available on the Sinfin.net site.

Rail cycling is possible on a number of lines; see the IG Draisinenfahrten website. Click on 'International', followed by 'Draisinenlinks' to obtain website details under the heading 'Draisinenstrecken in Polen (PL)'.


Warszawa. An expanding Network with extensions of Line 2 west to Bemowo opening on 30 June 2022 and east to Bródno on 28 September 2022.

A three-stop 4km western extension from Bemowo to Karolin/Polczyńska is planned to be completed by 2026, and the Tender for design documentation for an 8.1km Line 3 from Gocław to Stadionem Narodowym was published in December 2023 with construction anticipated to start in 2028. See the Metro Warsaw website map and here.


Bydgoszcz, Częstochowa, Elbląg, Gdańsk, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Grudziądz, Katowice area [no longer including Gliwice as this part of the network closed on 31 August 2009], Kraków, Łódź, Olsztyn, Poznań, Szczecin, Toruń, Warszawa & Wrocław.

The UrbanRailNet site has basic diagrams for the systems plus links to the local operators.

Some links are available on the Sinfin.net site and also see Poland - EGTRE Tram services over obscure routes for links to timetables etc.

Some cities provide free travel to those of pensionable age, usually irrespective of citizenship. Those potentially eligible should check the operators' website to see if this applies and check the criteria; some cities offer free travel from age 65 but most from age 70. Normally all that is required is to show one's passport to the inspector as proof of age.

Wolsztyn Steam services

Changed for 2023/24 to be one pair from Wolsztyn to Zbąszynek SSuX, one pair Wolsztyn to Poznań SO. This highly recommended but UNOFFICIAL website is updated daily and includes advance warning when there will be no steam locomotives available due to scheduled maintenance, plus timetable details of what should, and has been worked by steam.

The 2024 Steam Parade will take place on 4 May, in 2023 it was on 19 August. It did not take place in May 2022 on account of track work in the Wolsztyn area, and was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Working steam had resumed from 4 September 2023 with two pairs to/from Leszno SSuX and the afternoon pair of the Poznań Saturday services, [as the previously steam operated early Saturday morning Poznań pair is currently scheduled for a SM42 diesel]. Steam had been suspended from 3 November 2022 when Wolsztyn's only working engine [Ol49-69] suffered a major failure [return delayed into possibly 2026 as requires a brand new boiler], and re-commenced using overhauled Pt47-65 as their third loco Ol49-59 is also away under long term repair until 2025. During the gap the Leszno steam services were covered by a hired PKP Cargo SM42 diesel using the two usual coaches. Any travellers should also note in previous years steam did not operate during August and from late November until mid-January for staff holidays, but this is of course subject to change.

The steam services are operated under a legally required tendering process through Koleje Wielkopolskie granted to the only bidder "Parowozownia Wolsztyn". The current contract for Monday - Friday steam service to Zbąszynek [rather than Leszno] and to Poznań on Saturday was published in November 2023 to commence on 1 January 2024 until 14 December 2024. The contract terms are that diesel may replace steam but not for more than 7 days in any 30, [which will allow for scheduled boiler wash-outs] and is only awarded to operators that can provide proof of operating diesel or steam services on two contracts in the last 3 years of at least 15k train km's.

Prior to the failure mentioned above steam operated from 15 May 2017 after a gap since 31 March 2014 under a three, then one year contract with PKP Cargo ending on November 27 2021. The 2022 contract specified the same level of service as before, which was two pairs SSuX Wolsztyn - Leszno and two pairs SO Wolsztyn - Poznań but with the latter route unavailable for most of 2022 no steam worked at weekends. During midweek periods of engineering work steam has been known to change to Wolsztyn - Zbąszynek as it did from 16 March - 30 June and 1 - 26 October 2020 or Wolsztyn - Poznań from 9 - 20 November 2020.

The world famous "Wolstyn Experience" footplate courses have ended, linked to the death on 25th June 2023 of Howard Jones MBE. Their website is due be taken down towards the end of October 2023.

Note there are plans by the Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Wolsztyńskiej Parowozowni to operate a steam service from Wolsztyn 13.8km to Świętno [where there is a Museum in the old station] on the currently closed line 371 towards Konotop.

Recent and Future Changes

Future Changes

Major engineering work is planned in the Katowice station area that may result in diversions to alternative routes. Allegedly once work starts only 5 of the current 8 platforms will be open at any one time with one of those not being a through track, but the only confirmed service alteration is trains to/from Oświęcim will only run to/from Mysłowice. The suggested start date has been postponed once and is not yet known.

  • line 357. An out of the blue PKP PLK 1 December 2023 Press Release advised a passenger service could resume as early as early 2024 on a 4km section of a 1994 passenger closure from Wolsztyn to Powodowo on the line towards Sulechów. Work is underway, but the suggestion of opening by the March 2024 timetable adjustment date was not met so a date is awaited.
  • 340 Jelenia Góra - Mysłakowice - Karpacz trackbed transferred from PKP to the Dolnośląski Voivodeship on 21 June 2021 and work on Jelenia Góra - Mysłakowice is completed. The separate tender onwards to Karpacz was not awarded until July 2023 and allegedly due to required liaising with environmental and cultural authorities and additional drainage work, the earliest expected opening date from Jelenia Góra is now the December 2024 timetable change as opposed to the hoped for December 2023.
  • 310 Kobierzyce - Piława Górna Another Dolnośląski Voivoidship trackbed acquisition with reconstruction carried out with money from the province's own budget and completing track work at Kobierzyce to accommodate this future re-opening the reason given for the delay in re-opening Wrocław via Kobierzyce to Swidnica. An April 2024 Press Article advised work on the southern section from Piława Górna to Łagiewniki Dzierżoniowskie should be completed in time for services to commence in December 2024, with some land acquisition still required on the northern section to Kobierzyce although it is hoped completion for services to commence in December 2025 may be possible.

An April 2024 Press Notice advised ŁKA will introduce two daily pairs of Łódź Fabryczna - Zduńska Wola [reverse] - Częstochowa services running via a significant part of the currently freight only Coal line plus ex table 173 to/from Chorzew Siemkowice from December 2024. A later announcement advised there will be 5 additional pairs just from Częstochowa to Chorzew Siemkowice operated by PolRegio.

  • in addition to the line 36 ex 520 "test" 18 March 2024 reopening of the 88km line between Łapy via Śniadowo to Ostrołęka [part of a kolej+ application, a study recommending a cost-benefit analysis has been completed of 4 different routes for a new 140km railway from Ostrołęka direct to Łomża, and onwards to Pisz - Orzysz - Giżycko. There were Public Consultions in mid-2022 and the schemes website has maps of the four variants for completion of Ostrołęka to Łomża by 2027, and onwards via Pisz to Gizycko by 2032. Note the approved Kolej+ bid is for Łapy via a reinstated east to north curve at Śniadowo to Łomża so this new build scheme explains why refurbishing the existing line from Ostrołęka - Śniadowo to be used by the experimental service is not part of either scheme... The January 2024 article makes it clear Śniadowo to Łomża is NOT re-opening in 2024.

In Warsaw, the majority opening of a new 12 km tramway line going south east from the centre to Wilanów is delayed until at least September 2024 due to difficulties encountering poor condition heating pipes. A four stop 2km section to Sielce opened on 14 May 2024.

  • 604 The direct curve from Warszawa to Góra Kalwaria was suggested as losing all services from the December 2022 TT change as KM planned to introduce Flirt EMU’s which cannot use the low platforms at Góra Kalwaria or intermediate stop Czachówek Wschodni. The alternative was to be an EN57 shuttle to Góra Kalwaria from Czachówek Południowy reinstating use of the south to east curve but as this has not yet happened it is assumed the service is still EN57 operated.

Later planned re-openings, some with work underway

  • 421 the 7km branch between Aleksandrów Kujawski - Ciechocinek A letter of intent had been signed by the Voivodeship, the City of Ciechocinek and PKP PLK with the local Authorities suggesting it could re-open by December 2024 but a subsequent European Journal Tender notice stated by December 2025. PKP PLK would fund 12M PLN of upgrading work, but this would not go ahead until PKP receive cast iron assurances that the service would be funded by the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship and local Councils. The local Authorities are even considering funding a new east to south Aleksandrów Kujawski avoiding curve but admit the initial focus is confirming funding to allow the existing line to re-open.
  • re-opening line 406 26km north from Szczecin Glowny to Police was included in a successful EU Funding application to upgrade all of the Szczecin suburban railway network, with conditions that work was to be completed by the end of 2023. This deadline will not be met, allegedly due to sub-Contractor issues but a December 2023 Press article advised work is underway and the latest estimate for re-opening is December 2025.
  • the TBM's for the 7km underground tunnel from Łódź Fabryczna via new stations at Łódź Polesie and Łódź Śródmieście with grade separated links north and south to Łódź Żabieniec and Łódź Kaliska started work in Summer 2020. In March 2024 it was announced that the agreed completion date has now slipped to 2026 so the planned passenger use from late 2025 will also need to be adjusted. Initial delays were due to major contractors getting into financial difficulties, additional reinforcement required under housing, plus a revised contract incorporating new connections at Łódź Fabryczna to/from the proposed Warszawa CPK Airport high speed line. A contract was also signed in December 2023, and a building permit granted in January 2024 for the construction of a second just over 4km tunnel from just west of Łódź Fabryczna via low level platforms at Łódź Kaliska to east of Łódź Retkinia on the line towards Zduńska Wola/Wrocław to be used by fast trains.

The long discussed 58km worth of new line from Podłęże [east of Krakow] with around 2km of grade separated flyovers to/from Szczyrzyc and splits to both Mszana Dolna towards Chabowka and Tymbark towards Nowy Sącz, plus an associated upgrade of the entire line 104 between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz is making progress. The new line construction is being financed by the Governments' National Railway Programme and design works are underway, with PKP PLK hoping to announce four separate tenders for construction and completion by 2029 of what is known as the new Podłęże - Piekiełko railway; from Limanowa – Tymbark: planned for March 2024, Tymbark – Szczyrzyc: in January 2024, Szczyrzyc – Gdów: third quarter of 2024, Gdów – Podłęże: third quarter of 2024. Modernisation and electrification of Chabowka to Nowy Sącz is underway and is hoped to be completed by the end of 2026 which will include a new 3.8km tunnel with relocation of Męcina station and other re-alignments between Tymbark towards Nowy Sącz including other new tunnels.

There are plans to relocate Warszawa Chopin Airport to a new site located 20km to the west of the capital, [Centralny Port Komunikacyjny, https://www.cpk.pl], as approved by a 10 May 2018 Act of Parliament. This would be near Stanisławów north west of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, with late 2023 documents assuming it would be open for Summer 2028, but the Polish Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy claimed in January 2024 that that date "is completely unrealistic" and an audit of the scheme resulted in a revised 2032 opening date. The CPK would be the catalyst for a maximum of up to 1,789km of new, many high speed, railways as the Airport station is planned on the basis of it becoming the main rail transfer hub in the country, with just one third of passengers changing to a plane with CPK east and west stations proposed for workers at attracted cargo and office facilities. But following an election in Autumn 2023 the new coalition is not as keen on the new airport as its predecessors, press article here but appears satisfied that some new railway construction should proceed. The Airport is still at the planning stage but a number of contracts for design work for new high speed lines from Warszawa via the CPK to Łódź, onwards to Wrocław, plus Sieradz – Kalisz – Pleszew and Pleszew – Poznań and from Katowice to the Polish/Czech border near Zebryzdowice have been signed and are proceeding. The rail plans as at June 2022 involving numerous grade separated junctions map here and an article showing the routes of the proposed new high speed lines between Żyrardów and Sochaczew and the airport is here.

A November 2023 announcement advised PKP PLK had awarded a tender for design documentation to be completed by the end of 2025 for the 5.5km connecting line from Modlin station to the airport. It is confirmed the first three km of the existing line 247 will be re-used and upgraded, and onwards to a ground level station 350m from the Terminal to allow space for both terminal platforms and a future "v" station for the long term planned new line onwards to Płock. Construction completion is planned for the end of 2028.

Śląskie Region have commissioned a feasibility study for the expansion of local services in the Katowice area which if fully implemented would reopen 171 from Panewnik via Katowice Muchowiec to Sosnowiec Dańdówka, curve 654 and lines 161 and 145 on a service from Mysłowice via Chorzów Stary and Piekary Śląskie to Radzionków, a total of approximately 40km. The study is to be completed in 2023.

SKM Gdansk have issued a Design Documentation Tender in connection with a new 7km branch from Gdańsk Śródmieście heading south west to Gdańsk Kowale. Tenders are to be submitted by 25 January 2024 based on 3 years to provide relevant documentation and permits, with the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the city of Gdańsk applying for EU funds to construct in 2027-2029. Further details including a route map here.


To keep all kolej+ developments together, the current intention is entries will stay here until an actual opening date is announced...

A major current Government initiative is a Kolej+ program for upgraded, new or reinstated stations, plus connections to cities with a population of over 10,000 currently without a railway station. The budget was initially PLN 5.6 billion, excluding a compulsory 15% contribution from local government on any that proceed. Applications could also be for new stations or modernization of the existing network, [e.g. electrification or new passing loops], with any approved to be implemented by 2029 [revised end date]. 96 applications were made, 79 qualified on 27 November 2020 to the second stage where Voiviodships had until 24 November 2021 to submit a document confirming the security of financing for a minimum of 4 pairs of trains for 5 years.

47 of these passed that stage, with PKP PLK having until late February 2022 to analyse and rank them for the Ministry of Infrastructure to consider for final approval. Then on 1 April 2022 the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure advised that subject to Parliament approval, the kolej+ budget would be increased by an additional PLN 5.5 billion, followed on 20 April by the Prime Minister advising 34 of the 47 had been approved.

The approved list is here which was notable as it includes a number of brand new lines excluded previously from EGTRE listing as Press Comment was they would be too expensive to proceed!! Successful applicants originally had around two months to conclude an agreement with PKP PLK who were to confirm willingness to proceed but this proved impossible, officially firstly as "market conditions were changed by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine", and secondly by Local Authorities not meeting in August, so the revised target was by September 2022 but finance issues appeared as allegedly PKP PLK took a position that the entire risk of inflation increases were to be borne by local Governments. An agreement was reached in August 2022 increasing the Government's contribution to PLN 13.2 Billion, with Local Authorities 15% proportion increasing to around PLN 2 Billion so contract signings commenced. It was also suggested if any projects did not obtain confirmed local authority funding or PKP PLK consent that the next projects in line [first reserve in 2022 was an upgrade of Żywiec to Sucha Beskidzka but that was subsequently withdrawn] could be invited to take its place, i.e. the funds would remain available and in April 2023 it was announced two of the initial projects had been abandoned with replacements. Those approved on 20 April 2022 or introduced later [with updated remarks] and with track implications are :-


  • 284 Legnica – Złotoryja – Jerzmanice Zdrój [24km] The Contract for both design and modernisation works required to re-open was signed on 11 October 2023 for completion in 2026.
  • 290 Zgorzelec – Bogatynia [30km] The design documentation Tender was signed in August 2023 giving three years.
  • re-open Wrocław Świebodzki plus provide regular services on the connecting line 757 to Wrocław Muchabor [which will be doubled] as part of improvements of services from Wrocław to Środa Śląska [- Legnica], Wołów [- Glogów] & Jaworzyna Śląska. The design documentation Tender was signed in August 2023 giving three years.


  • Construction of a new line connecting 131 Chorzew Siemkowice with 181 Wieluń [28km] PKP PLK and the design documentation contract was signed on 20 June 2023. This will include 5 new stations at Wieluń Berlinek, Ruda, Wierzchlas, Drobnice and Siemkowice.
  • 24 Modernization of the existing 34km from Piotrków Trybunalski via Bełchatów to Zarzecze, with a brand new 7km line onwards to Bogumiłów, all to be electrified. The design documentation contract was signed on 24 July 2023. Addionally the Łódź Voivodeship has announced a tender for the preparation of a study to extend the line from Bogumiłów to connect with line 131 to link in with the above new line towards Wieluń with bids requested by 6 June 2024.


  • New electrified line construction from Szastarka [on 555] via Janów Lubelski to Biłgoraj [on 556] [65km], plus improved access to Kraśnik was a joint application. A design documentation Contract including electrification for submission by 2026 was signed in September 2023 for two branches, 18 km from Szastarka to Janów Lubelski plus from the description appears to be 12 km from Kraśnik to Kraśnik Fabryczny with a direct line to/from Lublin and a curve to the currently remote Kraśnik PKP station, plus a design and technical study for construction and electrification of the 35 km onwards from Janów Lubelski to Biłgoraj.
  • New electrified line construction from Lublin via Łęczna to Bogdanka [25km] This new line initially utilises the Lublin Airport branch and a design documentation contract was signed in February 2024 for submission by early 2027.
  • 551a Electrification of Lublin to Łuków A design documentation Contract for submission by 2026 was signed in September 2023
  • 554/557 Re-instating the Zawada avoider [1.9km] is included in an upgrade to the [Lublin -] 66km Rejowiec - Zawada - Zamość line/service Ditto re contract signing date
  • 558 Chełm - Włodawa [51km] This project involves a new 10km alignment north of Okuninka Białe via Okuninka to a new station at Włodawa Miasto as the current Włodawa station is 4km from the town centre. A design documentation contract was signed in February 2024 for submission by early 2027.


  • 275 Bieniów - Lubsko [18km] The winner of the Design Documentation tender was announced in February 2024, aiming for passenger services to resume in 2028. To note the plans are for a service to/from Zielona Góra so not also re-opening from Bieniów to Żagań.
  • 363 Skwierzyna – Międzychód was promoted from the Reserve List in April 2023 and a design documentation contract was signed in October 2023. Of note is this is suggested as not re-opening until 2029 as it will link in with a successful Wielkopolskie application for onwards from Międzychód via 368 to Szamotuły, plus PKP PLK have applied for funding for a new connecting line at Kostrzyn to allow a through Poznań - Międzychód - Gorzów Wlkp - Szczecin service.
  • 415 Gorzów Wlkp. – Myślibórz: This was promoted from the reserve list in April 2023, but is seemingly an amended proposal of re-instating only 6km along line 415 from Gorzów Wielkopolski to a Gorzów Wielkopolski Economic Zone. There has been talk of the local authority promoting this line as a train/train project linking in with the underway re-instatement of the tram line to Gorzów Wielkopolski PKP station but this is not clear in the kolej+ announcement


  • Revitalization of 108/110 Gorlice - Jasło including new direct curve towards Stróze [this application was withdrawn in April 2023 but see Future Plans outside kolej+ below for PKP PLK taking this forward themselves]
  • Construction of a new line from Krakow to Myślenice [22km]
  • 113 [Kraków -] Niepołomice Note this would be a completely new line of 6km from Podgrabie Wisła on the Nowa Huta freight line as the formation of the closed branch from Podłęże to Niepołomice is now a road! The map issued to assist with the design documentation tender suggested this would be part of a circular service around Kraków implying a triangle at Podgrabie Wisła but this is yet to be confirmed officially. A design documentation contract for completion by 2026 was signed in December 2023.
  • Announced as new line construction from Kraków to Olkusz but as this is quoted as just 4km, a search on the PKP PLK website confirms this is actually only a Jaworzno Szczakowa avoider from Borowa Górka – Pieczyska which in theory will utilise part of the existing line to Jaworzno Szczakowa Goods yards. A contract with PKP PLK for design documentation was signed on 20 March 2023.


  • New line construction from Zegrze via Serock and Pułtusk to Przasnysz, [73km] onwards from the recent re-opening from Wieliszew - Zegrze. A Tender for design documentation for responses by 25 September 2023 allows 4.5 years to design and 5 more years for construction which does not meet the kolej+ scheme criteria. This perhaps explains why this scheme was included in a 16 August 2023 announcement confirming it was one of the Polish projects underwritten from EU sources as part of the Poland 2023 to 2030 National Railway Programme...
  • 34 Małkinia - Ostrów Mazowiecka [20km] A contract between PKP PLK and the Marshal's Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship for works implementation was signed in October 2022. Note this includes electrification.
  • 55 Siedlce - Sokołów Podlaski [30km] Again including electrification, a contract for both design works and construction was signed in October 2023 for completion by the end of 2027.
  • 76 & 77 use of freight lines between Bąkowiec and Świerże Górne, then new construction of [24km] west to join the Radom - Warszawa line at Dobieszyn. Kozienice would be served by a new station on the existing freight line and not re-instatement of the stub branch to the old station. 321M PLN Contracts to construct and upgrade the existing line were signed in November 2022 with an award of a contract for the development of design documentation for the new section in May 2023.


  • 177, 294 Racibórz – Babarów - Glubczyce - Racławice Śląskie [54km] This application was approved despite the Voivodship advising they could not provide direct funding, as uniquely it would be co-financed by a private company who allegedly have an interest in freight services. A Tender for design documentation was issued in early June 2023, and oddly, details of the bids were announced in December 2023 but no contract has allegedly yet been signed with the winner. Note no bids included costs for electrification.


  • 36 ex 520 Śniadowo – Łapy & 49 Śniadowo - Łomża but for a direct service re-instating the Śniadowo avoiding curve [77km]. It was bid as being electrified which was later dropped, and as at April 2024, unusually this project is under review before the design tender is issued, possibly linked to Ostrołęka – Sniadowo not being included as there are separate non 'kolej+' plans to build a new direct line from Ostrołęka to Łomża and as a two pair a day "test" service from Łapy via Śniadowo to Ostrołęka commenced from 18 March 2024.


  • 132 & part 189 Proposed Bytom - Ruda Chebzie [reverse] - Zabrze and Bytom - Ruda Chebzie - Katowice services with route diagram here. This will involve an upgrade including electrification of part of freight line 189 from Ruda Chebzie via Ruda Orzegów to podg Kuźnica plus re-instatement from the latter of the 1993 lifted line 188 to near Bytom Bobrek as well as a service to Zabrze Biskupice on the existing freight line. The by 2026 design documentation contract was signed in August 2023.
  • 141 an alternative connection between Gliwice & Katowice via Ruda Kochłowice so via freight lines 141, 164 and 651 [18km] This is being handled differently from all others in the Region as a Tender for both design and build was announced in July 2023.
  • 142 Passenger service on the alternative route between Tychy and Katowice Ligota via Katowice Murcki [15km] A contract for detailed design and reconstruction documentation was signed in August 2023 to report by 2025.
  • 159 A service to Katowice to/from Jastrzębia-Zdroj [35km]. As part of the initial study here a number of route possibilities were under consideration to serve a new station at Jastrzębia-Zdroj Centrum, either a brand new south or east branch alignment, upgrading freight line 159 east to the triangular junction with the Żory – Chybie line east of Pawlowice Śląskie, or use a significant length of the formation of a previous Sand Railway. All included a totally new alignment from north of Żory to various junction options west of Orzesze Jaśkowice as this would avoid re-instating 159's previous flat crossing of line 169.

A contract for detailed design and reconstruction documentation was signed by PKP PLK in August 2023 to report by 2026 implying from plans that a route from the east has been selected, but the Government as part of the new high speed lines serving the new CPK Airport near Warszawa had planned using different funding for a route to the west, plus onwards from the Jastrzębia-Zdroj Centrum junction towards Ostrava in the Czech Republic. CPK has actually taken PKP PLK to Court on the grounds of failing to co-ordinate and putting their non Kolej+ funding at risk, press article here as they consider there to be disagreements on linking existing lines to the proposed new ones. Allegedly regular meetings are being held but this dispute could clearly delay this kolej+ project and makes sense of a previous announcement that a line to Jastrzębia-Zdroj was one of the Polish projects underwritten from EU sources as part of the Poland 2023 to 2030 National Railway Programme...

  • 162 upgrade to passenger standards the freight line from Dąbrowa Górnicza Strzemieszyce to Dąbrowa Górnicza Huta Katowice and reconstruct 4km to Dąbrowa Górnicza Gołonóg. The design tender to be completed by 2026 was awarded in January 2024. Press comment on the Voivoidship's application mentioned re-instatement of 184 from Dąbrowa Górnicza Strzemieszyce via Sosnowiec Zagórze and a new line to Dąbrowa Górnicza [10km] but it is suspected it is the 162 option being taken forward.
  • 190 Skoczów – Bielsko-Biała [promoted from Reserve list in April 2023] A Tender for design documentation was announced with returns due on 6 January 2024.
  • 198 Reconstruction of the dismantled Pyskowice – Pyskowice Miasto, [3km] partially on a new alignment. A design documentation contract was signed in November 2023, this work to be completed by 2026.


  • Agreements with PKP PLK for implementation for all five were signed on 27 January 2023
  • New line construction Turek – Konin [38km] A contract for design documentation to be completed by 2026 was signed in August 2023 but note Wielkopolskie have already announced they will withdraw if construction costs are considered too high re their contribution level... and the latest cost estimates in early 2024 have increased from around PLN 600 million to PLN 1.13 billion. So as Konin Council although in favour of the line have objected to the selected route variant through Konin, it is far from certain that this project will proceed beyond the design stage.
  • 360 [Leszno -] Kąkolewo - Gostyń [22km] A contract for a combined design and upgrade Tender was signed in November 2023 {as this is an existing freight line} with work to be completed by 2028...
  • 368 Międzychód – Szamotuły [56km] A contract for design documentation to be completed by 2026 was signed in August 2023. This will link in with a successful Lubuskie application for 363 from Międzychód to Skwierzyna
  • 369 Śrem – Czempiń [21km] A contract for design documentation to be completed by 2026 was signed in August 2023 and to note this includes electrification
  • 390/236 Wągrowiec - Rogoźno - Czarnków [64km] a design documentation contract including re-instatement of the Bzowo-Goraj avoiding curve was signed in October 2023 for publishing by 2026 for line works to be completed by the end of 2028/early 2029


  • 115 Electrification of Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Skarżysko Kamienna
  • 551a Electrification of Łuków – Lublin A design documentation contract was signed in September 2023

So by implication the following that made it through the Nov-21 Stage with track implications in the PKP PLK list were not approved:-


  • 284 Jerzmanice-Zdrój to Lwówek Śląski was included with their Legnica – Złotoryja – Jerzmanice Zdrój Nov-21 application but ONLY the later was accepted under kolej+. Jerzmanice-Zdrój to Lwówek Śląski would be for the Region to progress separately and they have subsequently purchased that trackbed.

Warmińsko mazurskie

  • 223 Czerwonka - Biskupiec - Mrągowo - Mikołajki – Orzysz [- Ełk] [application apparently withdrawn by local Voivodship, but see other possible re-openings paragraph].

The following proposals did not make the cut from the original 96 to the 47 for final approval:-

  • 14 Żagań - Szprotawa [on the line to Głogów]
  • 35 [Ostrołęka -] Chorzele - Wielbark - Szczytno [taken forward by Voivodships]
  • 41 Ełk – Olecko – Gołdap [to Olecko would be refurbished as part of Rail Baltica plans]
  • 55 the Mazowieckie application for Siedlce - Sokołów Podlaski - Małkinia was revised in Jan-21 to exclude Sokołów Podlaski – Małkinia and then approved
  • 181 Oleśnica - Syców - Kępno was removed by agreement from the Dolnośląskie bid [see Other possible re-openings outside of Kolej+]
  • 206 Żnin – Inowrocław plus
  • Żnin – Bydgoszcz, so assume via the route of the long closed line to Szubin, then 390
  • 212 Lipusz - Bytów with a direct service to the Tri-Cities
  • 212 Bytów – Korzybie Withdrawn as the applicants could not even fund the initial study...
  • line 228 [Gdynia] - Rumia - Gdynia Port Oksywie
  • 246 Unisław Pomorski - Chełmno [formally withdrawn Sep-21 as the 15% contribution costs could not be afforded]
  • all new railway connection from Bydgoszcz to Koronowo, then via ex line 241 to Tuchola [for Chojnice] Withdrawn as allegedly the allocated funds would not cover the costs of the Report required for a Stage 2 application...
  • 358 Czerwieńsk - Krosno Odrzańskie - Gubin – DB border [since re-opened...]
  • 364 Międzyrzecz – Wierzbno (- Międzychód) [see below]
  • 368 after approval in Stage 1 the study was looking at either reinstating the old route or a new line to Wronki north of Szamotuły, but when moving to the next stage in Nov-21 it only mentioned instatement of the old line. This was subsequently approved from the Reserve list, and PKP PLK also requested design documentation for onwards on 364 as above
  • new line via Poznań Ławica Airport and Tarnów Podgórne to Kaźmierz, linking in with 363 reopening onwards to Międzychód
  • 410, 411, 422 (Szczecin) – Stargard Szczeciński - Pyrzyce - Myślibórz - Dębno – Kostrzyn Withdrawn as could not afford the 15% of Consultants estimated total re-opening costs
  • line 429 [Szczecin] - Stobno Szczeciński - Dobra Szczecińska
  • 431 Działdowo – Brodnica
  • 937 Nowa Iwiczna - Jeziorna freight branch in south Warszawa [Mazowieckie in Jan-21 advised this was no longer being pursued]

Other possible re-openings outside of Kolej+

  • line 181 Oleśnica - Syców - Kępno was removed from the Dolnośląskie Kolej + bid as it was agreed PKP PLK would take this forward and in March 2024 they awarded a reconstruction contract including electrification for completion by mid-2026. PLK did advise they wished to include the short non-passenger curve 814 at Kępno in the scheme but this was not mentioned in any later announcement so is yet to be confirmed. A KD operated bus service but only between Oleśnica & Syców with through rail station ticketing commenced on 3 September 2023.
  • The plans for a circular service around Poznań via Poznań Franowo and the northern ring including a new east to south curve from Poznań Piątkowo to Poznań Strzeszyn on the Piła line (to be known as line 853) have leapt forward with 1.4 Billion PLN allocated from the PKP PLK budget to this project with a design documentation tender signed for completion by the last quarter of 2025 and all work by the end of 2027.

See the Cross Borders section for the latest on a suggested passenger service from Przemyśl via Malhowice to at least the border station in the Ukraine at Nizhankowice.

Dolnośląski Voivodeship is currently very pro-rail as evidenced by recent and pending re-openings. None of the following [except 310] were in the Stage 1 Kolej + approvals so it is assumed funding is being arranged by the Voivodeship.

A September 2023 Press Release advised Dolnośląski have agreed a 30 year rent free transfer of the management responsibilities of the trackbeds and re-opening to passengers estimated in 6 years of :-

  • 283 Jelenia Góra - Lwówek Śląski
  • 284 Lwówek Śląski - Jerzmanice Zdrój [for a service to Zlotoryja]
  • 322 the last 12km of the Stronie Śląskie branch [as from the junction to Ołdrzychowice is still used for quarry freight] despite the Region originally saying the now in operation integrated KD bus service would suffice, but this will only proceed if PKP PLK upgrade the freight part to passenger standards.

Other plans to re-open within 8 - 10 years are:-

  • 291 Wałbrzych Szczawienko − Boguszów Gorce Wschod
  • 308/345 [Jelenia Góra -] Mysłakowice - Kowary - Kamienna Góra Track clearance prior to rail removal for relaying is allegedly underway in 2024 after the trackbed was transferred from PKP to the Voivodeship on 21 June 2021. Only Mysłakowice to Kowary would initially reopen to passengers and a Tender for the re-opening works to be completed within 9 months of contract signing was issued in May 2024. Beyond is a quarry and the current plan is for the line to it to be freight only and transferring its output from road.
  • 318 Bielawa Zachodnia – Srebrna Góra. Dzierżoniów to Bielawa Zachodnia reopened in 2019 and a design documentation tender for reconstruction to Srebrna Góra was issued in Summer 2021 but bids exceeded the estimate. Then in April 2024 a tender for only the 4km from Bielawa Zachodnia to Bielawa Nowa was issued with the selected contractor to design and reconstruct in eight months from signing... as per here, and as all bids were less than the Budget prospects look encouraging.
  • 327 Ścinawka Średnia – Radków

Elsewhere the Region has also bought trackbeds with the aim of long term resuming passenger services on :-

  • 302 Strzegom - Roztoka - Marciszów [30km]
  • 331 1.3km north from Roztoka but this is around 2km short of what is currently open for freight to a quarry at Borów from Jawor
  • 372 Bojanowo - Góra Śląska A KD operated bus service with through rail station ticketing commenced on 3 September 2023 and a design documentation and build Tender including electrification is planned, but a complication is the line was cut by a new road which requires construction of a railway viaduct. Then out of the blue
  • 303 a April 2024 Press interview with the Dolnośląski Deputy Marshall revealed they are planning to re-open 18km beyond Chocianów to Przemków Odlewnia by the end of 2025. 303 continued to a junction with line 14, and if PKP PLK refurbish Niegosławice – Głogów of that line, they would be interested in re-opening the extra 10km from Przemków Odlewnia to Niegosławice for a Głogów service

In other parts of Poland:-

  • 345/366 Mentioned as part of the kolej+ bid to re-open was the intention for Międzychód to be served by a Poznań – Międzychód - Gorzów Wielkopolski - Kostrzyn - Szczecin service. A March 2024 press article explains to avoid a reversal at Kostrzyn that the plan is to build 1.5km of new track from the Küstrin-Kietz [DB] line heading south after crossing the River Odra to a triangle with the Szczecin - Zielona Góra main line, meaning these Poznań – Szczecin services would run through the high and low level platforms at Kostrzyn with no reversal. The triangle would also allow through Gorzów Wielkopolski - Zielona Góra services and the target completion is by December 2031.
  • 106/108 A tender for the construction of a further east replacement Jasło avoiding curve to be known as line 638 of 3.4km length was issued by PKP PLK in October 2023. No timescale was given in the Press Article for responses, nor its construction.
  • 108/110 Gorlice - Jasło refurbishment including a new 700m direct curve towards Stróze was tendered in October 2023 for design by 2027 and implementation by 2029.
  • line 146 PKP PLK have announced a design tender for building 10 stations on the Częstochowa to Chorzew Siemkowice line which would be served by services from the start of the 2024/25 timetable.
  • 151: the Tychy Lodowisko service was planned to be extended and electrified via podg Piast and Nowy Bieruń to Oświęcim with 5 station re-openings to assist car plant workers with their commuting. Despite press articles in May 2020 saying funding was not available for construction, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. signed a PLN 10 million contract with the Silesian Voivodeship in July 2020 for design documentation, to lead towards an application for EU funds from the 2021-2027 Budgets. Probably because plans were already underway this was not included in the Voivoidships kolej+ application but there have been no recent Press announcements on progress, probably due to a political dispute between the Polish Government and the EU delaying EU grants.
  • Line 229 Kartuzy to Sierakowice The Pomorskie Voivoidship have provided finance for a design and implementation study for a possible reopening that lost its passenger service in 2000, and freight in 2012. Additionally PKP PLK are allegedly looking into the feasibility and internal financing of the 34km section onwards from Sierakowice - Lębork being used along with the Kartuzy "bajpas" as a diversionary route during the planned major upgrade of the main line from Lębork to Gdynia.
  • Line 249. PKM are considering reopening the Gdansk Nowy Port branch to regular services, as opposed to the infrequent services already running for events at the Expo Stadium as per the entry in Obscure Services.

Other Voivodships' potential schemes are:-

Kujawsko-Pomorskie have awarded a tender for pre-design documentation for re-instatement of 356 Gołańcz - Kcynia and onwards via the freight only line 281 to Nakło nad Notecią, plus announced they would be interested in services from Inowrocław to both Żnin and Kruszwica and from Bydgoszcz via Szubin to Kcynia but admit at present they have no access to funding for the last three.

  • Potential new line from Dębica on the Kraków – Rszezów line to Jasło
  • Potential new Sokołów Podlaski to Warszawa line via Węgrów and Mrozy
  • Potential new Warszawa – Grjójec line. It is believed this is planned to use part of the closed NG line formation south west from Piasecno
  • Despite both of the Zachodniopomorskie Kolej+ applications being withdrawn, on doing so the Voivoidship announced there were early plans to extend two services towards the Baltic Coast, 407 beyond Kamień Pomorski to Dziwnówek, 418 from Darlowo 2.7km to Darłówek Zachodni along the disused military siding, and for a north to east curve at Kostrzyn to allow through Szczecin - Poznań services via Gorzów Wielkopolski.

The Transport Organising committee for the Łodz Region announced in 2023 a wish to re-instate services north of Zduńska Wola on line 131 with no further details revealed.

  • 514 Czerwonka - Mrągowo - Mikołajki - Orzysz - Ełk A bid for European Co-finance Funds for Infrastructure, Climate & Environment projects was granted on 23 March 2023. Previously PKP PLK had said they would fund this re-opening, as the local Voivodships' declined to bid for kolej+ funding considering re-instatement too expensive...

The next 10 year PKP IC Public Service Contract to provide non-commercial services from December 2021 was funded, signed and agreed including an aspiration to vastly increase train miles from 120,000 trains in 2021 to more than 196,000 by 2030 and introduce IC services to many places currently without them. In addition to the already re-opened Brodnica to Sierpc, [planned to be re-routed via Kwidzyn, delayed from June 2022], a February 2022 update in response to a Parliamentary question revealed a list of services currently under consideration. Many are not just IC services where currently only local trains run but would involve line re-openings so this list is separated between the two categories.

Potential IC re-openings:

  • [Dębica -] Padew to Tarnobrzeg
  • [Bydgoszcz - Wierzchucin - Lipowa Tucholska -] Bąk - Kościerzyna [- Gdańsk Port Lotniczy -Gdańsk]
  • Ostrołęka - Łomza/Łapy
  • Ełk -Olecko - Suwałki
  • Kielce - Staszów - Tarnobrzeg
  • [Grudziądz - Laskowice Pomorski -] Wierzchucin [- Chojnice - Szczecinek - Runowo Pomorski]
  • Zduńska Wola - Barłogi
  • Bogaczewo - Braniewo
  • Czerwonka - Mrągowo -Ełk

Those with existing or pending re-instated local services are Krotoszyn via Leszno to Głogów, Kłodzko to Walbrzych, Kłodzko to Międzylesie, Tłuszcz to Ostrołęka, Szczytno - Wielbark - Chorzele - Ostrołęka, Nasielsk to Sierpc, Skoczów - Cieszyn, Żary to Węgliniec, Rzeszów to Jasło and Sławno to Darłowo.

A map accredited to the Ministry of Infrastructure and PKP PLK was supported by a public announcement in May 2020 by no less than the Polish Prime Ministers' Office advising of a project for 150 “new” stations to be added to the passenger network by 2025. The map included:-

  • Line 36 with 11 local stations between Łapy and Ostrołęka [88km] in addition to the proposed IC service

PKP PLK have issued an investment plan up to 2040 with works costed at PLN 250 billion with EU funds to play a huge role in its financing. The list is to be regard as preliminary and observers are already suggesting that full implementation is extremely unlikely. It includes many listed above which would be taken forward by Local Voivodeships and Kolej + but those only in the PKP PLK documents are:-

  • Brand new lines from Jasło - Dębica, Przemyśl - Zagórz, Chorzew Siemkowice to Wieluń, Płock - Raciąż - Ciechanów - Ostrołęka, Modlin - Ostrołęka, Gdynia - Wiczlino - Bojano, extending line 73 to the centre of Busko Zdrój plus re-openings of
  • 159 via Jastrzębie Zdrój from both Wodzisław and Żory
  • 132 Bytom Bobrek – Pyskowice primarily for freight but a passenger service to be considered. The linked reinstatement of 198 Paczyna to Pyskowice Miasto, possibly on a new alignment is a Kolej+ application
  • 230 Wejherowo - Góra Pomorska

Rail Baltica

  • PKP PLK awarded contracts in January 2018 for (1) detail design planning to be completed by 2023 for the complete renewal as a double track alignment of the line from Białystok to Ełk, (2) a feasibility study to upgrade Ełk to Suwałki and to the Lithuanian border, allegedly double track and electrified throughout. This would include reinstatement of the curves bypassing Olecko and Suwałki eliminating two reversals with relocation of the latter station; [but a December 2022 Press Article advised a design tender to restore the existing station had just been let so will clearly remain in use by at least local services...]. Then a response to a February 2024 Parliamentary Question revealed the Design work is still underway as the maximum permitted speed had been revised and now included a new curve from the Warszawa - Białystok main line to access the Białystok north/south avoiding line so is not expected to be completed until later in 2024, with construction by 2028. So delayed but still well before the overall Completion through to Tallinn date which from recent contract lettings in other Countries appears to be slipping to at least 2032. However the reply also admitted the Polish works are not yet funded, and an application for EU assistance is pending as Rail Baltica is currently only on the 2032 National Railway Programme reserve list. Press Article here.
  • A March 2019 announcement advised plans are for four passenger trains per day from Tallinn to Warszawa with two extra per day between Vilnius, Kaunas and Warszawa, plus Tallinn – Riga – Kaunas – Warszawa – Berlin and Vilnius – Kaunas – Warszawa – Berlin overnight trains.
  • Linked with this, Ostrołęka - Łapy was refurbished for use when Czyżew - Białystok on the main line was closed for upgrading, but this primarily was done with long periods of single line working so diversions have allegedly not happened to any great degree, and certainly not by passenger services although PolRegio will commence a limited local service from 18 March 2024.
  • As part of the improvements in Poland there is to be a new line from Białystok to/from the line to Elk to avoid the need for a reversal as the previous west to north curve south of Białystok is single track and steeply graded so obviously thought unsuitable for upgrade. Public consultations are underway on five possible routes ranging from a line just north of the city to from 14km north, all with triangular junctions at each end and to be used by passenger services. Railway Press article with map here.

Long term schemes

From June 2017 Ukrainian citizens no longer need a Visa to visit the EU, so daytime cross border services were introduced, then increased. There were suggestions others may reopen including Rawa-Russka, and even test trains on some long closed lines such as Zagorz - Kroscienko - Chirów and Przemysl - Nizankowice - [Chirów] using a SKPL BzMot or Engineering vehicles respectively. Latest details on these will be in the relevant EGTRE Cross Border section.

Tarnów - Dąbrowa Tarnowska (- Szczucin). Short Line operator SKPL, better known for running the Pleszew branch service approached the local Authorities in 2017 with an offer to reopen 24km to Dąbrowa Tarnowska with a subsidy, but with no agreement on funding this has not moved forward. The Dąbrowa Tarnowska Council are still keen but with a new bus service to Szczucin parallel to the line commencing in September 2020 it is not looking likely.

Future Electrification

Electrification of "almost" 1,400km of lines without providing a list was announced as part of the EU Council of Ministers approving 170bn złoty for the Poland 2023 to 2030 National Railway Programme at a meeting on August 16 2023. The only lines mentioned were :-

  • 39/41/51 Ełk – Trakiszki (Lithuanian border) so assumed to mean via Olecko as linked to Rail Baltica
  • 440 Bydgoszcz – Kościerzyna – Gdynia [see below]

Other possible schemes are:-

  • 25 Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Opoczno - Skarżysko Kamienna: did not make the approved kolej+ list so how this would be financed is unclear considering in February 2018 Łódzkie Voivodship had awarded a contract to plan electrification of Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Opoczno.
  • 440/426 A contract on the feasibility of doubling and electrifying the Bydgoszcz – Kościerzyna – Gdynia route for diverting freight traffic off the existing main line was awarded in February 2018 which was to investigate possible electrification of Wierzchucin – Tuchola – Chojnice, Czersk – Chojnice, and Lipowa Tucholska - Szlachta – Czersk – Bąk with new curves on and off 426 Chojnice - Tczew. It is assumed this was positive as in October 2020 a contract for preparation of design documentation by the third quarter of 2023 was granted for modernization from Nowa Wieś Wielka through Bydgoszcz to Gdynia, line 203 from Tczew to Czersk, line 215 from Szlachta via Czersk to Bąk and reconstruction of the currently closed line 744 from Lipowa Tucholska to Szlachta West plus two proposed new curves between line 203 and 201 from Łąg Południe - Czarna Woda and Szałamaje - Łąg. It would appear there are plans for at least the new east to south and reinstated line 744 to have a passenger service as the documentation proposes a new Szlachta Zachód station!
  • 440/442/443 Gdańsk Wrszeszc - Gdańsk Port Lotnisky [Airport]/Gdynia to Kartuzy/Kościerzyna is scheduled to be completed by 2027 as Gdańsk Wrszeszc - Gdańsk Port Lotnisky was completed in 2023.
  • 451 Lębork to Nowa Wieś Lęborska, a 4km section of the summer services only line towards Łeba is planned to serve new housing
  • 510 Ełk to Giżycko for completion in 2024 alongside track renewal, Giżycko to Korsze by 2027

Freight line re-openings on behalf of the Polish Army

Included as lengthy lines and may have passenger service implications.

  • work to re-open a 55km section of line 410 between Grotniki Drawskie and Drawno via Zlociniec on T385 and Kalisz Pomorski on 365 was announced as completed in late 2023. However a February 2024 press article claims the MOD siding near Drawno is regularly flooded and remedial work will take up to 3½ years... This is assumed to mean still no army traffic south of Kalisz Pomorski so the usage north of Kalisz Pomorski is unclear although a railtour [now postponed] was advertised as using it in June 2024. This work did not include upgrading to passenger traffic standard but the line is still owned by PKP PLK and West Pomeranian Voivodeship had interest in passenger services, even for renovating onwards from Drawno to the junction with T360 at Choszczno. But April 2024 press articles stated all avenues for the funding required had been exhausted so any passenger use and re-instatement to Choszczno is now unlikely.
  • A contract to renovate 33km of 283 south from Żagań to where freight is currently processed at Osiecznica Kliczkow on the line from Zebrzydowa is signed and design work commenced in 2024, meaning completion is now scheduled for the first quarter of 2027. In December 2022 a press article stated the Dolnośląskie Voivodship would include a study into providing passengers services in the next version of their Transport Plan, noting if this was to serve Żagań that it would need co-operation with Lubuskie Voivodeship, as happened with the Leszno – Głogów re-opening.
  • a press article suggested line 231 from Kruszwica to Mogilno may be re-instated but in December 2023 PKP SA announced they were planning to lift the track as parts were being stolen. It is therefore assumed the Army plans for re-instatement at the earliest from 2025 is not happening, especially as allegedly a main user for line 231's remaining section from Inowrocław-Rąbinek to Kruszwica is the Army!

Recent changes

Changes during the Timetable Period commencing 10 December 2023

  • 520 A "test" two pair a day service commenced on 18 March 2024 on the 88km line between Łapy via Śniadowo to Ostrołęka. [see Future changes for the complicated proposals for lines in this area]. To note the PDF shows all trains are replaced by buses from 18 May – 8 June 2024...
  • podg Glincz via Stara Piła [line 229] to Gdansk Kokoszki [line 234], plus 1.5km of previously lifted line to Gdańsk Kiełpinek, [a station on line 248 from Gdańsk Wrszeszc to Gdańsk Port Lotniczy [Airport] including 5 re-opened stations on 229/248 known as the "Kartuzy bajpas" opened on 11 March 2024 with 6 pairs daily. Work had been completed with PKP PLK advising the line was available from 19 September 2023 but opening was delayed sourcing additional DMU's and staff as the original plan was it would open when the current route beyond Gdańsk Port Lotniczy to Kartuzy/Kościerzyna was closed for doubling and electrification as that work would take up to three years. The "Kartuzy bajpas" service has commenced even though the work is delayed, most recently due to cancellation of the Tender as opening of bids revealed errors in what had been requested. The replacement tender to upgrade Kościerzyna – Somonino and Somonino – Kartuzy appeared in the European Journal in January 2024.

To note a January 2023 update advised it was now planned for some trains to remain permanently running via Stara Piła.

There is additionally a new 3km line allowing trains from the Tri-Cities to Kościerzyna and vv to run via Kartuzy and the planned to be re-opened line to Sominino without having to change direction. This isn’t a Kartuzy south “avoider” but a new loop to the east, to then turn south to approach the existing Kartuzy station from the north. This is completed but as Kartuzy to Sominino is not yet ready for re-opening it is unclear if this loop at Kartuzy is also in use from 11 March 2024 although timings suggest it may be by all arrivals into Kartuzy.

  • 135 the new Chabówka avoider [line 633] come into use from 22 December 2023 with services using it calling at a new station at Chabówka Stadion to the south of the curve
  • 135a The long delayed resumption of local services beyond Przeciszów to Oświęcim from 10 December 2023
  • 179 Services to Katowice [Pyrzowice] Airport commenced on 10 December 2023, and this will be a 10 pairs a day Częstochowa – Zawiercie – Pyrzowice Airport – Tarnowskie Góry service, i.e. not serving Katowice. A new platform has been constructed at Zawiercie plus there is a triangle south of the station allowing direct services to the Airport to/from Katowice which is shown in the PDF as in use by one pair from 10 March 2024. The reason given for no Katowice services is major current long term engineering works currently closes [Tarnowskie Góry end] via Bytom towards Katowice, and major work is planned soon at Katowice itself.
  • 253 Ex 317 Gryfów Śląski to Mirsk and 336 from Mirsk to Świeradów Zdrój [effectively one branch] re-opened with 9 pairs a day from 10 December 2023. Some will be shuttles to/from Gryfów Śląski, others through to/from Jelenia Góra, Węgliniec or Görlitz [DB]. The trackbeds were transferred from PKP to the Dolnośląski Voivodeship in late May 2020 with tenders to reconstruct issued separately for each part and the Voivodship made it clear rail services will commence only when both parts were completed.
  • 503 [Olsztyn -] Gutkowo to Braniewo re-opened on 10 December 2023. It had closed in September 2019 due to condition of track, with the refurbishment work to resume passenger services tendered section by section, with work on the supposed last part from Olsztyn Gutkowo – Dobre Miasto starting in October 2021 and estimated to take two years. It had been said that Pieniężno to Braniewo did not need refurbishing but a Contract to do just that was signed in July 2023, to complete by December 2023. Freight services from Gutkowo to Pieniężno resumed on 23 October 2023.
  • 520 Chorzele via Wielbark to the junction with the line to Szymany Airport re-opened on 10 December 2023. This is used by Olsztyn – Szczytno – Chorzele services with a change required to continue towards Ostrołęka

Changes during the Timetable Period commencing 11 December 2022

  • A one pair a day service resumed on the cross-border line from Hrebenne to Rava Ruskaia in the Ukraine on 15 October 2023 operated by SKPL. Note this service does not appear in table 557 as it is non-stop to/from Lublin.
  • 126 but new line 632, a new 5km branch off the Rzeszów to Ocice line to serve Rzeszów-Jasionka airport [in journey planner as Jasionka Lotnisko] opened on 1 October 2023 with 12 pairs a day.
  • The Gorzów tramway [re]opened further, with a final 1 km north eastwards extension from Dowgielewiczowej (temporary terminus) via Szarych Szeregów (former Silwana terminus) to the new Fieldorfa-Nila terminus on 22 July 2023, making all the system operational once again.
  • 223, line 285 from Świdnica Kraszowice to Jedlina Zdrój on the Wałbrzych – Kłodzko line opens SSuO on 24 June 2023 with three pairs, with a daily service planned from December. It closed to passengers in May 1990
  • 335 Miedzyrzecz to Wierzbno re-opening with three pairs, one SO, two SSuO from 24 June to 27 August are in a PDF and the Journey Planner.
  • 109 the new 3.3km east to north curve from Czarnca to Włoszczowa Północ on the CMK designated line 582 commenced passenger use by some Kielce - Częstochowa services diverted to reverse at Włoszczowa Północ, plus others terminating there. It had opened for freight on 11 December 2022. PKP IC have advised of a long term aspiration for a Łódź to Rzeszów via Kielce service but this has not commenced. During significant delays to this project PKP PLK 2021-2027 plans suggested a north to east curve off the CMK near Opoczno to connect with line 25 [Tomaszów Mazowiecki] - Opoczno - Skarżysko Kamienna but it is assumed that is now not proceeding, especially with critical press comment that if PKP IC use the new curve for Warszawa - Kielce services it would potentially reduce those running via Radom and Skarżysko-Kamienna.
  • 139 services commenced over the new Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Lanckorona avoiding curve on 11 June 2023, ahead of the plan for services to commence using it from the start of the 2023/24 timetable. Completion allowed direct trains from Kraków to Bielsko Biała via Skawina and Wadowice.
  • 519 line 35 Ostrołęka - Chorzele re-opened on 11 June 2023. See Future changes re onwards via Wielbark to Szczytno re-opening.
  • 609 the 3 km branch from Weiliszew to Zegrze Południowe closed in 1994 re-opened on 11 June 2023 with services operated by SKM [Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie]. This despite an October 2022 announcement that services were not expected to resume until December 2023...
  • from Monday 12 June all services between Warszawa and Pilawa run via Otwock meaning no booked use of the long term EGTRE entry via part of the eastern freight ring from Minsk Mazowieki. Use then resumed in September 2023...
  • 431a Laskowice Pomorskie to Wierzchucin suspended from 18 March 2020 saw use by two diverted pairs between 17 - 28 April 2023 and then on limited dates later in the year
  • 128 daily trains commenced from Sanok to Ustrzyki Dolne from 1 March 2023
  • 122 the through daily overnight service between Kyiv/L'viv in Ukraine and Wrocław/Warszawa via a Gauge changer was withdrawn at the 11 December 2022 timetable change; a change of train is now required at Przemysl.
  • 147 One pair of Warsaw - Katowice – Wien resumed use of the Zebryzdowice – Petrovice u Karvine cross border line daily from 11 December 2022
  • 303 Rokitki - Duninów - Chocianów : Re-opened on 11 December 2022. Previously in use to Duninów by freight traffic with the 4km trackbed onwards to Chocianów purchased by the Region in December 2020.
  • 316 Chojnów – Rokitki: Also re-opened on 11 December 2022 and most 303/316 Chocianów services are via this line to/from Legnica.
  • 537 a daily IC was extended from Suwałki cross border to Mockava in Lithuania for a guaranteed Broad Gauge connection to/from Vilnius from 11 December 2022. But at the same time the through PKP PR standard gauge FSSuO Bialystok – Kaunas services were withdrawn
  • part 541 Hajnówka – Siemianówka closed to passengers again on 10 December 2022

Changes during the Timetable Period commencing 12 December 2021

  • 125 The extension from Mielec to Padew re-opened on 6 November 2022
  • the reinstated through lines on the east side of the station building at Łódź Kaliska Peron 4 & 5 have been in use since the 6 November TT change
  • 135a [Skawina -] Podbory Skawinskie to Zator and Przeciszów reopened on 1 October 2022
  • 114 The Marshal's Office of the Łódź Voivodeship announced the weekend service from Tomaszów Mazowiecki to Spała would run all year once ŁKA received their ordered hybrid units, expected to be at the December 2022 timetable change. They were available early so the summer 2022 service simply continued.
  • line 190 ex Table 147 [part] Goleszów - Cieszyn re-opened from 5 September 2022. Delayed from the December 2021 Timetable change due to landslips requiring embankment strengthening and cable works.
  • 552 The Lublin - Lublin Airport service resumed with three pairs daily on 1 July 2022.
  • 128 two SSuO PR pairs running 19km beyond Uherce to Ustrzyki Dolne from 25 June to 28 August 2022 no doubt taking advantage of the re-fettling to re-open through from Kroscienko for Ukrainian refugee trains. These are direct to/from Sanok and run early and late as the press release claimed they were deliberately avoiding the Uherce draisine operation...
  • 358 A weekend only service between Zielona Góra via Czerwieńsk - Krosno Odrzańskie - Gubin – Guben DB commenced on 12 June 2022. This followed a with passengers 2 pairs trial service on 7 May 2022. The voivoidship announced in November 2022 it will run daily from December 2022 as they were satisfied with the around 300 passengers per day.
  • 223 Wrocław to Świdnica via Sobótka re-opening was delayed from the December 2021 Timetable date until 12 June 2022, blaming additional work required at Kobierzyce preparing the station area for the planned kolej+ reopening of line 310 from there to Piława Górna.
  • 150 Oświęcim - Czechowice-Dziedzice was reduced to one pair on Sundays from the 12 June which ended on 26 June 2022, then resumed from 6 November with one train southbound every FSuO plus 10/11 November, northbound only on 6/10/13/18/20/25/27 November, 2/4/9th December...

A engineering work diversion via the newly reinstated Bialystok avoiding line from Czeremcha line 32 [T543] to Białystok Starosielce on line 38 [T535] towards Elk was in use from 4 May - 11 June 2022. Travellers could see no sign of works for any new station where it crossed the Warszawa main line, as suggested in a January 2021 press article but a new curve from the Tczew line onto the avoider was seen to be under construction.

  • 550/555 A brand new 0.986km avoiding curve to the west of Lublin connecting the Warszawa – Lublin and Lublin – Stalowa Wola lines known as line 588 opened on 27 May 2022. Press Article. This was never intended for passenger services but purely to divert freight services [previously needing to reverse] away from the Lublin station throat to increase station capacity.
  • 135a Skawina to Podbory Skawińskie on the line towards Oświęcim re-opened on 12 March 2022

Services from Katowice to Tarnowskie Góry are bustituted for 2 years from 13 March 2022 due to engineering work, the TLK services are diverted via Gliwice and 165 to Lubliniec. This closure may have implications to the proposed re-opening from Tarnowskie Góry via Katowice Airport to Zawiercie allegedly due for completion in the fourth quarter of 2023...

  • Line 156 ex 105 part Jaworzno Szczakowa - Bukowno An out of the blue re-opening from 13 March 2022 with funding from Malopolska Region for a through Olkusz - Kraków service.
  • 424 Wierzchucin - Lipowa Tucholska - Szlachta resumed on 13 March 2022 after a lengthy Covid related suspension

With many thousand of Ukrainians fleeing the war wishing to enter Poland, special trains were arranged on the existing cross border passenger routes, or from first stations in Poland. Additionally from late February Ukrainian Railways Broad Gauge trains ran to Chelm, plus on the "Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa" (Broad-Gauge Steel Line) using LHS locomotives to reach Olkusz where the long withdrawn BG passenger service had terminated plus allegedly to Sławków just to the east of Katowice. PKP PLK also rapidly re-opened the SG line beyond Uherce to Kroscienko [not cross border] but unfortunately the first train on 3 March derailed with no injuries on its loaded return journey. Services could only run west from Uherce until further work completed when they were extended to commence from the staff platform at the joint road/rail border control 3.3km further east of Kroscienko station from 26 March 2022.

  • 410 Torun Wschod – Sierpc re-opened on 31 January 2022 but bizarrely initially showing no service from 13 March until 1 April in the PDF nor JP. This gap did not take place in practice.
  • 541 Hajnowka - Siemianówka was previously only summer weekends but a 2 pairs daily service commences from 2 January 2022. This did not last long as the complete service was withdrawn after running on 10 December 2022.
  • 147/150 the realigned Czechowice-Dziedzice avoiding curve with repositioned bridge over the Vistula and re-located north junction as shown on OpenRailwayMap had trains listed via the curve from 20 December 2021. Even so no EIC’s are re-routed to the Zebradowice/Petrovice U Karvina border crossing for 2021/22. By August 2022 all services to/from the north and Czechowice-Dziedzice were diverted via the re-aligned avoiding curve and a reversal at the west end junction, map view showing this planned to continue until at least 10 December 2022.

The following lines opened at the Timetable change date:-

  • 114 Opoczno to Skarżysko-Kamienna
  • 166 Gliwice - Bytom [see Obscure Services for unusual route taken]
  • 216 line 292 from Wroclaw Sołtysowice to Jelcz Miłoszyce as the Region at the last moment managed to obtain one Hybrid EMU to commence a reduced service earlier than planned. It is also used by two pairs of non-stop overnights. This follows the temporary opening of an 8km section to Wrocław Wojnow from 10 April 2017 to 8 December 2018
  • 431 Sierpc - Brodnica
  • 540 the realigned double track route east of Biała Podlaska on the Łuków - Terespol line replacing two separate single lines either side of a yard

126 Rzeszów - Ocice electric services commenced

Long term diversions for all of the timetable year commenced on:-

  • 101/105 Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice via podg Dorota & line 171 to Sosnowiec Dandowka
  • 215/220 two overnight pairs via the Opole by-pass

Changes during the Timetable Period commencing 13 December 2020

  • 552 The Lublin - Lublin Airport service was "suspended" due to poor passenger loadings from 7 November 2021. It resumed on 1 July 2022.
  • 125 Dębica – Mielec reopened on 1 September 2021. Onwards to Tarnobrzeg was tendered in three sections but only the first part from Mielec to Padew was within estimate, with work going ahead [see 2021/22 above].
  • Warszawa Główną reopened on 13 March 2021. This Terminal station had closed on 23 May 1998 and some tracks became the site of exhibits of the National Railway Museum. The re-opening is linked to major engineering work reducing capacity through Warszawa Centralna, then Warszawa Zachodnia. Initially services used a flyover routing from Warszawa Zachodnia in both directions as the tracks to the north of the main line were not reinstated until later in the year and then only for empty stock workings so it is believed the ground level outbound route was first used by passenger services from 16 January 2022 when Perons 6 & 7 at Warszawa Zachodnia re-opened. For the record despite Warszawa Główną appearing in the 2019/20 Peron sheets with just one arrival SSuX at 07:43 from Sochaczew from 16 March 2020; this service was a bus!
  • 429 Laskowice Pomorskie – Czersk trains services resumed to a limited level and SSuX from 18 January 2021
  • 131 a Saturday outbound, Sunday return from Kraków Główny to Łupków between 26 June and 25 September ran from Sanok to Zagórz via Uherce, [reverse] thereby reopening part of the line towards Ukraine and running via two sides of the triangle north of Zagórz
  • 300/601/606 There are numerous diversions from 17 March 2021 to/from Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Rembertow via Warszawa Gdanska, line 509, Warsawa Golabki, line 19 to/from Piastów
  • 537 international trains from Bialystok to Kaunas (LG) were planned to run daily from 1 January 2021 but did not due to covid
  • 543 Lewki to Hajnówka was first used by passenger services on 1 January 2021. Old maps show a triangle at the Lewki end but only the curve to/from Białystok is reinstated.
  • At Hajnówka, the previously lifted connection from the west side platforms towards Siemianówka has been reinstated. See the Hajnówka Obscure Services entry for further details.
  • 113 local services resumed between Tomaszów Mazowiecki and Drzewica
  • 356 One northbound Węgliniec - Żary service is booked all year to use line 389 from Jankowa Żagańska to Żary
  • 416 In addition to the ongoing Covid related suspensions listed below, all services between Bydgoszcz and Chełmża were suspended from the new timetable until a limited SSuX service resumed on 18 January 2021
  • 555 Electric services commenced between Lublin - Stalowa Wola Rozwadów on 13 December 2020 but this meant no services were booked via the north to west curve at Stalowa Wola Charzewice as the Rzeszów IC's reversed at Stalowa Wola Rozwadów or ran via the Przeworsk avoider. PKP have announced they will resume using this curve once the line via Ocice and Kolbuszowa is electrified, planned for December 2021.
  • 614 The doubling between Otwock and Pilawa came into full use from 13 December 2020 with most but not all fast services resuming running via this route and reopening line 506 from Warszawa Wawer to podg Warsawa Antoninów. Later due to reduced platforms at Warszawa Wschodnia, all fast services via Otwock were diverted to the local lines through central Warszawa from 7 November 2021 with none via line 506.

Older Changes

For details of older changes dating back to the year 2001 see Poland - Older General Information.

Special Notes


The funding of local services has transferred to Regional Authorities, most are now pro-Rail to the extent of paying for new stock and re-opening lines, but a few have reduced funding and service cuts occur when contracts are renegotiated.

The previously shown lengthy listing of lines which had at some point been flagged as note “G”, "trains run until further notice only" or listed in a September 2012 Consultants Report Commissioned by PKP recommending drastic service cuts has been moved to Poland - Older General Information. As passenger numbers have increased since then, closures nowadays are more likely to be related to Regions being unwilling to commit to large maintenance expenditure on low frequency lines so a realistic guide to those that may become threatened would be those listed in the linked Other sparse services section of EGTRE pages on Poland.

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